Reference exhibition of Sony of new VAIO MX in Net MD student concert

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The Sony Ltd. held the student concert of the product for Net MD, and exhibited the reference of VAIO MX which corresponded to Net MD in the hall. The price of the product is assumed that (*S) wants to put it on the market within the year though is not clarified the sale time etc.I want to have the article in 僚(unknown word) magazine AV Watch referred about the AV equipment for Net MD.

New VAIO MX is a succession machine of the VAIO MX series by which the drive for Net MD and FM tuner are installed. "Server which can accumulate the music contents", "Contents can be enjoyed by the high pitched sound quality", and "Become the hub of the music contents exchange of the multi format" are said the concept in compliance with the demand from the user the design.

[It] differs from the model so far, and [it] records/MD can be reproduced only at time with the power supply of PC. It is said that the recording from CD to MD was sped up by 15 times compared with the case encoded with MD to forward it after [it] (*ripping*)s by way of IDE, and [it] encodes with CPU. Moreover, [it] provides with the CD data base in about 80,000 titles in HDD, and [it] corresponds to the acquisition of CD information CD-TEXT, CD-EXTRA, and by way of Internet besides information on the name of a song etc. is collected.

The front side of the main body is covered with a clear panel. The back of main body Cordless remote control of attachment

A built-in amplifier was changed from a past digital amplifier to an analog amplifier of 20W+20W. It is assumed that the reason for an analog amplifier is that the sound was good according to this company since [it] variously hears and [it] compares it. It is said that a built-in amplifier will be adopted for car audio. The tuner with built-in hardware MPEG-2 encoder TV card is installed as well as the conventional model.

To achieve the high pitched sound quality, sound card "Sony Digital Audio System" of the new design was installed. It is said that [it] has the function to differ from the sound card for usual PC always (*mikishing*)ed, and to connect only a necessary device directly, and the high pitched sound quality was achieved.

Sound card Sony Digital Audio System of new design Analog amplifier of built-in 2ch

Newly, the parametric equalizer of six straps was installed. The user besides four (*puriset*) of ROCK and POPS, CLASSIC, and JAZZ can arbitrarily change a frequency and changeable width. Going mad of the phase is said the minimum besides being able to process it without putting the load on CPU by installing of special 20bit DSP can suppression.

Reverberation function "AirSampler" by CPU processing is installed. The reverberation space characteristic sampled in all parts of the world such as the concert halls of the real existence of Amsterdam is collected with eight-kind (*puriset*). Moreover, [it] has (*bohkarukyanserah*) for karaoke and the pitch shift function, etc.

Integrated software "SonicStage Premium" The reproduction and the air check, etc. can be done with the timer. Six strap parametric equalizer by exclusive use DSP is installed.

The audio function is done with integrated software "SonicStage Premium". In this software, [it] has the browser function besides (*ripping*), FM air check, and the music data from CD can be written to control and MD, and the music wiring corresponds. [It] has the timer mode by which media specified at the specified time are played besides corresponding to FM teletext.

[It] provides with the DVD/CD-RW combo drive and the drive for Net MD. [It] provides with the switch etc. which can operate the liquid crystal display and CD/MD, etc. which can display the name of a song etc. of the Chinese character. [It] provides with the slot for the memory stick for the PC card slot and MG, i.LINK, and USB, etc. under the front side of the main body.

It is said that Pentium4 is installed in the demonstration machine though CPU and OS, etc. are assumed to be undecided now, and OS operates by Windows XP. As for the optical disk drive, the DVD/CD-RW combo drive is installed. [It] provides with the optical, digital I/O terminal as well as the conventional model, and two way (12cm+2.5cm) stereo speaker of cordless remote control that the operation of the CD/MD/FM tuner and DVD is possible and wooden cabinets is attached.

New VAIO MX is scheduled to be exhibited to WORLD PC EXPO.

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【21 October, year of the '99 】 Sony is AV personal computer which stuck to tone quality by which music MD is installed.

(September 11, 2001)

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Reference exhibition of Sony of new VAIO MX in Net MD student concert

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