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April 17, 2000

Information of the addition and gratuitousness software version up as for a new function to MD video camera “MD DISCAM".


“MD DISCAM" ‘DCM-M1' The reflection of version up Rodney A. Greenblat/Interlink Planning * liquid crystal screen is an image. An actual reflection is different.

A high-speed access only of MD and a convenient edit function will offer the MD DATA2 disk for the version up of MD video camera “MD DISCAM" ‘DCM-M1' (sale on December 3, 1999) of the favorable comment to the Sony marketing (The president:林誠宏(unknown word) and headquarters:(Inc.)Tokyo port district) gratuitously compared with the customer who has this camera. I will guide the content of the version up disk and the application method, etc. on MD DISCAM home page such as (URL:http://www.sony.co.jp/mddiscam) on Monday, April 17. *** In the shop from the end of April, it will be <this disk> attached to sold “MD DISCAM" moreover together.
CPU, the memory, and the software of the reflection processing are installed in “MD DISCAM" as an internal structure. A new function can be added to “MD DISCAM" by having the version up of software done by the customer oneself by using the MD DATA2 disk for version up, and "Video use which is created (main body edit), and shown" which is a basic concept of this camera be had to be enjoyed more conveniently.

- Content of version up disk and application method
The MD DATA2 disk for version up is gratuitous.
Please inquire "Customer registration No." of MD DISCAM technical information center on the business mind about application. whether to have seeing the undermentioned MD DISCAM home page
- MD DISCAM home page URL: http://www.sony.co.jp/mddiscam/
- MD DISCAM technical information center telephone number: 048-794-5194
(However, year end and new year, holiday, and our company holiday are excluded at the acceptance time - money and 9 a.m. on the moon-5p.m.)
The guide packed up together into the commodity is had to be referred, and please finish registering and inquire one which is not ending of the customer registration.
* Inquiries * of customer registration
- Special home page http://www.sony.co.jp/DCM-M1/
- Special desk 03-3584-6651(The acceptance time:However, exclude it on the congratulation day at 10 a.m. in Monday - Friday-6p.m.) :.

- Execution time
The application acceptance of the version up disk is begun on Thursday, April 20, 2000.
Application and the acceptance ends are Friday, December 29, 2000.

- New function which version up makes possible

1. The copy between disks is achieved.
The personal computer which connects it with "(*disukam*)" with 10BASE-T can temporarily be copied onto the disk like recorded animation and each original each truck picture quality such as the geostationary drawing, etc. as a keeping place. As a result, it is possible to arrange it to one disk by copying the part of the favorite of two or more disks. [It] operates it from the “FUNCTION" menu added to the browser screen on the personal computer side.
Attention) - The interview truck and the truck made a group cannot be copied.
- recommended browser software:Since Windows 95/98 IE5.0. Since Netscape 4.5.
- Since Macintosh Netscape 4.5

2. The stamp such as (*parapparappah*) can be added.
Popularity can add image data with which the (*parapparappahkyarakutah*) and season feeling overflows with (*puresutesofut*) as a new stamp. These data is down-loaded from the DISCAM home page to the personal computer, and [it] takes it into the disk inserted in "(*disukam*)" connected with 10BASE-T. *** "Stamp set" and an individual GIF <wanting to make> file are prepared in one file of two or more stamps in the home page by themes such as "Spring" and "Summer" for down-loading. Moreover, the GIF file made by oneself with the personal computer can be taken.
- The stamp of (*parapparappah*) can be down-loaded by the limitation of the period of 4/20 (Thursday)-6/19 (Monday).


Attention) - Stamps which can be written on one disk are 20 GIF 1+ individual files of the stamp set.
Additionally, the stamp with built-in even (*disukam*) can be used.
- Other individual GIF file and built-in stamp might not be able to be used by the intention of the writer such as character stamps in this disk.

3. Trim navigation
トラック分割やトリミングをフレーム単位で行なう際、次のシーンへの再生がスムーズにつながる最適なポイントを、フレームごとの微調整の際に「◎」「-" [It] will put out and I inform of the sign.

4. Convenient amount and second counter
A convenient amount and second counter came to be displayed as a sign when editing it.

- Method of version up

Version up can easily have work by using the MD DATA2 disk for special version up in oneself. The capacity of the version up data is about 6.3MB, and the time required is about 30 minutes.

- Inquiry of customer:
MD DISCAM technical information center telephone number: 048-794-5194

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