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Progressive diaphragm " New A-OMF " of digital age
The body of the advanced design does stroke toughly and pliantly.
As for the drive which at one time is not, of pure audio storage " Hi-MD AUDIO
" Also quality everything is pulled out, sound of upper quality is reproduced.
Approach of the next generation was requested as a single item design, the CD/MD compound of the new generation.

Note: This product presently has completed production and shipment.
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X-N7 (D)
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\77,700 (tax removal \74,000)
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CD/MD tuner amplifier, ミニコンポシステム

Special length
* Furthermore evolved the MD high grade format " Hi-MD AUDIO " loading
The " Hi-MD AUDIO " is the sound recording format of the next generation who actualizes the improvement and long time sound recording of the sound quality when recording with up-to-date speech compression technology " ATRAC3plus ". " Hi-MD AUDIO " not only the disk for record of 1GB, the to format converting also the former MD disk to the Hi-MD AUDIO in sound recording of Hi-MD AUDIO mode, you can use. Of course, using the disk until recently, the MDLP (the LP2/LP4/MONO) and the like you can record even with former MD mode.

- Hi-MD AUDIO mode sound recording time (chart 1)
Sound recording time
80 minute
MD disk
Hi-MD AUDIO disk
Sound recording mode
Approximately 28 minute
Approximately 1 hour 34 minute
Approximately 2 hours 20 minute
Approximately 7 hours 55 minute
Approximately 10 hours 10 minute
Approximately 34 hour

- MD mode sound recording time (chart 2)
Sound recording time
80 minute
MD disk
Sound recording mode
Approximately 80 minute
Approximately 2 hour 40 minutes (approximately 160 minutes)
Approximately 5 hour 20 minutes (approximately 320 minutes)
Approximately 2 hour 40 minutes (approximately 160 minutes)

- MD and Hi-MD AUDIO sound recording * playback corresponding chart (chart 3)
Sound recording mode
MD mode
Hi-MD AUDIO mode
MD disk
Hi-MD AUDIO disk
* Using the Hi-MD AUDIO disk of the 1GB, you cannot record MD mode. The Hi-MD AUDIO disk is the Hi-MD AUDIO mode sound recording private disk.
* It is not possible to exist together the sound recording of Hi-MD AUDIO mode and MD mode to 1 disk.
* Only the Hi-MD AUDIO corresponding machine becomes possible concerning the sound recording playback to the MD disk and the 1GB disk which the Hi-MD AUDIO format are done.

- You can record with good sound. Linear PCM sound recording correspondence
It corresponds to the linear PCM sound recording which it is not possible with the former MD. Because without compressing the sound source you can record the linear PCM, high grade you can enjoy music playback without impairing the sound quality of the CD.

- The sound which it is possible to compress. High Speed ATRAC DSP & 24bit processing loading
The AUDIO sound recording mode " Hi-SP/Hi-LP " of the Hi-MD, the transaction of operation ability to be superior, in all modes such as MDLP and time fast dubbing is shown loads the " High Speed ATRAC DSP ". In addition everything of digital signal processing such as D/A & A/D converter and ATRAC is done at the highest precision of the 24bit, " 24bit processing " is adopted, preponderant quality of the Hi-MD AUDIO is actualized with sound recording * playback total.

- Large capacity. Longest approximately 34 hours * long time sound recording of 1 possible
If you use the large capacity Hi-MD AUDIO disk of the 1GB, longest approximately 34 hours * long time sound recording of 1 possible (chart 1 reference). Large capacity sound recording of approximately 6 times is actualized in comparison with the former MD. In addition, also it is possible the to Hi-MD AUDIO format to convert the former MD disk with the high density record technology of the Hi-MD AUDIO. Former ratio approximately 2 times * long time sound recording of 2 * longest approximately 10 hours was actualized.
(* At the time of 1:1GB Hi-MD AUDIO disk use * 2:LP4 mode, at at the time of 80 minute disk use it compares approximately 320 minutes to standard.)

