Sharp is CD/MD system for the twice velocity dubbing.

Sale on September 25

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The Sharp Ltd. puts MD/CD system “MD-F230" on the market on September 25. The lineup of three colors (silver, blue, and pink). The shop forecast price is an expectation of each color about 27,000 yen though the price is an open price.

MD-F230 is a system with built-in MD, radio, and stereo speaker for CD and MDLP. [It] corresponds to the reproduction of CD-R/CD-RW for music, and the twice velocity dubbing from CD to MD is possible. Moreover, [it] has "Top position recording" function that the addition can be recorded to the first MD in "Hyper truck Edith" by which the recording tune can be specified while CD is heard and one-touch.

A built-in speaker is 8cm full range speaker (4Ω) ×2. *** The bass and the high pitched sound are emphasized with 2.5 <practical, maximum output>W×2(JEITA), and <outline of the sound> はっきさせる(unknown word) "(*saundoenhansah*) circuit" is built into. In addition, 24 bit operation method has been adopted in the part ATRAC of MD.

Remote control of the input of the MD character of the portable telephone method is attached. The character can be input to the MD1 piece up to 40 characters per about 1,700 characters and 1 by the katakana/the English capital letter/the English small letter/the figure and the sign. "AI timer" that setting the beginning time/the end time/the input/the volume is possible is installed, and the headphone output (stereo mini-Jack) is equipped. 410×203×158mm (width × interior taking × height), and the maximum and externals sizes are about 4.0kg, and consumption electric power 23W in weight.

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(September 11, 2002)

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The latest news
【13 September 】
魁(unknown word). Fujiwara style item road

Weekly purchase とけ(unknown word) ! DVD

Digital transmission system “DIAT" is announced.

The reference exhibition, and another of a new model of the channel server.

5.1ch set of pioneer and DVD audio/SACD multi-correspondence

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is 8ch AV amplifier which corresponds to DTS96/24 “DSP-AZ2".

TEAC is a CD player of the VRDS mechanism and the RDOT adoption.

Matsushita is MD recorder which achieved the reproduction for about the longest in the world 117 hours.

(*kanohpus*) and not linear edit system “DVStorm2"

“MediaStudio Pro6.5" of (*yuuriid*) and MICROMV correspondence

DVD interchangeable disk of DTJapan and 0.9mm thickness is made a product.

Matsushita is a hologram unit which corresponds to the reproduction of DVD-R/RW/RAM and CD-R/RW.

The experience version of cyber link and edit software “PowerDirector2.5" is opened to the public.

Matsushita opens the improvement data of “DVD-MovieAlbum" to the public.

Sales ranking on week of DVD

"List on DVD sale day" Update information September 12

Limitation campaign list of DVD period

【12 September 】
*** 【 Sony Dream World3 of that <report> 】

Matsushita is 14V/17V type liquid crystal television of 16ms at the response speed.

Sanyo is a liquid crystal projector for the home where an upper and lower, right and left lens can be shifted.

Casio is a waterproof liquid crystal television of wireless LAN transmission “XFER".

Player for pioneer and SACD/DVD audio “DV-S757A"

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is MP3 recorder that Miki Synge is possible.

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. is DVD minicomponent of the rainbow illumination.

Apple decides the day of the sale of “iPod for Windows" on September 19.

Video capture PCI card of (*adaputekk*) and first this company

"List on DVD sale day" Update information September 11

【11 September 】
Weekly of 信良(unknown word) Kodera Electric Zooma.

*** 【 Sony Dream World1 of that <report> 】

*** 【 Sony Dream World2 of that <report> 】

Universal player with (*esoterikk*) and improvement change function

Matsushita develops the chip set for the velocity writing four times DVD-R/RW/RAM.

Sharp is CD/MD system for the twice velocity dubbing.

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. is two models of a small speaker like a portable type etc.

Melco is four port IEEE1394 interface card of 3,300 yen.

Rice Intel and SONICblue cooperate by the development of a video portable HDD player.

(*kanohpus*) and the “WinDVD3.0 for OEM" improvement data are opened to the public.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information September 10

【 ten September 】
Matsushita is the second bounce of projector "Casual theater" for the home.

Matsushita is 5.1ch system of DVD audio and the DVD-RAM reproduction correspondence.

Sony is a head mount display for (*puresute*) 2.

Sanyo Electric announces 3D display where 50 types PDP were used.

Warner, DVD "Gremlins 1 and two special version" is put on the market on December 20.

DVD±R/RW drive for velocity DVD-R writing four times the first in industry to Sony

Elsa and TV capture PCI card which becomes first this company of complete, Japanese specification

One shop average sales of TSUTAYA and the DVD rental record the height in the past.

Authoring software equipped with inter video and original technology “Unipass"

[It] optimized to SMI and Pentium4 “MP3 Jukebox7".

Video edit software "MAGIX Video" of proton and 9,800 yen

"List on DVD sale day" Update information September 9

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