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Panasonic commodity information
Personal MD system
There is no cassette.
Personal MD system
Practical, maximum output (DC:JEITA) 3W+3W(AC)
Part MD For MD network
Character input Alphanumeric character sign and katakana character
Edit mode (*dibaid*) and move, combine, and (*ireis*)
Turn backing recording -(tuner and AUX)
CD high speed recording -(four time or less velocity)
MD title station
CD1 ねらい(unknown word) 録り(unknown word)
*** Auto CD recording (CD 録り(unknown word) <rotundly>)
Synchronized CD recording
MD group control function
Play mode Program play 24
Repetition play - all/tunes (of one/programs/groups)
Random play
One group play
Part CD Play mode Program play 24
Repetition play - all/tunes/programs (of one)
Random play
Tuner FM reception belt region 76.0-90.0MHz and TV1, 2, and 3ch voice
AM reception belt region (monaural) 522〜1629kHz
Broadcasting station name display
Area bank
Tone quality Use speaker Round type ×2 7cm
(*basuref*) type speaker box
High pitched sound quality H.E.S . Circuit
Function and operativeness Timer clock Awake timer
Good night the timer.
(*taimahfeidah*) function -(Only fade-in).
Absent 録(unknown word) timer
Alarm timer/countdown timer ○(時刻/時間後)
External I/O Terminal P-MD -(front side)
Analog input/output terminal Input (terminal P-MD using combinedly)
Headphone output terminal M3 (*sutereomini*)
One-touch button
Display illumination - Liquid crystal backing light
Auto OFF function
Power supply Light line 100V50Hz/60Hz attachment code
Remote control battery AA type ×2 3V
The consumption electric power (At AC)). 23W
The consumption electric power (At AC)) when [it] stands by. 0.6W
Maximum and externals size (JEITA) /width × height × depth 405mm×170mm×260mm
The mass of the main body (The dry battery contains it)). About 3.8kg
Remote control attachment
Size of main body (width × height × depth) 405×170×260mm
Mass of main body 3.8kg
Attached goods
Remote control, AA manganese dry battery ×2 (for remote control), and AC code and AM loop antenna
Feature detailed option