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News Release 2002/8/9

- The reproduction for about the longest in one world and continuousness 193 hours is achieved.
Portable MD player and SJ-MJ15 are put on the market.
[It] can know the operation equipped with "Light (*injikeitah*)" because of light.

SJ-MJ15(SJ-MJ15 about 28KB)


Name of articles Portable MD player
品番(unknown word) SJ-MJ15
Main body hope retail price (excluding tax) Open price
Sale day September 10
Color -S /- (silver)A (blue) /- P (pink) /- Y (yellow)
The number of monthly production 30,000

*** Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.- Portable MD player of a thin compact size by which the longest reproduction time in one world is achieved is put on the market on September 10.

This product is 46 hours longer than our company conventional model kind (SJ-MJ10) because of the conserve electric power circuit technology etc.- The longest continuousness in one world
About 193 hour reproduction has been achieved. Additionally, "Light (*injikeitah*)" by which [it] informs of the operation of MD etc. because of light
[It] installs, and, in addition, easiness to use has been improved.
Moreover, the color variation of four colors is prepared, and it is possible to select it according to the favor.
Our company proposes this product and portable audio user layer in one's twenties is proposed from one's teens.


1.- The reproduction for about the longest in one world and continuousness 193 hours is achieved.
2. It is possible to inform of the operation by installing of "Light (*injikeitah*)" because of light.
3. A casual design by which the use scene is not chosen is adopted.

- 1:As of August 9, 2002 when [it] uses together LP4, and the mode of an attached corner type rechargeable battery and 1 optional AA type Panasonic alkali dry battery reproduces

Public relations person: Panasonic marketing headquarters communications group public relations team Oono telephone 03-3436-7615 customers: Page customer consultation center Toll-Free telephone 0120-878-365 (20 o'clock from nine o'clock of acceptance) home URL

【 background of development 】
Portable MD player who grows up to the maximum category in the domestic portable audio market gets the demand for about 3,100,000 total demand for 101% of the ratio to 2002 fiscal year and the previous year expected (The expectation is forecast our company), and 2,500,000 and bullish demand are expected as for the machine only for the reproduction. Such a product which has both a new usage and the design corresponding in the reproduction function of the length or more time and needs from the market from which [it] diversifies and [it] makes to individuality from among is hoped for.

【 feature 】
  1. - About the longest in one world 193-hour continuous reproduction is achieved.
    The longest 193 hour in the world continuous reproduction (The LP4 mode reproduces) is achieved by the development of the conserve electric power circuit technology etc. by using together about a square nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery of the attachment and 1 optional AA type alkali dry battery. Moreover, even only a rechargeable battery can reproduce about 70 hours (The LP4 mode reproduces).

  2. It is possible to inform of the operation by installing of "Light (*injikeitah*)" because of light.
    *** Optical (*injikeitah*) on <operation of MD> side of the main body operation button blinks, and the operation confirmation is easily possible.
    *** Can (When the stereo is usually played monaural, [it] blinks green/red . Blink to green at the LP2 mode . Blink red at the LP4 mode) [it] <charge> blink, and the charge be confirmed. In addition, music "(*heddohonsaraund*)" function is adopted, and with the sound scene feeling more pleasantly can be enjoyed.

  3. A casual design by which the use scene is not chosen is adopted.
    *** 4 colors are adopted in the main body color the pop of silver, blue, pink, and yellow. In addition, new 質感(unknown word) and the luster feeling are produced by giving the surface a three-dimensional processing in the design. A good sense and casual design was adopted.
〈 other features 〉
- For MD network
Everything from MD to MD which contains the title data can be easily edited in a double MD sense in the connection with the MD minicomponent/the MD system of our company MD network correspondence. Moreover, an original label which prints the title of MD with the reflection can be easily made if [it] connects it with visual/the title printer.
(model for MD network)
Personal minicomponent :SC-HDA710,SC-DT200,SC-SV1,SC-PM57MD,
Portable MD player :SJ-MJ50,SJ-MJ90,SJ-MJ10,
Visual/title printer :SH-CP30
Personal MD system :RX-MDX77,RX-MDX60
Optional MD network code :RP-CAM9G15

- る(unknown word) one finger light liquid crystal remote control attachment (with battery remainder amount display)
- New 快(unknown word) installation inside phon (anti-bacterium material adoption) by which high pitched sound quality and comfortable installation feeling are achieved
- Equipped with "Train position" by which sound (*more*) of headphone is suppressed
- Equipped with S-XBS circuit which can enjoy heavy bass sound with power (switch by two stages)
- [It] corresponds to all tune repetition and one/random play.
- "Memory 振(unknown word) function at 40 seconds/LP280 seconds/LP4 o'clock for 160 seconds" by which 音飛び(unknown word) is prevented from shock
- Equipped with "Introduction scanning memory reproduction" by which tune which wants to listen can be quickly checked
- For reproduction mode of monaural length time
- No lead はんだ(unknown word) which considers the environment is adopted for the main body print substrate.

【 demand trend 】
*** (source:Our company of <crowding> は(unknown word) of Japan Electron Optics Laboratory machine industry interview forecast)

【 specification list 】