Sony announces the MD equipment five products for "Net MD".
-The velocity can be forwarded by way of USB by 30 times or less.

Sale on December 10

Price:Open price

Where to make contact:Customer consultation center

The Sony marketing company announced the MD recorder for MDLP/the group function which corresponded to standard "Net MD" forwarded from the personal computer to music MD by way of USB. The lineup does five models (MD Walkman "MZ-N1", MD desktop audio "LAM-1", "LAM-Z1", (*kompakukompohnentoshisutem*) "Kubrick CMT-C7NT", and MD deck "MDS-NT1").

All models and sales are ten days December, and prices are open prices. The shop forecast price : as shown in the table below.

Sale day Shop forecast price
Net MD (*uohkuman*) "MZ-N1" December 10 About 45,000 yen
MD desktop audio "LAM-Z1" (active speaker attachment) "LAM-1" (Only the main body :).
*** About <about 60,000 yen> 45,000 yen
Compact component system Kubrick "CMT-C7NT" About 75,000 yen
MD deck "MDS-NT1" About 30,000 yen

The Net MD standard announced by this company on June 27, and is a forwarding standard with the copyright protection which uses USB between the MD equipment and the personal computer. The agreement companies when planning are six companies (Kenwood Corporation, Geo bit, Just System Ltd., NEC Corporation (NEC), the Fujitsu Ltd., Liquid Audio, and RealNetworks).

This standard can be reproduced with the same straightening and MD equipment existing as MD disk present as for the record method by using same "ATRAC" as MD and "ATRAC3" by an extended standard of music MD standard "Rainbow Book" for the voice compression method.

"OpenMG" and "MagicGate" were adopted in the copyright protection technology. Data on the personal computer is encoded by "OpenMG", and the attestation of the MD equipment and the personal computer is done by "MagicGate". Additionally, the second generation or more is prevented from reproducing by SCMS(Serial Copy Management System).

The transfer rate must quicken about the maximum merit of the use of USB. The difference at some speeds is said by 16 times to about 30 times by the equipment with MDLP4(ATRAC3) by 2-4 times at the real performance time in MDLP2(ATRAC3) in standard stereo (ATRAC) though assumes it is. TOC is automatically written at the end of forwarding. Moreover, a basic operation and the edit of the title of MD can be done from the personal computer.

The combination of "ATRAC" and "OpenMG/MagicGate" has been used before by the audio player which uses the memory stick. being said "However, because permission has been taken up to now by using it for the copyright person with the memory stick, it is necessary to take heart permission newly about Net MD" (this company)Therefore, cannot [it] make for the memory stick before, and the down-loaded ATRAC/2 file be used as it is.

Sony assumed that the Net MD standard was positively approached to the other companies, and was speaking, "Is [it] put on the market shortly by the other companies?".

"OpenMG Jukebox Ver.2.2" is attached to five announced models at this time as software for Net MD. Correspondence OS is Windows 98/98 SE/Me/2000/XP.

- Net MD (*uohkuman*) "MZ-N1"

Two colors (silver and blue) are prepared in MZ-N1 as a color variation. The charge and PC can be connected only by installing, and putting the terminal USB on Cradle of a standard appending. Moreover, the AC adaptor can be unnecessarily connected with note PC in the where has gone only in case of the PC connection.

Silver Blue

The stick remote control with the backing light of the attachment newly corresponds to the display of the hiragana and the Chinese character. The em-size six character display. Moreover, a large-scale liquid crystal of nine characters × three-line display is installed in the main body. Only the katakana/the alphanumeric character/the sign : the liquid crystal of the main body. The character palette method to use a large-scale liquid crystal has been adopted in the character input.

Magnesium is used for a top and bottom of the main body cabinet. It is assumed that the small size and lightening were pursued. Moreover, a continuous reproduction which became the longest in the world achieved about 100 hours as portable MD recorder (When [it] used the AA alkali dry battery, and LP4 chewing gum type charge pond + reproduced).

In addition, DSP"TYPE-R" for ATRAC, 音飛び(unknown word) guard mechanism "G-PROTECTION", and the remote control index search function, etc. are installed.

