SonicStage Premium
"SonicStage Premium ((*sonikkusuteiji*) premium)" is special software of "Bio- MX" by which a variety of music source can be pleasantly manipulated in an integrated environment. Writing from the recording of various media to the edit of a reproduction which uses the sound effect function and an original album, MD, and CD-R is enabled by the interface to be able to do a comprehensible, intuitive operation. Music can be high-speed forwarded to MD corresponding to new MD forwarding standard “Net MD". The music straightened to the hard drive by “SonicStage Premium" is managed by music data base "(M) DRIVE:(*emudoraib*)" in the hard drive. The audio function of "Bio- MX" is synthesizing controlled, and the enjoyment of "Music server" by which music is straightened, listened, and taken out is achieved.
SonicStage Premium
A basic operation is controlled by using the icon of each media and the source like “(M)DRIVE", CD, MD, and FM, etc.*** <CD icon> “(M)DRIVE" when recording For instance, the recording work starts from the hard drive of music CD if drag & drops to the icon.

  SonicStage Premium

- Music CD on hand is speedily recorded.
Recording * is speedily good to the hard drive at two by music CD on hand compression by the ATRAC3*1 form like the high pitched sound quality. Moreover, [it] corresponds to the recording by WAVE form and MP3 form *3 and forms of WMA. It is also possible to record CD which wants to listen at once at the same time while reproducing (Only ATRAC3 :). *** Information on the name of a song etc. of music CD can be easily acquired from the CD name of a song data base and the Internet of collection the hard drive.
*1 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" ATRAC3 is a voice compression technology of Sony which achieves the high pitched sound quality of no MD by compressing about 1/10 of CD to a high degree.
*2 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" About 14-15 music or more a GB of the capacity of the hard drive CD can be recorded (At a standard mode/105kbps).
*3 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" It is possible to record by the bit rate of 256kbps or less.


*** Down-loading from site. <music> wire music that - is the latest
*** The latest music can be recorded from the site <on Internet> <music> <wiring> by buying it. *** “OpenMG" * according to the equipment of the Internet inspection function Music can be easily bought by opening <music> <wiring> site of correspondence directly. The enjoyment of new music by which the Broad strap network is used is supported.
* src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" “OpenMG" is a music copyright protection technology which Sony developed.
src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" Connected environment to Internet is necessary for use.

src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" 最新の楽曲を音楽配信サイトからダウンロード。
The screen is bitmusic.
(c)Copyright 2001 Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. All rights reserved.

- Air check on frequency modulation broadcasting. The preservation of the character data is also possible.
*** The air check on the reception of the frequency modulation broadcasting and the hard drive can be enjoyed with FM teletext <"Bio- MX"> tuner of building into. If the timer function is used, the reservation recording of the frequency modulation broadcasting is also possible. Moreover, can news, [it] the weather forecast corresponding to FM teletext, and program information etc. on the be on the air be displayed by the character data. The character data can preserve the text in the hard drive.
src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" The voice from FM can be recorded by the ATRAC3・WAVE form. The time which can continuously be recorded is two hours or less and 30 minutes.
src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" After [it] records, simple edits such as division and uniting are also possible.


- It is possible to record from an external equipment.
The voice of the external equipment connected with the optical digital audio input terminal and the line input terminal of "Bio- MX" can be recorded to the hard drive. It is possible to record for the analog input while removing the anxious noise element.
src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" The voice from an external input can be recorded by the ATRAC3・WAVE form. The time which can continuously be recorded is two hours or less and 30 minutes.
src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" After [it] records, simple edits such as division and uniting are also possible.

