Compact component MD systemNS-X7WMD
Open price-(MD title remote control attachment)- The commodity of the open price does not provide the maker hope retail price.

α sound MDLP mini disc compact disc

Recording from MD to MD not to mention recording from CD to MD- One easy is operated. *** Because the Ichi <pushing> MD recording, the synchronized recording is started by one-touch. ※2
photo1Adoption of large-scale display, and character display is large, and (*hakkiri*). Inputting it the character only by turning main body JOG dial is speedy. It is possible to input it from remote control quickly by the portable telephone method.
For MDLP mode
MD group retrieval function※3
MD title search (truck/group)
CD→MD2 time velocity recording※4
For CD-R/RW reproduction※5
- 1:The recording from MD to MD becomes a digital recording after [it] converts it into an analog signal once. (Music MD on the market is excluded)- 2:When there is no change in the recording mode. - 3:MD which records the group becomes only a usual reproduction function in the group reproduction function non-correspondence machine. - 4:If the tune of CD which ends the twice velocity recording does not pass from the recording start of the tune 74 minutes because of the copyright protection, this machine cannot be recorded again. Moreover, the performance of CD cannot listen while recording the velocity by the twice. - 5:The CD-R/RW disk recorded by the CD format for music can be reproduced. The reproduction disk is limited to the (*fainaraiz*)ed one. Moreover, it is not likely to be able to reproduce according to the characteristic and the state of the record of the disk.

[It] inserts it in favorite space, and [it] puts, and the power supply is inserted in the outlet with (*pon*). *** The back is simplicity refreshingly. speaker unnecessary wiring
Arc (circular arc) design to make extension of sound felt. It is possible to choose from two variations according to the silver of the saran net specification, the black of the (*panching*) specification, and the favorite.
Array of basic operation key and edit and recording key dividing, and easy-to-use separates key layouts.
Top opening electric CD door of high-level feeling where acrylic material which was was adopted.
The main body is equipped with LED which can confirm the remote control operation.
Auto power off function
(*dimah*) function
Child lock function

New sound scene reproduction circuit which achieves a natural extension of the sound and the interior taking feeling and "α sound" are installed. The first sound by which ease by music and the relief are pursued. It is possible to adjust it to two stages by the favorite.
The (*angurud*) speaker which puts the angle on the direction of the outside is adopted. A natural sound scene with abundant sounds and the extensions with the thickness is achieved with an independent (*enkurohjah*) structure.
High pitched sound quality full range speaker unit which adopts two 層巻(unknown word) voice coil and copper cap shield, and achieved low warp.
Super-bus professional who reinforces power of heavy bass.

α波はリラックスしているときに発生する脳波の一種と言われています。ビクターはこの現象に着目して、独自の音響技術により音場再生回路「αサウンド(α Dimension Sound)を開発しました。サラウンド回路の要である左右差信号にα波と同じ周波数(約8Hz)でゆらぎを与えることで、違和感のない自然な音場感を再現。さらに中音域を滑らかに補正することで、従来のサラウンドでは埋れがちだったボーカルもクッキリ。聴くだけでリラックスできるような、ナチュラルで心地よい音づくりを目指しました。※「αサウンド」に関する説明は、当社の開発した優れた音場再現技術を述べたもので、当該製品の使用による医学的効果を説明するものではありません。

Other main feature and NS-X7WMD specification

The amplifier:Practical, maximum output 6W+6W(EIAJ/AC), 1, 1, external voice input terminal ×α headphone ((*sutereomini*))× sound (two stages), the super-bus professionals, [it] adjusts the BASS/TREBLE tone quality (each ±5 stages), and auto power is off.
Part MD:A-MD (reproduction)+ B-MD (recording and reproduction) program performance (32 or less), repetition performance (1/all tunes/program tunes/1 group/MD ALL[A-MD/B-MD]), random performance (A-MD/B-MD independence), five mode edit function (Each tune/each group :), recording at time of the length of the stereo, reproduction (MDLP), the MD group recording, the reproduction, the CD synchronized recording, the MD synchronized recording, the MD title search, and the MD title booking.
CD player:Program performance (32 or less) for CD-R/RW reproduction, repetition performance (1/all tunes/program tunes), and random performances
Tuner:+ AM15 game (*puriset*) and external antenna wide FM/AM (*shinsechuunah*), guide in area, and game of FM30 terminals
Timer:(*suriiputaimah*) and Satoru し(unknown word)/absence 録(unknown word)/(*weikuappuboryuum*)
Speaker:(*furontobasuref*) type nine cm full range speaker ×2
Power supply:AC100V (50Hz/60Hz sharing)
Consumption electric power:3W at 30W and standbys (STANDBY) at power supply insertion (ON)
Size/mass:(W)460mm×(H) 208mm×(D) 251mm/6.4kg

Attached goods:MD title remote control, AA type dry battery × 2 (for remote control operation confirmation), and FM simple type antenna and AM loop antenna


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