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Main Specifications

1999/8/24 Announcement
(Written: 1999/9/6)

Portable XM-PX5 MD Player
Achieves world's lightest weight, small size and long playback time
Stylish unit comes in three design variations

Photo shows the portable MD player XM-PX5
From left, XM-PX5-S (surf silver), XM-PX5-W (lunar white),
XM-PX5-B (stone black)

JVC corp. announces three varieties of the chicly styled XM-PX5 portable MD player, which has achieved the world's lightest weight *1, small size and long playback time.

Product Name
Model Name
Release Date
Monthly Production
Portable MD Player
JPY 35,000
10 Sep 1999
20,000 units

*1Without rechargeable battery
As of Aug. 23, 1999, for a playback only unit.

Main Features
1. Achieves stylish and compact portability with the world's lightest weight and small size (weight 63g, width 71.0 x height 14.4 x depth 78.0 mm)
* Light and stiff magnesium alloy was adopted for all surfaces of the body. Owing to frameless monocoque construction through single unit shaping, a small size has been achieved.
* Newly developed stiff and lightweight mechanism (*40% smaller than our former one).
A new, small pickup with high reliability has been adopted.

2. Long continuous playback time of about 60 hours*2
Achieving about 21 hours of continuous playback time with only the attached rechargeable battery, and about 60 hours of continuous playback time with both the rechargeable battery and a dry cell battery.
* Low power consuming circuit design adopting a newly developed system control LSI chip that includes important circuits such as a DSP for tuning the sound, digital A.C. BASS, and DRAM for shock protection.
* Ultra small headphone driver IC which runs on as low as 1.2V has been adopted.

*2 Achieving about 60 hours of playback time for mass production units through improvements after 23 Aug 1999

3. Three stylish design types
Three bodies styles designed to set off each of three body colors, producing a chic and stylish atmosphere.
* Surf Silver (-S) -- Rising hologram shines dauntlessly
* Lunar White (-W) -- The body color changes like lunar light
* Stone Black (-B) -- Holograms of square dot shape change expression

4. Fashionable "Metal Stick Remote Controller" adopts aluminum construction

* Aluminum material is adopted. Lipstick form has the touch of women's accessories.
* Easy to see backlit equipped display.
* "Twist Lock Mechanism" stows LCD display and sets HOLD mode when the tip part is turned. It makes the remote a simple "metal stick" and makes it look more like an accessory.

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Design Goals
Thanks to the growth of playback only units, the portable MD market is expected to reach 3.1 million units in the 1999 fiscal year. (Our projections, this includes 2.3 million playback only units, which is a 40% growth from the previous year). On the other hand, considering user interest in general portable products, portability (size and battery life) is becoming a big factor with a widespread need. With this as background, we aimed at "a portable MD player with world's smallest size, lightest weight and longest playback time" and have developed the XM-PX5 which has realized small size, light weight, low power consumption (=long battery life) by developing a new structure, new mechanisms and a new LSI. Also, in order to characterize this unit strongly as a fashion item, we have designed colors, finishes, and even the remote controller to match the chic fashion tastes of those from young adults to those in their late twenties. The main unit has varieties of not just colors but also characteristic expressions through the use of holograms. The remote controller adopts aluminum material to make it look like an accessory. We lead the portable MD market with the XM-PX5 which appeals not only to mainstream users who make much of features and specifications but also to young people who have their own taste for goods and who enjoy music as well as style.

Other Features
(1) Improved "JUUTEION" (Wild and Heavy Bass) digital A.C. BASS
* DSP circuit is newly added. Improvements not only in lower frequency range but also in higher frequency range, realizing clear, strong and powerful bass sound.
* "Train Mode" reduces annoying noise to other people while in a train, etc.
(2) "40 sec. shock resistant memory" is strong against shocks
(3) ON/OFF of auto power off function and beep sound of remote controller is possible
(4) repeat playback, random playback

XM-PX5 Options
Ni-MH rechargeable battery (gum shape)
JPY 2,200

AC Adapter
JPY 3,000

Car Power Adapter
JPY 3,500

Cassette Adapter
JPY 3,000

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Main Specifications
MiniDisc Digital Audio System
Signal Read Method
Non-contact optical
Sampling Frequency
44.1 kHz
Audio Compression System
Frequency Response
20 - 20,000 Hz +/-3dB
Output terminal
Headphone (stereo mini-jack with combined remote controller terminal)
Max. output power
5mW + 5mW (DC)
Power Supply
Gum shape NiMH rechargeable cell (DC1.2V)
Separately sold AA alkaline dry cell battery x 1 (DC1.5V)
Separately sold AC adapter (AC100V)
Separately sold Car power adapter (DC 1.5V)
Battery Life
(hours of continuous playback)
Rechargeable battery
(full charge)
AA Alkaline battery
Rechargeable battery
AA Alkaline battery

Recharging time
2 hours
Maximum dimensions
Width 71.0 x Height 14.4 x Depth 78.0 mm
63 g (without battery)
Included accessories
LCD remote controller x 1, headphone x 1, gum shape Ni-MH rechargeable battery x 1,
AA dry cell battery case x 1, carrying pouch x 1

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