音楽を、パソコンからMDへ高速転送。『NetMD』規格準拠の録再モデル。 walkmanShopping

NetMD Walkman
Sale schedule in December of MZ-N1
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シルバー(S) ブルー(L)

[It] corresponds to "Net MD" to which the music preserved in the personal computer can be taken out with MD.

*** [It] forwards from CD and EMD (<electronic music> <wiring> service) to the personal computer and the preserved music file high-speed is forwarded to MD. It is possible to check it out pleasantly. Moreover, MD after [it] forwards it is also possible the reproduction by MD equipment on hand.
- Please forward it in the SP mode to reproduce recorded MD with another MD equipment which does not correspond to MDLP.
- MP3 and the WMA file convert into ATRAC3 and are forwarded.
- Copyright protection technology "MagicGate" "OpenMG" has been adopted.
- The music recorded with ATRAC3 can be reproduced with the equipment for MDLP.

USB Cradle attachment with which charge and personal computer can be connected by portable telephone sense.

*** <USB Cradle> attachment to using combinedly charge stand. The connection with the personal computer also is troublesome, and can charge it easily.
- Please do not operate it while putting the main body on USB Cradle or charging it.

The recording and the reproduction can be enjoyed for a long time with one MD.
MDLP& group function.

80分MDで最長320分もの長時間録音・再生ができるMDLP。Group function to be quickly searchable of tune which wants to listen. As a result, it can be done to carry about a lot of tunes with one MD, and to enjoy it pleasantly. Moreover, making of MD of the recording with another equipment and a group group name input, etc. are also possible.
Seeing information easily, telling, and large-scale liquid crystal of three-line display and remote control for Chinese character display.

The liquid crystal display of three-line display is installed in the main body. Title information etc. are able not only to be seen easily but also pleasantly do the character input. Moreover, the display of remote control corresponds to the Chinese character display. The Chinese character title and the artist name of the music file input with the personal computer can be displayed as it is, and it is convenient for selection etc.

- The high rigidity magnesium is adopted in the cabinet in the under. A small, light, strong body is achieved.

- Equipped with G-PROTECTION with little 音飛び(unknown word) even if keeping continuously shaking

- DSP TYPE-R for new development ATRAC is adopted in the heart of the MD sound. The high pitched sound quality which approaches the MD deck is achieved.
- This function works only when the SP mode is recorded and reproduced. Processing by "TYPE-R" is not done at the MDLP mode.

- It is "OpenMG Jukebox Ver2.2" attached as the application software.

Attached goods Liquid crystal remote control (with clip) for headphone (for stereo mini-plug) and Japanese syllabary Chinese character display, charge pond (NH-14WM(A)), application software "OpenMG Jukebox" (CD-ROM), USB Cradle, USB cable, AC power adaptor, charge pond case, dry battery case, and (*kyaringupohchi*)
Size (externals size) 78.7×71.8×16.9mm in depth in height in width
Mass About 90g(Only the main body :).
The colors of remote control are all silver. The colors of the headphone are all the blacks.

go_NetMDPlease see here about NetMD and the hardware.
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