録音も再生もスマートに。デザインにもこだわったハイスペックモデル。 MZ-R910 シルバー(S)
Color Varsion
MZ-R910 シルバー(S)MZ-R910 ブルー(L)MZ-R910 ピンク(P) 近日­売
Walkman Shopping レコーディングMDウォークマン MZ-R910オープン価格**オープン価格商品の価格は、販売店にお問い合わせ­ださい。

デザイン、操作性、スタミナをさらに磨いたレコーディングMDウォークマン。 MDLPとグループ機能で長時間録音・再生を快適に楽しめる。
The body color is a lineup as for a light, unique silver, blue, and pink. [It] sticks to the interior design on the desk such as making the charge stand same 系色(unknown word) as the main body. *** Moreover, stamina of the enjoyment for a long time is pursued with <mastering> operativeness of the function of <録(unknown word)> machine <again> because of the purpose is. High performance and a multi function and stamina have been achieved at a high level in a smart, beautiful body.
80分MDで最長320分もの長時間録音ができるMDLP。The function to enjoy MDLP which can record a lot of tunes to such one MD more conveniently is a group function. For instance, if the tune is grouped by the artist and the music genre, etc. , the tune which wants to listen can be quickly called. Making of MD of the recording and a group group name input, etc. can be done usually.
[It] the one continuous reproduces for 110 hours by using together about the attached charge pond and 1 optional alkali AA type dry battery (LP4 stereo mode).
DSP TYPE-R for new development ATRAC is adopted in the heart of the MD sound. The high pitched sound quality which approaches the MD deck is achieved.
This function works only when the SP stereo recording and reproducing. Processing by "TYPE-R" is not done at the MDLP mode.
Large-scale three line liquid crystal display is installed in the main body. The tune which wants to listen can be quickly discovered by using (*jogudaiyaru*). In addition, operativeness has improved greatly with the character input by the character palette method by which a large-scale screen is used and concentrated control key etc. to the screen side.

Attached goods Headphone (for stereo mini-plug), remote control (with clip), charge pond (NH-14WM(A)), charge stand, charge pond case, dry battery case, (*kyaringupohchi*), and AC power adaptor
Size (externals size) 70.9×72.0×17.1mm(Only the main body :) in the depth in height in width.
Mass About 108g(Only the main body :).
The colors of remote control are all silver. The colors of the headphone are all the blacks.
- Please do not operate it while putting the main body on the charge stand or charging it.
- The continuous reproduction time in the SP stereo mode when the attached charge pond is used together with one AA type alkali dry battery.
- The continuous reproduction time in the LP4 stereo mode when the attached charge pond is used together with one AA type alkali dry battery.
- Recording- Listening- High quality sound- Battery- Accessories
デジタルRECレベルコントロール ネームバンク サンプリングレートコンバーター オートタイムトラックマーク 最長160分モノラル録音 最長320分ステレオ録音
G-PROTECTION MDLP(MDロングプレイ) 16パターンプレイモード パーソナルディスクメモリー デジタルサウンドプリセット 再生スピードコントロール
メロディタイマー リモコンインデックスサーチ リモコンビープ音ON/OFF AVLS(快適音量) ワンタッチイジェクト スティック・コントローラー(バックライト付)
ATRAC TYPE-R対応 カーバッテリー対応 継ぎ足し充電OK 車載用ロータリーコマンダー対応 別売ヘッドホン対応

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