September 11, 2002

*** Simple <& (*sutairish*)> (*sukueadezain*)

MD/CD system < MD-F230 > is newly put on the market.

"One CDMD twice velocity edit" function with easy original MD-making

Name of articles MD/CD system
Shape name MD-F230
Pet name MD studio
Hope retail price Opening
Monthly production 20,000
Sale day September 25

Sharp newly puts MD/CD system < MD-F230 > which can easily enjoy the CDMD edit on the market.

A variegated function such as "MDLP group mode" and "For CD-R/RW reproduction" which were recorded/were able to be edited being able to record for 320 minutes a mini-disc besides a convenient edit function such as "Hyper truck Edith" that the specification of the recording tune is possible at most even while "One CDMD twice velocity edit" and CD were heard, and dividing the tune by the group according to classification by artist and the album, etc. was installed.
*** [It] proposes widely as a compact MD/CD system which is simple and adopts <(*sutairish*)> (*sukueadezain*).

Feature > of main <

1. *** Simple <& (*sutairish*)> (*sukueadezain*)
The main body color can have the choice from three colors (silver, blue, and pink) according to the favorite.

2. Equipped with variegated edit function of one CDMD twice velocity like edit etc.
Original MD can be easily made by a variegated edit function such as one CDMD twice velocity edit and hyper truck Edith.

3. For "MDLP group mode"
Equipped with gMDLP" circuit which can be recorded for 320 minutes a mini-disc at most
[It] corresponds to "MDLP group mode" by which [it] records/the tune can be edited according to classification by artist and the album.
The tune which wants to be heard can be quickly selected.

4. (*kukkirisaund*) in which the punch is effective equipped with the (*saundoenhansah*) circuit is achieved.
The bass and the high pitched sound can be emphasized, and (*kukkirisaund*) clear of the outline of the sound be enjoyed.

Details are here .

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