- Main feature  
For "Net MD" standard by which high-speed forwarding of music data is achieved from PC to MD
The music data down-loaded from EMD which corresponds to CD and Net MD is preserved on PC. PC is connected with the MD equipment with USB, and copyright protection technology "OpenMG. ※1」「MagicGate- 2" It is possible to high-speed forward it to the MD equipment based on. The recorded music data is MD equipment because (*S) uses "ATRAC" "ATRAC3" for the voice compression method on hand. - It is possible to reproduce by three. [It] enjoys because the tune which wants to listen is easily recorded from PC to the MD equipment, and a new music style is achieved. 1- "OpenMG":Copyright protection technology to control music contents of EMD and CD taken on PC. 2- "MagicGate":Whether each other corresponds to the copyright protection is attested between PC and the MD equipment. - 3:Only the machine for MDLP : when forwarding it in the LP mode.
*** Attachment for control and forwarding music contents <software "OpenMG Jukebox Ver.2.2">
*** It is <"OpenMG Jukebox Ver2.2"> attached to the application software which becomes the key of the operation. The music down-loaded from music CD and EMD is encoded by copyright protection technology "OpenMG", and [it] preserves it in hard drive drive (HDD) in PC. These can be reproduced, be edited like the juke, and a high-speed forwarding be done from on HDD to this machine through USB. Moreover, the character input which includes the Chinese character and the hiragana can be easily done.
- Necessary system IBM PC/AT (system requirements) and the interchangeability machine
OS: Windows (*yo*) 98/Windows (*yo*) 98 SE/Windows (*yo*) Me/Windows (*yo*) 2000 Professional/Windows (*yo*) XP Home Edition/Windows (*yo*) XP Professional Japanese version standard installation
CPU: MMX (*yo*) Pentium (*yopurosessah*) 233MHz or more and RAM:64MB or more
Empty capacity of (*hahdisk*): 60MB(When the CD data base is installed, it is necessary by 150MB or more . Moreover, empty capacity is necessary in proportion to the amount which the version and the music file of Windows (*yo*) used treat).
USB port, CD-ROM drive (necessity in recording of application software installation and CD) sound board, Internet connection environment, and display:(16 bit sophisticated color)More than 800×480 dots above
Compact size which can be put on PC side
‘Net MD' PC and place's compact size not taken even if [it] arranges and [it] puts it on desktop though + CD compound machine. Desktop audio style which not is before by which harmony with PC is improved is achieved. By the audio system which can lay it out as the speaker of the high pitched sound quality is free though ‘LAM-Z1' is a small size; ‘LAM-1' can be combined with an active speaker with built-in the amplifier on hand.;
CD→MD4 time velocity- Recording function
Even if [it] does not start PC; 単独でデスクトップオーディオとして音楽を楽しめます(; ※2)。 *** The function of enhancement is installed also in <usual> MD/CD as the velocity can record by CD→MD four times or less <a single main body>. - At the SP mode. The same tune cannot be high-speed recorded again within 74 minutes from begin the high-speed recording by HCMS (high speed copy management system).
Chinese character display display adoption
The singer greatness and the name of a song input can be easily done on the PC screen. The main body display part has adopted the Chinese character display to see information easily.
Other features
- DSP "TYPE-R for ATRAC which achieves high pitched sound quality by about ratio twice signal processing performance in the past*** - Equipped with <">- When recording in the SP mode, processing by ゙TYPE-R "is done. However, [it] corks it the function stripes when forwarding it from OpenMG Jukebox to MD. - Correspondence and convenient thin remote control attachment for reproduction of CD-R/RW for music recorded by CD-DA format- The product name etc. which have been described are the registered trademark or trademarks of each company. - "OpenMG" "MagicGate" "ATRAC" "ATRAC3" is a trademark of the Sony Ltd..
- Main specification

Form Magnetic field modulation optics method
Reproduction reading method Non-contact optics reading (semiconductor laser use)
Number of channels Stereo two channels/monaural one channel
Sampling rate 44.1kHz
Voice compression method ATRAC(Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding) ATRAC3:LP2 stereo and LP4 stereo
Practical, maximum output (LAM-Z1 o'clock) Synthesis 15W(JEITA)
Consumption electric power (main body part) 13W
I/O terminal Line - out ((*sutereomini*))×1 and headphone ((*sutereomini*))× terminal 1USB ×1
The maximum and externals sizes (width × height × interior taking) Main body (LAM-1):About 138mm×118mm×165.5mm speaker (1):About 95mm×175mm×160mm
Mass Main body (LAM-1): About 1.5kg speaker: About 1.55kg (L side) about 1.45kg (R side)
Attached goods OpenMG JukeboxVer2.; 2 CD-ROM, USB cable, battery (LAM-Z1 and LAM-1 commonness above) for card remote control remote control, and AC power adaptors (Only LAM-Z1 :). ;
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