22 February 2000
Sharp Corporation

Recording Type First: 1 , Rechargeable & Dry AA Cells can be interchanged.

MD Portable Recorder New Model

For enhanced business convenience new Mic Recording Functions (Mic sold separately)

ProductMD Portable Recorder
RRP35000 yen (tax excluded)
Monthly Production15000 units
Release Date15 March

Sharp have released a new portable recorder (MD-MT50) with which you can freely use either rechargeable or dry cells.
If the rechargeable battery expires, simply & conveniently insert a dry cell into the body. There's no need for an external battery case, so you can carry it fashionably outdoors.
And the presence or absence of voice automatically starts & stops the recording (Mic Synchro Record). This enhanced Mic recording function was added to meet the business users need for convenience.
:1 AA cell internal type: As of 22 February 2000

Main Features

1. Recording Portable Type First : 1 , AA Cell Compatible Design
It can run off Nickel-Metal Hydride or Dry cells, so you don't have to worry about flat batteries when you go out. There's no need for an external battery case so it can be carried smartly. {In Japanese "smart" usually means thin, here I don't know.}

2. Enhanced Mic (Mic sold separately) Recording Functions Added
When using the Mic, recording is automatically started & stopped in response to the voice [Mic Synchro Record]. Fixed interval track marks can be automatically recorded [Time Automark Function] These functions have been added to make business convenient.

3. Internal Sampling Rate Convertor
You can make direct digital recordings from BS/CS broadcasts.

4. Condenserless Audio Output Circuit Added
We've upgraded to the use of combo style dual rail supply audio circuitry. Thus there's none of the sound deterioration associated with condenser (capacitor) outputs, so you can have more enjoyable playback.

We predict a domestic demand for portable MD units of about 3 650 000 in the year 2000 (124.3% of last year).
We predict that recording on decks for playback on portables, & multiuse devices, will sell 950 000 units (110.1% of last year) and that this success will continue.
We suggest that this AA dry cell compatible design is a good way to bring value to MD headphone players and increase the user base.
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