- A large amount of music is classified, and [it] controls it pleasantly.
A large amount of music collected in the hard drive can be managed by making it like a comprehensible jacket display and the tree, etc. to the classification into a favorite genre by the play list. When forwarding it to the reproduction and MD, etc. , it is convenient if [it] brings it together in the play list according to the purpose like an original album by which a favorite tune is selected from the stocked music and the drive music, etc.If "Favorite play list" is used, the tune under the reproduction is added to the list only by clicking a favorite button while reproducing, and it is possible to bring it together easily.   大量の音楽を分類して、快適に管理。


- [It] takes it, and the straightened music is used the play list and reproduces freely.
The music registered in the play list of “(M)DRIVE" can be freely reproduced. It is possible to reproduce, and to reproduce by editing music in the play list by doing various retrievals not to mention reproducing each original album classified for myself. For instance, [it] retrieves by the artist name, and 50 and reproduction frequencies to which [it] listened recently a lot of and 10 etc. titles are picked up. The reproduction starts by the click operation if the list display is done.   とりためた音楽は、プレイリストを活用して自在に再生。

- "Remarkably and (*suriiputaimah*)" function to awake because [it] listens to music, and to sleep while listening.
[It] equips it with "Alarm clock timer" function to reproduce music by automatically starting “SonicStage Premium" by setting the timer at the reserved time. It is possible to set it by a sense operation which is that icons of various music sources such as CD and MD drop in drag & in the calendar. [It] reproduces on a specific day of the week every week, and setting fine as the volume when reproducing is individually set is possible. Moreover, the frequency modulation broadcasting can be recorded to the hard drive at specified time. In addition, after the set time passes by "(*suriiputaimah*)" function, "Bio- MX" can be automatically put into the state of the standby.
src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" It is possible to start from the state of (*sasupend*) with the timer. It is not possible to start from power supply OFF.
src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" 音楽を聴いて目覚め、聴きながら眠る「目覚まし・スリープタイマー」機能。
The drag & drop of the MD icon on the calendar. In addition, if the reservation line is dragged, time can be adjusted.

- Space reverberation * “AirSampler" by which sound space like concert hall is reproduced. * reverberation:Special effect to make sound space.
"AirSampler ((*eahsampurah*))" is a space reverberation of original Sony which faithfully reproduces the sound space such as the existing music halls. The data of the sound space characteristic such as the concert hall, the churches, and the recording studios actually sampled in all parts of the world is prepared beforehand. eight-kinds The effect of the reverberation (reverberation) is added to the reproducing tune, and [it] reproduces it as listened in the place. How to enjoy music with new only digital sound is achieved. src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" Image in effect of sound by - “AirSampler"
The algorithm of the Sony originality development is adopted in “AirSampler" engine (AIR-S/C) which matches the reproduction sound and the sound space characteristic and creates it. The folding in operation of high accuracy is in real time done, and a high-speed reaction is enabled.

- A variegated reproduction like the sound effect etc. is enjoyed.
In “SonicStage Premium", the vocal sound of the tune can be decreased by "Vocal cancellation" function not to mention the head putting out of the tune, the repetition reproduction, and the shuffle reproduction, and [it] reproduce by changing the interval by "Pitch change" function. Moreover, [it] equips it with "Music Visualizer (musical (*bijuaraizah*))" by which the visual effect of various patterns is displayed according to the reproduction music. The oneness of music and the reflection can be enjoyed because [it] makes it to the full-screen display. src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" サウンドエフェクトなど多彩な再生を楽しむ。
Music Visualizer screen

- "Digital parametric equalizer" to be able to do highly developed tone quality adjustment freely.
The digital parametric equalizer of six straps which can be adjusted to the tone quality of the favorite is installed. An original setting in addition to four kinds of (*puriset*) setting of the lock pop jazz classics is possible. The entire high region and the entire low region can be amplified besides the adjustment of the adjustment of a center frequency which is (*buust*) in each strap ((*bariaburu*) Fc) and the width of (*buust*) ((*bariaburu*) Q) can be done in detail, and a fine sound-making to answer sticking to can be done. *** <high pitched sound quality of 20 bit accuracy> (*ikoraijing*) is possible without putting the load on CPU by the hardware processing.   「デジタル・パラメトリック・イコライザー」