* Operates the Hi-MD AUDIO more comfortably the group function
which Dividing the enormous tune which is recorded to 1 disk, into the group of groups, you adopt the group function which it can rearrange. The head every of group when playing back it puts out and of course, colorful compilation job such as additional * deletion of tune to the group which was drawn up and replacement of tune order at the group unit it is possible. Longest approximately 34 hours * it reaches to 3, you can enjoy the Hi-MD AUDIO of long time stereophonic recording comfortably. (* At the time of 3:1GB Hi-MD AUDIO disk use)

* High grade speaker system of large aperture 13cm " NEW A-OMF " diaphragm loading single item
The material " PEN " whose periodic damping is quick, " natural fiber (canvas)" and the " aramide fiber " the hybrid it loads the large aperture " NEW A-OMF " diaphragm of the 13cm which formed in the speaker. The toughness which answers the quality of the digital media with suppleness was actualized. Furthermore you adopt the material of the same diaphragm to also the dust cap. By the fact that the material of the pronunciation section is gathered, from natural sound of sound has been reproduced.

* Decreases unnecessary emission sound the new form edge
which Response efficiency to be good adopts the new form edge whose emission sound is little for the woofer diaphragm outer circle of the speaker. The ヒダ of V in order letter condition the vibrating axis from the front to convert to cross direction, it has succeeded in decreasing sharply the unnecessary emission sound from the edge.

* Sound is beautiful the high rigid material all MDF cabinet
whose The speaker cabinet extensively, you adopt the MDF material which has established reputation with height of rigidity and good quality of sound. It reproduces the sound to which relative importance is large even in the wood panel material, giving the sense of security to the speaker, is beautiful.

* It is low limits which unite volume and the speed impression playback new technology " AERO ACOUSTIC DRIVE "
Adopting new technology " AERO ACOUSTIC DRIVE " to cabinet structure, it actualized limits which have volume and the speed impression of evolving former bus reflex system playback low. Furthermore, the normality it is not cylindrical in the bus reflex duct inside the cabinet and you adopt " the slit duct " of new development. Unnecessary emission noise from the duct is decreased not only, cylindrical bus reflex peculiar phenomenon such as time lag of the vibration and the aerial vibration of the diaphragm was improved. Furthermore the superior type X-N9 model adopts the new structure which separates the cabinet and the slit duct section. Holding down the influence of the mutual vibration, reappearance of a more natural timbre became possible.

* The wide range & amplifier which pull out the capability of the next generation media WRAT (the Wide Range Amplifier Technology)
It loads the wide range amplifier technology " WRAT " which corresponds to also the next generation media of DVD audio and the like. There are no times when it falls to the competition on the mere specifications, they make the playback to the super high pass which exceeds the 100kHz possible. While to face in minute music information, the designer repeating the hearing, it is the amplifier of the prejudice which is built up.

* Drive the various speakers securely 4 Omega drive corresponding discrete constitution amplifiers
which Onto in the amplifier which is loaded " the FR " N series, the speaker whose impedance is low it actualizes 4 Omega drives whose combination is possible. Because the single item model of the center section (FR-N9) it is, it is possible also to combine with the wide speaker where you do not adhere age and to the manufacturer. Furthermore, it follows the discrete constitution which is adopted with the large-sized single item compound. It does not depend on the IC tip/chip, selects part one one and by the fact that it designs, it actualizes creative sound expression. High drive ability and specification where it is equal to full size, are condensed to the compact body.

* In the iPod private RI Dock which can operate the iPod with remote control correspondence
As for " the FR " N series, the private RI Dock which can operate the iPod series with remote control of the knitting machine; It corresponds to the DS-A1. If the iPod is set to the DS-A1 and the cable of attachment is connected to " the FR " N series, basic remote control operation is possible the オンキヨー cRi system (the = Remote Interactive) with. The iPod which does not have remote control, you can enjoy with home with real sound " of the FR " N series.

