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【 nine January 】
Bill Gates keynote lecture report

【 chapter of Sony 】 A lot of new products such as 8cmDVD cameras and DVD±R/RW recorders.

【 東芝編(unknown word) 】 “HD-DVD" by which the high-definition television can be collected to DVD demonstrates.

Player MPEG-1/4 equipped with Thomson Multimedia and HDD

Matsushita is a portable CD player of the MP3 correspondence.

Toshiba Corporation is player DVD for the WMA/MP3/JPEG reproduction.

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. is CD/MD component equipped with the (*saraund*) function with the α wave.

"Easiness Nabis" by which pioneer and DVD video and car-navigating equipment can be used simultaneously

Liquid crystal data projector equipped with NEC (*byuutek*) and automatic trapezoid correction

Marantz acquires US cable maker's AudioQuest monopoly sales right.

*** β version software for 特(unknown word) fixed environment drinking <(*kanohpus*) and G-Spec>

CM Cutter improvement data trial version for (*kanohpus*) and MTU2400

NEC updates “SmartVision/PLAYER" of the AX10 appending.

The latest firmware of (*adotekk*) and MPIO series “AD-CL10"

Built-in for MontaVista and home electric appliances Linux platforms “CEE3.0"

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. renews Net MD software “INTERJUKE".

"List on DVD sale day" Update information January 8

Limitation campaign list of DVD period

【 eight January 】
2003 International CES begins on the ninth.

Sony announces the new logo design of Aiwa which does the absorption amalgamation.

Sharp is “Viewcam Z"2 models where the camera and the deck rotate.

Apple and low-priced, video edit software “Final Cut Express"

Set packages such as Apple and iDVD3 “iLife"

Built-in type DVD Multi and high-speed record DVD-R/RW drive to Melco

Kinokuniya executes the exchange of DVD "My small lovers".

NEC updates "SmartVision Pro3 TV driver".

Sun Electronics is the latest firmware of radio “BiBio" only for the blowing out strap.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information January 7

【 seven January 】
Samsung and the liquid crystal television of 54 world-biggest types panel are developed.

Warner, "One coin DVD" of 500 yen of including tax is put on the market in the end of January.

Low-priced resale campaign for DVD of universal and 99 titles

Audio Technica is S reflection-(*kompojit*) conversion adaptor of 1,200 yen.

A new firmware of creative and Jukebox Zen is opened to the public.

It is wrong in (*yuukus*) and DVD "WWE (*venjens*)".

β version driver of (*sonikkuburuu*) and HDD audio “Rio Riot"

Hitachi and 2.5 types 20GB HDD for the on-board are shipped in April.

【 six January 】
Weekly of Takeshi Fujimoto Digital Audio Laboratory

USB audio device which corresponds to M-AUDIO and 7.1ch output

Marantz is B&W (*sabuuufa*) equipped with a digital amplifier.

Touch panel type study remote control for SMK and USB

License granting of Dolby and DVS to Analog Devices

(*infoshiti*) and television recording software “bitcast.TV" online are sold.

Melco cuts the price of DVD±R/RW and the DVD-R/RW drive.

Sales beginning of “V-1100" of plus vision and sale postponement on the sixth

The preparation company is established aiming at Matsushita, Toshiba Corporation, and the cathode-ray tube business integration.

The latest firmware of low-priced player DVD of NExtWave

As for Pony/Canyon, the print is defective in the jacket of DVD "The sign is V3rd SET".

【 five December 30, 2002 - January, 2003】 Popularity is focused on player DVD for DivX.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information December 27

【 Watch article retrieval 】

Sony announces the new logo design of Aiwa which does the absorption amalgamation.
--The joining to Net MD and the digital camera, etc. is declared.

Logo of newborn Aiwa. It is said that "Aiwa which overflows in the throb feeling, and creates the wave in a new age" is imaged and done.
Announcement on January 8

Sony announced a new logo mark of Aiwa which did the absorption amalgamation in December, 2002 of the eighth, and held the student concert of the policy in the future at the same time in Tokyo.

Aiwa charge director's high torrential vice-president
President Masaru of Hiranai of "Aiwa Business Center (ABC)" which started at one date of December, 2002, vice-president high torrential Shizuo, and Kei Sony marketing president Kodera attended the student concert.

The schedule of the product of the new Aiwa brand turning on in the spring one by one in February for the sales battle, and the market of the Sony marketing such as discount houses is used chiefly. It is said that (*S) will schedule the product for PC such as Net MD to be developed in Europe and America and the maturity market named Japan though a concrete new product was not announced this time.