- A favorite tune is selected, and [it] records for a long time and [it] edits it to MD.
[It] corresponds in "Bio- MX" and the MD deck of installing corresponds to the recording in the MDLP mode. As many as MD4 piece MD * can be recorded for a long time. Moreover, a variety of music data on the hard drive can be high-speed forwarded to MD by correspondence to new MD forwarding standard “Net MD" (checkout). [It] high-speed forwards it to MD recording to “(M)DRIVE" once, and continuously when recording from music CD to MD. The name of a song data registered in “(M)DRIVE" is recorded in MD as it is. In addition, [it] corresponds to "Group function" by which two or more tunes recorded to MD can be classified into the group. Each group reproduces the tune, and it is possible to look for the tune which wants to listen quickly and it is convenient. 曲順(unknown word) in MD can be replaced by the mouse operation of drag & drop etc. , and MD of the tie of two tunes etc. be edited.
* src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" It is possible to record for 320 minutes at most in the LP4 mode in case of MD of 80 minutes.


Net MD

- [It] writes to the felt-tipped marker gate memory stick, and music is carried about as a correspondingly portable player.
Because a favorite tune is taken into the felt-tipped marker gate memory stick of the copyright protection correspondence, it is possible to enjoy it with the network Walkman and (*kurie*). It is possible the high speed writing (checkout) by an easy operation only for the tune which wants to listen while seeing the screen to drop in drag &. The replacement of record されている(unknown word) 曲順(unknown word) and the edit of the deletion etc. are also possible in the felt-tipped marker gate memory stick. It is possible to take it out readily by choosing music according to feelings on the day.   マジックゲートメモリースティックに書き出して、対応ポータブルプレーヤーで音楽を持ち歩く。

- The best music is collected, and a Mey original CD-making.
*1 by which music data can be stored on CD-R disk and CD-RW disk by CD lighting function, and music CD be made. The play list of the favorite is chosen and original music CD is completed by an easy operation for the CD-R icon to drop as it is in drag &. It is also possible to collect favorite tunes from two or more music CD and to make one music CD, and to back up music CD on hand wholly. "(*nohmaraiz*)" The maximum value at the recording level is automatically arranged and written by the function. Moreover, CD TEXT form * can easily make music CD of two because (*S) can write text information on the name of a song etc. at the same time.
*1 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" *** The acquired music cannot be done from <music> <wiring> service in music CD.
*2 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" Only the normal-width alphanumeric character corresponds.
src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" ベストミュージックを集めて、マイ・オリジナルCDづくり。
An original jacket and the label can be made by cooperation with “DigitalPrint".

- MP3 files are collected, and MP3 CD is made.
MP3 CD-ROM can be made by collecting MP3 files registered in the play list. It is possible to record for about 15 hours CD-R a disk at * one length time.
* src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" The standard when the file of MP3 of 96kbps is recorded in CD-R of 650MB.

- Relation of each voice source, recording/output destinations.
Input system source At the recording/forwarding/the output destination
HDD 「(M)DRIVE」 CD-R/RW MD Memory stick for MG Optical output Line output
HDD「(M)DRIVE」 - *1
Music CD *2 *2
FM voice
Optical input *3
Line input
MD ×*4 × - ×
DVD video voice × × × ×
TV voice ×*5 × × ×
・・・・ [It] records/after [it] records to the hard drive once, it is possible to forward it to each media.

*1 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" *** <music> <wiring> file cannot be written in music CD.
*2 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" After [it] records to the hard drive, [it] automatically forwards it to media.
*3 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" The voice to which the copy prohibition signal such as MD that the dubbing is done and a part of digital satelite broadcasting is added cannot be recorded.
*4 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" The check-in of the music data checked out once is possible.
*5 src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" The hard drive recording of the television program (reflection + voice) is possible because of “Giga Pocket".


「SonicStage Premium」のご利用のご注意


src="SonicStagePremium_files/space.gif" In general, the system name and the product name which has been described to this home page each development maker's are registered trademark or, trademarks. Neither (TM) nor the (R) mark are described clearly in the text.

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