【 main specification 】

  • Frequency characteristic:20-20,000Hz±3dB
  • (*waufurattah*):Below measurement limit value
  • Input terminal:Microphone, line/optical, digital input using combinedly
  • Output terminal:Headphone (maximum output 5mW×2)/line output using combinedly
  • The maximum and externals sizes (width × interior taking × height):About 79.1×19.9×73.8mm
  • Mass:About 90g(Only the main body :)/about 117g(contained charge pond).

- MD desktop audio "Sound Gate LAM-1/Z1"

Compound machine of Net MD+CD. "LAM-1" only of the main body and an active speaker are prepared for two models of wanting to make "LAM-Z1" in the set.

Four time velocity recording from CD to MD besides forwarding by way of USB from PC is also possible. Moreover, the liquid crystal display which corresponds to the Chinese character/the hiragana display is installed in the main body.

In addition, thin remote control is attached besides equipping it with DSP"TYPE-R" for ATRAC. Moreover, [it] corresponds to the reproduction of CD-R/RW for the music recorded by the CD-DA format.


【 MPEG-1 form 】 Lam1.mpg(133kB)

[It] synchronizes with (*futa*), and the disk is drawn in to the interior.
Thin remote control

【 main specification 】

  • Practical, maximum output (LAM-Z1):Synthesis 15W(JEITA)
  • Consumption electric power (main body part):13W
  • I/O terminal:1 and 1 and headphone × line - out × USB×1
  • The maximum and externals sizes:About 138×165.5×118mm (width × interior taking × height) in main body
    About 95×160×175 (width × interior taking × height)
  • Mass:About 1.5kg in main body
    Speaker about 1.55kg (L side) and about 1.45kg (R side)

- Kubrick "CMT-C7NT"

CD/MD compact component which corresponds to twice velocity recording from CD to MD. A small speaker which uses the high specific gravity resin with a special material for the cabinet is attached. The HOP vibration board is used besides the (*raundoforum*) style of three dimension shape to suppress the fixed provinces wave by which shape also negatively affects tone quality is adopted for (*uufa*).

Moreover, the amplifier is equipped with two monaural amplifiers of 20W to which each channel is independent. *** "The bass reproduction with <small size> power is achieved" [It] assumes it.

"M-Crew for CMT-C7NT" is attached, and it is possible to reproduce by outputting music in the personal computer in addition to the function of Net MD the file directly to "CMT-C7NT" with USB. Moreover, the twice velocity recording to MD and the operation of the FM/AM tuner can be done from CD.

【 main specification 】

  • Amplifier practical, maximum output:20W×2
  • MD deck converter:24 bits A/D and D/A converters
  • CD player converter:24 bit D/A converter
  • Tuner reception frequency:FM76-90MHz/AM531-1,602kHz
  • Speaker form:Two (*weibasuref*) method (impedance 6Ω)
  • Speaker use unit:9cm corn type (*uufa*) and two cm (*sofutodohmutsiita*)
  • I/O terminal:USB×1
  • Input terminal:1 and light digital × 1
  • Output terminal:1 and headphone × 1
  • The maximum and externals sizes:149×220×248mm of speaker (1) of main body 145×273×125mm (width × interior taking × height)(width × interior taking × height)
  • Mass:About 1.9kg of main body about 4.5kg and speakers (1)

- MD deck "MDS-NT1"

Compact MD deck of 150mm in width of main body by which it is assumed to use it around personal computer. The operation button only fast-forwards, reproduces/stops/is an eject button and composes simple. In addition, because the input terminal is USB, it is not possible to record excluding the personal computer. The output terminal equips the back with the line and the headphone.

Because [it] has already had portable MD player, it is assumed the product for the user who wants to use Net MD in addition.

【 main specification 】

  • Amplifier practical, maximum output:20W×2
  • D/A converter:Current pulse and 24bitΔΣ
  • Frequency characteristic:5-20,000Hz±1.0dB
  • Signal-Noise ratio:96dB or more
  • All high note wave warp rate (JEITA):0.002% or less
  • *** (*wau*) (*furattah*) (JEITA):As follows <measurement limit (0.001%W・Peak)>
  • I/O terminal:USB×1
  • Output terminal:1 and headphone × 1
  • Consumption electric power:6W
  • The maximum and externals sizes (width × interior taking × height):152×249×52mm
  • Mass:About 1.0kg
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(September 12, 2001)

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