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Portable audio device of hard disk type

Therefore the HDD of the 10GB built-in, the big data and it is possible to retain the music file. (In case of the MP3 approximately 3000 tunes as a hard disk of retention possibility) of course, outside you can use.

USB 2.0 correspondence

Transfer speed of the file, per 1 second the USB2.0 interface which makes the high-speed transfer of the maximum of 60 MB possible is adopted, it is the convenient device in storage class correspondence as driver unnecessary and an external hard disk.

The icHp100 to load the graphic LCD of 8 lines, because the GUI whose in addition visibility is high is adopted, it is possible to indicate various items of information in display, to search necessary information in the can tongue.
In addition being to adopt the white back light, the conspirators bodily sensation the display indication which is different it is possible to do.
In addition because it is 38 national language indications possible, it is optimum to also one for language study and the like.

Multi-CODEC player and firm wear upgrade possibility

The MP3 of course, the WMA, the ASF and the WAV file et cetera is all reproducible.
Not just this commodity, the iRiver corporation product firmware upgrade is possible. Because functional addition and modification and the removal of bug is possible constantly via firmware upgrade, version rise of the OS which future can happen and correspondence becomes possible even in the new music format.

Optical terminal (Optical) input/output correspondence

The optical terminal (the Optical) input/output and line input/output to be loaded with the same axis, to the equipment which had the analog equipment and the optical input/output terminal, there is no loss of the data, input/output becomes possible because, you can enjoy, digital music world conveniently and simply.

Because it is built-in FM tuner built-in, it is possible to enjoy the FM radio with ease.

Also voice recording functional loading and the bit rate adjustment are possible

Also voice recording function can be loaded, can participate under various circumstances.
Sound recording level to be adjusted automatically with AGC functional adoption, for example, because sound recording of lecture at meeting and the school everything can record also the idea and the like which of course floated suddenly, possibility of your digital life it can improve rapidly. In addition because modification of bit rate is possible, also selection of the sound quality is possible with circumstance. As for the voice recording file, per 1 file sound recording to maximum of 5 hours is possible.

Utilizes music information the navigation system which

Because the navigation system of the icHp-100 the music information which is included in the MP3 file (the ID3 Tag) with has utilized the file name, several thousand tunes having entered, it can designate searching as the can tongue.
The classified by musician, the classified by album, classified by genre, classified by title and setting search condition from various items classified by file, search is possible.

Manager administrative program of 1000 folders * 5000 files

As for the icHp-100, it was not during the becoming extinct of the core user and because the demand which continues to increase is made to satisfy, it made the enormous data management ability of the large capacity 1000 folders * 5000 files actualize.
In case of the reproducible music file, you could recognize 5000 files, in case of the file which in addition is not the music data of excelling and the word * graphics data file et cetera, if there is no restriction of the number of files and there is a being less crowded capacity of the hard disk, it became possible to retain.

Continual reproducible powerful lithium polymer charge pond built-in and boosting charge above longest 16 hours

Because the icHp-100 has built in the lithium polymer battery, the external charger is unnecessary.
To full charge, boosting charge of approximately 3 hours. In addition being to adopt the lithium polymer charge pond, because there is no memory function like the nickel hydrogen, the long period of time you can use. Also charge when playing back is possible. And, class maximum electric battery life, continual playback above longest 16 hours is possible.

High functional remote control and carrying case bundle

The remote control which adopts 4 line graphic LCD, bundled we do the carrying case which is convenient to conveyance.

EQ function of 6 types

Selection of EQ mode possibility being with the type of music, from the ハイクオリティ sound bodily sensation it is possible.
In addition to the default EQ of 5 types of Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic and Ultra Bass, the User EQ mode which can be adjusted in the sound which the user likes was prepared.

Division Item Contents
Audio section Frequency band 20Hz - 20KHz
Largest headphone output (L) 20mW + (R) 20mW: (16 Omega)
S/N ratio (L) 90dB, (R) 90dB (MP3 CD)
Frequency characteristic ±2dB
Channel Stereo (left and right)
FM tuner
FM frequency band 76.0MHz - 108mHz
S/N ratio 50dB
Antenna Headphone / イアホンコードアンテナ
File support File type MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, WMA, ASF
Bit rate 32kbps - 320Kbps
Tag information ID3 V1 Tag, ID3 V2 2.0, ID3 V2 3.0
Power source AC adapter DC 5.0V, 2A
Whole Memory capacity 10GB hard disk drive
Interface USB2.0 * 1 / USB1.1
Liquid crystal window (LCD) 160X128 dot 4gray graphic LCD
Language 39 language indication correspondences
Voice recording file type MP3 * 2 / WAV * 3
Example of operation temperature 0 DEGC - 40 DEGC
Size Approximately 60 (W) the X 19 (L) the X 105 (H) mm
Weight Approximately, the 160g
Color Silver

Playback time


Approximately 16 hours * 4 (at the time of 128kbps and MP3 playback, volume 40, EQ normal)

* 1 USB2.0 it operates, the personal computer which USB2.0 interface standard is loaded is necessary. When you connect with USB1.1 interface, it operates as a USB1.1.
* 2 MP3 sampling frequency 44.1kHz / bit rate 32kbps - 320Kbps
* 3 WAV sampling frequency 11kHz / bit rate 176kbps
* 4 above-mentioned maximum playback hours, making standard please refer to. There are times when continual playback time increases and decreases substantially working condition, with use ambient temperature.

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