The minicomponent equipped with a small minicomponent for the Net MD minicomponent equipped with portable Net MD recorder and a double MD deck and Net MD and DVD was introduced as a reference commodity in the hall. Both price belts are undecided. President Hiranai explained, "How to listen to music such as the Internet radios and Net MD had changed . I want to develop music and the reflection equipment to consider the personal computer" the product development of PC inclined to.

ABC can use the Manufacturing Department gate of Sony and the R&D section full. It is made the best use of, and a new business such as digital cameras will be started in the future. 会場では「カメラ部が口紅程度,ビューワ部が化粧コンパクト並の小ささ」という分離タイプの発売を示唆し,; There was a scene by which president Hiranai announced (*mokkuap*) lowered from the neck, too.; The price of the digital camera and sale days are undecided.

Portable Net MD W-MD minicomponent
Minicomponent for Net MD Minicomponent equipped with DVD

Moreover, sales and marketing enterprise “Aiwa Strategic Accounts Partnership(ASAP)" of the Aiwa product were newly established in the United States advanced by the oligopoly of big circulation on November 1, 2002. It is said that this will aim at "Operation of the warehouse none ultimately" (president Hiranai) with SCM which connects a manufacturing base in Asia and big circulation of rice. On the other hand, it is not thought to revolutionize it to an individual shop circulation because the discount house intention was strong so far now big domestically.

It is said that the world strategy in 2003 fiscal year will become the one different in each region. Concretely, the reinforcement of the (*buranding*) activity by a work on the sales system narrowed to a new image making from a new category and the large-scale sale system and a new logo in the maturity market like the Japan-U.S.-Euro state.

On the other hand, the brand power of strong Aiwa is made use of in the locale, and the business strategy mainly composed of the minicomponent is taken in the growth market in Central and South America, Asia, and the Middle East, etc.US state 1/3 and 1/3 and Europe Japan additionally, the sales ratio in each region schedules sales to get depressed somewhat 200,000,000,000 yen of 2002 fiscal year by 1/3. However, the efficiency improvement of the strong inventory readjustment with the selling company base etc. will be advanced by the end of 2002 fiscal year, and the profit expects 2002 fiscal year and the same level.

Manufacturing, sales, and the research can use the platform of Sony as well as other companies.
President Hiranai explains, "Aiwa goes with a simple product if Sony puts out the product of a full function" the 棲(unknown word) seeing 分(unknown word) disregarding of the Aiwa brand and the Sony brand, and explains the product image in the use place. Aiwa is a product in case of the product of 'Myself who shows it "'which the Sony product uses in living, outdoor, and the office for 'Myself who does not decorate it'(study, the bedroom, and the bathroom). It was expressed, Focus as the product used when I became one person" that casual was included in the product in case of an individual youth.

*** In addition, there was an explanation with "If Sony was a department store, the convenience store and the car were Sony and the bicycle was <Aiwa> Aiwa" as a comparison, too.

*** (Asia etc.) The share of the Aiwa brand is <Aiwa charge director's high torrential vice-president> <"> strong with 60% in the growth market. Moreover, [it] did in Aiwa though Sony with CBS Sony at that time was not able to turn on a double cassette. In such a meaning, the commodity which takes the trend in advance is occasionally handled. *** It was explained, The existence of Aiwa is useful for the value of <total> enterprise of Sony".

President Hiranai who received it also emphasized the originality of the Aiwa brand, "Differentiate absolutely with Sony . There are a lot of things which wanted to do if brands of Asset of Sony and Aiwa were combined".

Aiwa Business Center is installed independently of each company in Sony. The Aiwa brand strategy room is composed of "Aiwa original products section" which consists of the design room, the domestic marketing part, the Europe and America marketing part, the area management part, and Supplies Department and "Management planning section".

After [it] goes for one's post to Sony Corporation (*ob*) Panama and this Hong Kong, president Mr. Hiranai experiences the network business vice-president of area & network business strategy. [It] talked about the impression with "The deep emotion is deep to be going to bring Aiwa who foreign countries and the powerful enemy together".

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【27 September, 2002】 After Sony and Aiwa are made a complete subsidiary firm, [it] amalgamates absorption.
-The Aiwa brand continues.
【28 February, 2002】 100% complete subsidiary firm making of Sony and Aiwa
-"I want to assume the pinch of Aiwa to be a chance of the attack of Sony. "

(January 8, 2003)

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