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The audio playback which exceeds common sense of size much makes also that preponderant quality of new dimension is pulled out possible.
The sound source of the CD disk can be retained in one one high grade
Pure audio storage " Hi-MD AUDIO " on-board MD deck of the next generation.

Item turn
MD-105FX (S)
Desired retail price
\42,000 (tax removal \40,000)
Departure sale day
In TEX 205
ミニコンポ single item and MD deck

Special length
* Furthermore evolved the MD high grade format " Hi-MD AUDIO " loading
The new format " Hi-MD AUDIO " which furthermore evolved the former MD is included, it corresponds to the MD standards for all music. Size of the compact MD actualized large increasing capacity that way, improved the quality which is required from music playback such as sound quality improvement and long time sound recording when recording rapidly, it is the epoch-making sound recording format. In addition, " Hi-MD AUDIO " not only the disk for record of 1GB, the to format converting also the former MD disk to the Hi-MD AUDIO in sound recording of Hi-MD AUDIO mode, you can use. Of course, using the former MD disk, the MDLP (the LP2/LP4/MONO) and the like it can also record with former MD mode.

- Hi-MD AUDIO mode sound recording time (chart 1)
Sound recording time
80 minute
MD disk
Hi-MD AUDIO disk
Sound recording mode
Approximately 28 minute
Approximately 1 hour 34 minute
Approximately 2 hours 20 minute
Approximately 7 hours 55 minute
Approximately 10 hours 10 minute
Approximately 34 hour

- MD mode sound recording time (chart 2)
Sound recording time
80 minute
MD disk
Sound recording mode
Approximately 80 minute
Approximately 2 hour 40 minutes (approximately 160 minutes)
Approximately 5 hour 20 minutes (approximately 320 minutes)
Approximately 2 hour 40 minutes (approximately 160 minutes)

- MD-105FX MD, Hi-MD AUDIO sound recording * playback corresponding chart (chart 3)
Sound recording mode
MD mode
Hi-MD AUDIO mode
MD disk
Hi-MD AUDIO disk

Using the Hi-MD AUDIO disk of 0 1GB, you cannot record MD mode. The Hi-MD AUDIO disk is the Hi-MD AUDIO mode sound recording private disk.
It is not possible to exist together the sound recording of Hi-MD AUDIO mode and MD mode to 0 1 disks.
Only the Hi-MD AUDIO corresponding machine becomes possible concerning the sound recording playback to the MD disk and the 1GB disk which 0 Hi-MD AUDIO formats are done.

- You can record with good sound. Linear PCM sound recording correspondence
It was not in former MD sound recording, it corresponds to linear PCM sound recording. Because without compressing the sound source you can record the linear PCM, high grade you can enjoy music playback without impairing the sound quality of the CD.

- The sound which it is possible to compress. High Speed ATRAC DSP & 24bit processing loading
The transaction of operation ability such as the AUDIO sound recording mode " Hi-SP/Hi-LP " to be superior in all modes of the Hi-MD and MDLP is shown loads the " High Speed ATRAC DSP ". In addition everything of digital signal processing such as D/A & A/D converter and ATRAC is done at the highest precision of the 24bit, " 24bit processing " is adopted, preponderant quality of the Hi-MD AUDIO is actualized with sound recording * playback total.

- Large capacity. Longest approximately 34 hours * long time sound recording of 1 possible
If you use the large capacity Hi-MD AUDIO disk of the 1GB, longest approximately 34 hours (* 1) long time sound recording possible (chart 1 reference). Large capacity sound recording of approximately 6 times is actualized in comparison with the former MD. In addition, also it is possible the to Hi-MD AUDIO format to convert the former MD disk with the high density record technology of the Hi-MD AUDIO. Former ratio approximately 2 times (* 2 long time sound recording of) * longest approximately 10 hours was actualized.
* At the time of 1:1GB Hi-MD AUDIO disk use
* 2:LP4 mode, it compares approximately 320 minutes to standard at at the time of 80 minute disk use.

