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February 5, 2002

New commodity

The hard drive audio recorder is put on the market by can the record of 500 CD or more, and the enjoyment like the juke.

Hard drive audio recorder ‘HAR-D1000'

The Sony marketing (The president:Kei Kodera and headquarters:(Inc.)Tokyo port district) adopts “ATRAC3" of the voice compression technology, and puts hard drive audio recorder ‘HAR-D1000' only for music by which about the maximum 600 hours and CD500 pieces or more (For 74-minute CD) can be recorded and be reproduced on the market to the hard drive of 40GB.

Type name Sale day Hope retail price First monthly production
Hard drive audio recorder
February 21 Open price 1500 total

The user who worries because of the control of the disk is not few. increase the number of sheets of had CD(CD number of sheets average of individual possession:About 100 pieces and Sony melodies)
The CD player and the hard drive can be installed, and ‘HAR-D1000' be reproduced by managing the tune recorded from CD in the hard drive by the album name, the artist name, and the name of a song, and calling it when it is always favorite.
The music data can be recorded at the twice velocity, and only favorite tunes are collected, and the reproducing program setting is also possible from among the recorded tune. It can be had to enjoy it by a high-speed access only of the hard drive like the juke.

Main feature of - ‘HAR-D1000'

The hard drive of 40GB is installed.
A CD player and a mass hard drive can be installed in a slim main body, and CD500 favorite music be managed as an album for about the maximum 600 hours. Pleasant music life can be had to be enjoyed in new shape of the hard drive audio.

2. The hard drive of the 静音(unknown word) type is adopted.
The noise by the contact of mechanism is decreased by using the fluid (oil) for the bearing of the motor of the hard drive. In addition, a further low noise and the low vibration have been achieved by putting it in a special case to use the soundproofing material.

3. ATRAC3 which achieves the high pitched sound quality is adopted though high compression.
The voice data can be compressed into about 1/10 of CD like the high pitched sound quality, and 132 It is possible to forward it to the hard drive from CD by the bit rate of kbps.

- “ATRAC3" is a trademark of the Sony Ltd..

The function of the recording of the CD synchronized of 4.2 modes is installed.
It is possible to select it according to two kinds of "High-speed mode" at the twice velocity which can be recorded at "Normal mode" recorded while listening to music and half time.

5. Play list reproduction function
Only the tune to which [it] often listens in the tune which has already been recorded can be edited, and the thing to which [it] listens like one album be done. This play list can do things preserved up to ten, and can enjoy music as a Mey album. For instance, tunes collected in classification by artist can be made as a list of one. The play lists can be registered up to 400 respectively.

6. Variegated retrieval function
Each artist name, the album name, and the name of a song can be written in all recorded tunes as information. The phrase in a typical tune is set as a highlight only by ten seconds in "Retrievals by keyword" which can be retrieved automatically only by the input of the key word by using this information and albums, and "Highlight scanning function" retrieved while listening only to the part one after another is installed. It is possible to call it quickly to listen to the tune which wants to listen from 500 albums.

7. For CD TEXT
When the correspondence software is recorded to the hard drive, the information is written at the same time because [it] corresponds to “CD TEXT" from which the album name, the artist name, and the name of a song are written in CD beforehand as information.

- Main specification

CD player Frequency characteristic 5〜20,000Hz±0.5dB
Signal-Noise ratio 95dB or more※
All high note wave warp 0.005% or less※
(*wau*) (*furattah*) *** As follows <measurement limit (±0.001%W.PEAK)>※
Hard drive Record capacity 40GB
Recording method ATRAC3
Forwarding rate 132kbps
The maximum recording time For about 600 hours
Number of maximum albums 500 pieces
Number of maximum tunes 20,000
Near album
Number of maximum trucks
400(Up to 20,000 trucks in total).
Commonness Input terminal Digital One optical system
Analogue One system
Output terminal Analogue One system
Power-supply voltage AC100V、50/60Hz
Consumption electric power 22W
Externals size W430×H82.5×D285mm
Mass About 3.9kg

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