< Other merits >
- Aluminum front panel
- Actualizes rich music playback even at at the time of small volume the optimum ・ gain ・ volume
which - CD-R/RW playback correspondence * 1
- Optical digital input/output terminal (input 1 output 1) loading (* as for output only CD signal.)
- Sub woofer mono output terminal loading
- Digital sound recording level automatic setting functional " DLA Link " loading (* it does not correspond to time fast dubbing.)
- To CD ・ cMd respective maximum of 25 tunes is remembered the program playback
which - Sound recording and playback program timer function of multi data input possible maximum of 4
modes - 2 time fast CD -> MD dubbing
- 2 gradual super bus circuit loading
- 11 gradual tone control function which can set the arrangement of sound freely (the BASS/TREBLE)
- Track/truck designated one-touch dubbing
- Dubbing mode " FADE "
選曲やタイトル入力に便利なMULTI JOGダイヤル





定格出力 14W+14W(8Ω、40Hz〜20kHz、全高調波歪率0.4%以下)、
実用最大出力 26W+26W(4Ω JEITA)
ダイナミックパワー 21W+21W(4Ω)
全高調波歪率 0.4%(1kHz 定格出力時)
0.4%(40Hz〜20kHz 定格出力時)
ダンピングファクター 25(8Ω)
入力感度/インピーダンス 150mV/50kΩ(LINE)
出力電圧/インピーダンス 150mV/2.2kΩ(REC OUT)
周波数特性 10Hz〜100kHz/+3dB-3dB(LINE)
トーンコントロール最大変化量 +10dB、-10dB、100Hz(BASS)
スピーカー適応インピーダンス 4Ω〜16Ω
受信範囲 76.0MHz〜108.00MHz
受信感度 Stereo 17.2dBf 2.0μV
Mono  11.2dBf 1.0μV(75Ω IHF)
SN比 Stereo 65dB(IHF-A)
Mono 67dB(IHF-A)
歪率 Stereo 0.5%(1kHz)
Mono 0.4%(1kHz)
周波数特性 30Hz〜15kHz/+1.5dB、-1.5dB
ステレオセパレーション 40dB(1kHz)
受信範囲 522kHz〜1629kHz
実用感度(75Ω) 30μV
SN比 40dB
歪率 0.7%(1kHz)
周波数特性 10Hz〜20kHz
ダイナミックレンジ 92dB
全高調波歪率 0.009%
ワウ・フラッター 測定値以下(±0.001%(W.PEAK)、JEITA)
音声出力電圧/インピーダンス -22.5dBm(光デジタル出力)
D/Aコンバーター 24bit
録音可能サンプリング周波数 32、44.1、48kHz、
再生サンプリング周波数 44.1kHz
録音・再生時間 最長約34時間(1GB Hi-MD AUDIOディスク使用・Hi-LPモード)
周波数特性(デジタル音声) 10Hz〜20kHz
ダイナミックレンジ 94dB
出力電圧/インピーダンス 1.3V(rms)/330Ω(アナログ出力)

電源・電圧 AC100V、50/60Hz
消費電力 56W
待機時電力 0.2W
最大外形寸法 幅205×高さ147×奥行き356mm
質量 5.0 kg
音声入力 デジタル1(光)



型式 2WAYバスレフ型
最大入力 70W
定格感度レベル 82dB/W/m
定格周波数範囲 55Hz〜35kHz
クロスオーバー周波数 6.5kHz
キャビネット内容積 7.5リットル
寸法 167W×268H×250Dmm(サランネット・ターミナル突起部含む)
質量 4.0kg(1台)
ウーファー 13cm New A-OMFコーン
(お問い合わせ先:(社)私的録音補償金管理協会TEL:3-5353-0336 FAX:03-5353-0337)
Hi-MD AUDIO、ATRAC、ATRAC3、ATRAC3plusはソニー株式会社の登録商標です。

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「FR カタログ」


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