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y background of development z Portable MD player gets the demand for 3,000,000 total demand expected in 2001 fiscal year, and 2,300,000 and bullish demand are expected in the average as for the machine only for the reproduction. Moreover, the product which has both "Fashionable design" to say nothing of the improvement of basic performances such as "Make to compact" and "Reproduction for a long time" is being requested by the customer. This product pursues a size and a basic performance at the reproduction time etc. further, and develops the design additionally sticking to. The reproduction time continuous reproduces for the longest about 150 hours in the world by developing a thorough conserve electric power technology. - One is achieved. Moreover, the magnesium alloy is adopted in a main body upper and lower cabinet. The (*sahkyuurah*) processing of original our company was given on the surface, and high-level feeling was assumed to be two face design by which the sense of touch painting was given to the overflowing design with cool (unknown word) on the back of finish in metallic. Additionally, the charge stand which can be easily charged only by putting it is adopted.
Our company does this product and i(unknown word) is done from the junior high school student widely centering on portable audio user in the first half in one's twenties.

y demand trend z
98 fiscal year results 99 fiscal year results 2000 fiscal year results *** <2001 fiscal year> expectation
About 2,410,000 About 2,770,000 About 2,990,000 About 3,000,000
*** (source:Our company of JEITA (technological electronic information industrial society) <expectation> (unknown word) forecast)

y feature z

1. Continuous reproduction for the longest about 150 hours in the world- One is achieved.
[It] continuous reproduces for the longest about 150 hours in the world by the development of the conserve electric power circuit technology etc. which operate by a low voltage by a square nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery of the attachment and using together with one optional AA type alkali dry battery. - One was achieved. Moreover, it can be had to enjoy it because [it] is relieved even in outdoor as it is possible to reproduce for about 54 hours by even using only a rechargeable battery (At the LP4 mode), and the battery cutting does not worry.

2. Full, flat magnesium body and high-quality (*sahkyuurah*) finish
The magnesium alloy is produced, and the main body which uses an upper and lower cabinet draws out the beauty of metallic luster by giving the surface the (*sahkyuurah*) processing, and produces cool (unknown word) by metallic. High-level feeling was assumed to be overflowing fashionable finish on the back together with the design of two face color by which the sense of touch painting was given. Moreover, a full, flat, compact size was achieved by losing an extra operation button, too.
- size of main body:12.5mm in depth width 77.5~70.8~ mass of main body of height:About 53g(The battery does not contain it).

*** 3. convenient charge stand and <(unknown word) liquid crystal of light of finger of one> <remote control> attachment
*** It is attached <the charge stand which can be charged> by the portable telephone sense. It is possible to charge it easily only by setting the main body. Moreover, remote control adopts an organic design by which [it] thinks about the fashion and easiness to use, and a main operation can be done easily with one key.

4. Equipped with "Introduction scanning memory" function which MDLP correspondence and can be selected quick
Because the MDLP correspondence, it is possible to enjoy it for as many as 320 minutes at most (When [it] uses the disk for 80 minutes, and the LP4 mode reproduces), and the time of the disk exchange is few and convenient. Moreover, the tune can quickly look for the tune of the favorite by starting and reproducing only about ten seconds even with MD which records a lot of tunes. In addition, registration stuck to easiness such as possible to use up to 24 because (*S) chose the tune of the favorite while reproducing about ten seconds.

q other features r
  • For MD network visual printer
    Everything from MD to MD which contains the title data can be easily edited in a double MD sense in the connection with the MD minicomponent/the MD system of our company MD network correspondence.
    Moreover, an original label which prints the title of MD with the reflection can be easily made if [it] connects it with visual/the title printer.
  • (unknown word) inside phon (anti-bacterium material adoption) by which high pitched sound quality and comfortable installation feeling are achieved
  • The group specification function that the head putting out of the tune can be done in each group in case of MD which sets the group.
  • "Memory U(unknown word) function at LP2 standard 40 seconds/o'clock 80 seconds/LP4 o'clock for 160 seconds" by which (unknown word) is prevented from shock
    (The sound might cut when shock which continues and is violent joins and the road cut)
  • S-XBS circuit (switch by two stages) which can enjoy heavy bass sound with power
  • Train position where sound leakage about which it is anxious in train etc. is cut
  • The battery remainder amount display function of remote control liquid crystal which becomes standard at battery exchange and charge time
  • [It] corresponds to all tune repetition a repetition/one random play.
  • No lead ͂(unknown word) which considers the environment is adopted for the main body print substrate.

y specification list z
- As of October 3, 2001 when the LP4 mode reproduces by using together one AA type Panasonic alkali dry battery (LR6) about corner type nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery + one attachment optional
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