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Panasonic commodity information
Personal MD system
There is no cassette.
Personal MD system

-S (silver)
-A (blue)
Open price
Equipped with "Operation stage" that concentrated operation at hand is possible
The operation stage in original our company where the concentration was arranged is installed in the basic operation key etc.Because a basic operation of MD and CD can be done by one place, and the angle of the main body is changed freely between 0-15° for above, the hand does not become (*jama*), and the operations of the reproduction and the recording, etc. can be done without impossibility while seeing the liquid crystal display.
The operation is operation monitor "& of confirmation (*injikeitah*) in one glance" Equipped with.
The operation of the main body is displayed comprehensible in the illustration at the right of the liquid crystal display. Moreover, [it] informs of the state etc. of the loading in (*injikeitah*) under the liquid crystal display. A convenient specification to be able to confirm the recording and the reproduction of MD and CD by both the liquid crystal display and (*injikeitah*).
Equipped with "(*raibubahcharaizah*)" by which vocal sound is clearly reproduced
"(*raibubahcharaizah*)" by which past (*saundobahcharaizah*) was evolved further is installed. The vocal sound is clearly reproduced, and the sound scene where the presence with a central speaker overflows is made. *** Moreover, "Four 層巻(unknown word) voice coil" <sticking to> is adopted for basic tone quality. The bass reproduction that 音圧(unknown word) is high with power was achieved.
Velocity recording (CD→MD) of MDLP& four times or less and the MD group control functions are adopted.
[It] corresponds to MDLP that twice (At the LP2 mode) at recording time MD original or four times record (At the LP4 mode) are possible. If the disk of 80 minutes is used, 320 minutes at most can be recorded. In addition, because four time or less velocity recording function that the recording from CD to MD can be done by four usual times the speed (maximum) is installed in this machine, the edit work to bring favorite CD together in one MD can be done more speedily than up to now. Moreover, "MD group control function" that the title is applied respectively separately for groups how many consecutive is installed. For instance, if the group of each album is set when four CD is recorded to one MD in the LP4 mode, the head putting out of the tune can be done in each group when reproducing, and the tune which wants to listen is found quickly.
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