February 7, 2002

(*keitaibideo*) birth by which favorite program can be carried about.

Portable AV player < MT-AV1 > to be able to enjoy the video by mere of the hand is newly put on the market.

It is possible to record, to record, and to reproduce with this one.

Name of articles Portable AV player
Shape name MT-AV1
Hope retail price Opening
Sale day About * sale day on February 23, 2002
The number of monthly production 20,000

Sharp will newly put portable AV player < MT-AV1 > to be able to enjoy the television program and the music of the favorite by the mere size of the hand on the market.
[It] ties to the video, the television, and the audio equipment at home, and it is possible to record and to record by one-touch. [It] repeats, the reflection and the music which wants to see are preserved with SD memory card (goods on the market), the program can be recorded for a long time, and even only the main body : for about one hour. - can be recorded. The reception desk parts (optional) to be able to do the dressing substitution are prepared, and moreover, it is possible to put together on feelings and the fashion, and to carry about in (*sutairish*) by the color of the favorite.
I will propose a new life style by which the tune of the artist who likes it is enjoyed with not only the sound but also the reflection, and the video is carried about as the continuous drama which is busy and not seen is seen at going to school, commuting, and the rest time and waiting time.

< main feature >

1. [It] just fits mere of the hand. The video can be enjoyed by a favorite point.
The size which adopts color TFT liquid crystal with three type backing light, and installs in the hand can be achieved, and the video be enjoyed easily anywhere.
The drama and the music clip, etc. can be enjoyed by the stereo voice with a vivid reflection and the presence. (reflection:MPEG-4 conforming and voice:MP3 conforming or G.726 conforming)
It can be had to use it as an audio player. (MP3 conforming)

2. It is possible to record, to record, and to reproduce with this one.
It is possible to record and to record by one-touch by putting it on the AV stand of the attachment.
Only music can be recorded if the television program is recorded, and [it] ties to the audio equipment if the AV stand is connected to the video and the television.
The program can be preserved for the reflection, music, and a long time when [it] wants to see leaving and repeatedly by recording and recording to the SD memory card (goods on the market). Moreover, to the main body memory for about one hourRecording - is also possible.

3. Three color color variation which can be chosen is prepared. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy it because [it] dresses to (*sutairish*) and [it] substitutes it.
Three colors (coral pearl white (MT-AV1-W) and pink (MT-AV1-P) and (*akuaburuu*) (MT-AV1-A)) were prepared as a color variation of the main body.
A new design which dresses optional reception desk parts and substitutes it is adopted.
It is possible to carry about fashionable additionally in the fashion and feelings. (It is attached to the main body 1 piece)
In recording, the recording is about 61 minutes (For normality tone quality) of about 55 minutes (The recording mode : for normality normality and tone quality).

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