* Removes digital noise completely the patent technology " VLSC "
At the time of D/A conversion the epoch-making circuit technology " VLSC which occurs, removes digital equipment specific noise completely (the Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)" it loads. It is seen in the general CD player, after " the LPF (the low-pass filter)" with keeping distance attenuation processing and digital noise of the noise component from audible zone, the filtration processing with the noise * シェーピング technology which applies the LPF it developed the circuit which differs individually. Digital noise characteristic " you pay attention to the character that it fluctuates with sudden and the top and bottom symmetrical ripple mark vis-a-vis the original signal ". You do not respond to that noise ripple mark altogether by with the constitution " the comparator ", the " vector generator " and " the integrator ", the signal immediately after the D/A converting the on the basis of, by the fact that the new analog signal is formed, perfection removal of digital noise is actualized call by result. By the fact that it breaks away from the filtration processing which makes common sense so far, it has succeeded in pulling out the potential of the digital source to the maximum.
(The American patent number 6,697,002. As for Japan and EU each country while applying)
PCM sound recording and long time of CD quality (longest approximately 34 hours: At the time of 1GB Hi-MD AUDIO disk use) stereophonic recording is possible, " Hi-MD AUDIO " standard correspondence
MDLP correspondence (longest approximately 320 minutes: LP4 mode, at the time of 80 minute disk use)
Spike noise is removed completely " the VLSC (the Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)"
Digital sound recording level automatic setting functional " DLA Link " loading (at the time of A-905FX + C-705FX combination)
You are proud of the transaction of operation which exceeds class " High Speed ATRAC " DSP loading
24bit processing
Digital sound recording volume
Sampling rate converter loading (32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz)
Editing functional loading (ERASE/MOVE/DIVIDE/COMBINE/GROUP)
The execution time DIVIDE can verify the compilation point rehearsal functional loading
System control remote control gearing function (when the combining with the A-905FX, with the remote control of A-905FX control possibility)
Aluminum front panel

* Remote control, audio RCA pin cable (0.6m×2), optical digital cable (0.5m), RI cable (0.6m) attachment

* Between the new type of INTEC205 series, concerning principal gearing function this way viewing. (INTEC205 series gearing interchangeable chart)


< Rating >
Type Minidisk digital audio system
Sound recording system Magnetic field irregularity overwrite system
Playback system Non- contact optical system
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Total height harmonic wave distortion factor 0.005% (1kHz)
Sound recording * playback time Longest approximately 34 hours (at the time of Hi-MD AUDIO disk use * Hi-LP mode use)
Frequency characteristic 10Hz - 20kHz/±0.5dB
SN ratio 100dB
Wow * flutter Below measurement
Electric power consumption 1C$3w (electric supplies safety method technical standard)
When waiting electric power 0.1w
Size 205w×76h×282dmm
Mass 2.4kg
Input Digital 2 (light)
Analog 1
Analog 1
* It enjoys as the individual other than such that, with respect to the Copyright Act, you cannot use for the proprietor any which you record, with no permission. Furthermore, the private sound recording compensation is included in the price of the digital sound recording equipment, by the rule of the Copyright Act. (Ahead inquiring: (Corporation) Private sound recording compensating metal pipe reason association TEL: 03-5353-0336 FAX: 03-5353-0337
* The Hi-MD AUDIO, the ATRAC, the ATRAC3 and the ATRAC3plus are registered trade mark of the SONY corporation.
* As for appearance ・ rated * specification for efficiency improvement there are times when it modifies without notice.
* There are times when the color tone of the publication product differs from the real thing depending upon the condition of photographing * printing.
* The VLSC and the IMAGINATIVE SIGHT&SOUND are registered trade mark of the オンキヨー corporation.

* As for catalog download this
" INTEC 205 catalog "

Concerning the manufacturer guarantee period and part minimum holding period of this product please refer to this way.

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