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September 12, 2001
`Net MD' Outline of standard

`Net MD' is an extended standard of music MD standard "Rainbow Book" which contains the attestation of PC and the MD equipment and the specifications of the forwarding format etc. of the music data. Personal computer (PC) and mini-disc (MD) equipment are connected by using USB(Universal Serial Bus), and the music data can be high-speed forwarded from PC to the MD equipment while protecting the copyright of music.

*** From CD and <electronic music> <wiring> service which deals with `Net MD'; [It] encodes on the hard drive of PC and the recorded music data is forwarded to the MD equipment attested based on the copyright protection technology.;
The music data recorded in accordance with `Net MD' can be reproduced with an existing MD equipment because there is no change in the record method to the voice compression technology and MD media by using MD for a present recording as a record media.

Basic flow of Net MD
Net MDの基本的な流れ

OpenMG JukeboxUSB ConnectionNetMD Equipment

Main feature of - `Net MD'

1. High harmony with PC
The music data can be forwarded from PC to the MD equipment at high speed. USB which is a standard interface is adopted for the connection of PC and the MD equipment and high harmony with PC is secured. Moreover, a basic operation of the equipment for `Net MD' can be done from PC, and the edit of the title of the music data recorded in MD media is also possible.

2. It is possible to reproduce with an existing MD equipment.
Past "ATRAC" and "ATRAC3" are adopted as a voice compression method. In the past, the record method to MD media can reproduce the music data recorded in accordance with `Net MD' with an existing MD equipment because (*S) does not change. The music data recorded by "ATRAC3" can be reproduced with the equipment for MDLP.

3. Achievement of copyright protection
"OpenMG" and "MagicGate" are adopted as a copyright protection technology. After the attestation between PC and the MD equipment is done by "MagicGate", the music data which was encoded by "OpenMG" and recorded on the hard drive of PC can be forwarded from PC to the MD equipment. Moreover, a digital copy of the second generation or more of the music data is prevented by SCMS(Serial Copy Management System).

- "OpenMG" "MagicGate" "ATRAC" and "ATRAC3" are trademarks of the Sony Ltd..

- MD format hardware licensee enterprise
The Aiwa Ltd. is an Akai Electric Ltd., and (*akyufeiz*) company (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.).
Alpine Electronics, Inc. is an Onkyo Ltd., a Clarion Ltd., and Kenwood Corporation.
The Sansui Electric Ltd. is Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., and is (*shinanokenshi*) company, and a Sharp Ltd..
SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION. is TEAC Corporation, Toshiba Corporation Ltd., and Nakamichi Corporation.
The Nippon Chemi-Con Ltd. is Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd., and Victor Company of Japan, Ltd..
Marantz Japan, Inc. is a pioneer company, and Hitachi Ltd..
Foster Electric Co., Ltd. is a Fujitsu Ten Ltd., Funai Electric Co., Ltd., and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd., Ricoh Ltd., and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd..
Alco Electronics Ltd.、Anam Electronics Co., Ltd.、Becker Autoradioweak GMBH、
Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd.、Etronics Corporation、Goldstar Co., Ltd.、
HHB Communications Ltd.、Lotte Electronic Corporation、Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd、
Tae Kwang Industrial Co., Ltd.、Tonic Industries Holdings Ltd.、Welton Electronics Limited、Ya Horng Electronics Co., Ltd.

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