Report announcement on January 9, 2003

Tile double MD component of news equipped with twice velocity recording function from MD to MD

Compact component MD system gNS-X77WMD"

*** Install-. the NEW sound "" by which the sound scene of beautiful "Layer illumination" and the relief is achieved the light which comes in succession in -

The photograph is compact component MD system gNS-X77WMD-S".

*** Colored "Layer illumination <Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.>" <overlapping of the twice velocity recording function from MD to MD and light> <beautiful the surrounding of the display>.; Compact component MD system gNS-X77WMD" of the news tile equipped with "NEW sound" by which the effect of the sound scene for the relief to feel is achieved is put on the market.;

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Compact component MD system
February 3
(S:Silver and W:White)

< main feature > 1. Velocity recording of twice from MD to MD equipped with twice velocity recording function from MD to MD- One was achieved, and a double MD deck of MD only for the reproduction of the MDLP correspondence and recording/reproduction MD is installed. Moreover, velocity recording of four times from CD to MD- One is also possible. - 1:The tune by which four time velocity recording from the twice velocity recording and CD from MD to MD to MD is ended cannot be recorded from the recording beginning again for 74 minutes because of the copyright protection. Light in 2.2 layers comes in succession, two light of the side light which produces the movement of the light laid out to the backing light which colors the entire display equipped with "Layer illumination" which swings beautifully and four corners is overlapped, and "Layer illumination" to which the surrounding of the display is produced three-dimensionally and beautifully by the color of light and the swinging movement is installed. The backing light side light can enjoy 36 kinds of illumination patterns by each combination of six patterns in another of the (*puriset*) five modes and the manual setting. 3. Sound scene reproduction circuit " sound" of equipped with sound scene reproduction circuit "NEW sound" by which effect of sound scene for relief to feel is achieved and our company original development- Two (The patent is being applied) can be evolved further, and three effects of NATURALSMOOTHDEEP of the sound scene be chosen according to the favor and the listened tune. - The high pitched sound quality speaker unit which achieves a low warp is arranged with two layer rolling voice coil and the copper cap shield applying the angle for outside. A natural sound scene with abundant tone quality and the extension with the thickness was achieved together with an independent cabinet structure.
" sound" - 2:The wave has the effect that the person feels the relief by a kind of the brain wave generated when relaxing. Our company paid attention to this phenomenon and developed sound scene reproduction circuit " sound ( DIMENSION SOUND)" by an original sound technology. " sound" achieved a natural, comfortable effect of the sound scene by giving swinging to the (*saraund*) circuit or the right and left difference signal (R-L indirect sound) which was the lick by the wave frequency (about 5-8Hz), coming off in addition, and correcting the music signal of an inside compass which dropped easily smoothly.

4. It is not necessary to wire for a compact news tile design speaker, and a compact news tile design with refreshing back is adopted. - An electric CD top open door of an acrylic material is adopted, and high-level feeling has been improved. - Two types (silver of settled image and casual white) are prepared.

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< plan intention > Our company put news tile component gNS-X7WMD" equipped with double MD which can easily enjoy the recording from MD to MD on the market last year.; The favorable comment was obtained around young people who in one's teens and in his twenties.; Then, compact component MD system gNS-X77WMD" which was evolution in addition was planned as the second bounce by improving the addition of an improvement of the edit function and an optical function and the tone quality functions at this time. In this machine, four time velocity recording function from the twice velocity recording function and CD from MD to MD to MD is installed, the MD edit is enhanced further, the swinging light overlaps from the woman layer especially as an optical function of the favorable comment, and "Layer illumination" by which the surrounding of the display is beautifully colored is installed. Moreover, the sound and the effect of relaxation of light have been improved as sound scene reproduction circuit " sound" of our company original development is evolved. Convenient "MD group retrieval function" for selection of recorded MD by other feature > MDLP of <. - "MD title search function" which can be quickly retrieved by inputting title of tune. - Equipped with "Super-bus professional" by which power of heavy bass is reinforced - "Three pattern timer function" to which alarm clock timer and absent ^(unknown word) can be set up to three patterns or less. - "Broadcasting station name input function" by which (*puriset*)ed broadcasting station name can be freely input.

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< main specification >
Speaker 9cm~2
Input terminal AUX IN ((*sutereomini*))~1
Output terminal Headphone output ((*sutereomini*))~1
Practical, maximum output 6W+6W(JEITA)
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Consumption electric power Power supply insertion:32W/standbys:1W
The maximum and externals sizes (width) 440mm~(height)221mm~(depth)245mm
Mass 6.6kg
Attached goods Remote control and 2 (for remote control operation confirmation) and AM loop antenna, FM simple antenna, and AA dry battery ~ power supply code

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