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NetMD対応 SV1の紹介



*** [It] corresponds from <music> <wiring> site of Internet to standard “NetMD" which can be high-speed forwarded to MD by the USB connection the down-loaded tune (music data). *** Not to mention the “OpenMG" form file which down-loads music from <wiring> site <made by (Inc.)Just System digital audio software “BeatJam" of the attachment>.; It is possible to forward it to MD by converting MP3 and the WAVE form file which becomes familiar into the “OpenMG" form, too.; Moreover, the title and the name of a song can be easily taken by using the data base of music CD specialty constructed in Internet named CDDB. The character where the Chinese character exists together is converted into the Japanese syllabary. It is possible to display it (However, display it the Japanese syllabary in the equipment in which the Chinese character display function is not provided) by on hand even portable MD.

*** <high pitched sound quality> A smooth high region characteristic was achieved by adopting the cannonball type dust cap. The sound with the extension feeling even if listening by wide presence (high region diffusion board) in the vicinity can be enjoyed. Moreover, the interference with the bass in the convex region part is greatly decreased by making the low region part of the speaker completely independent (*sabuuuhah*). 3D (*baiamp*) method that the amplifier also independently amplifies the low region part was adopted.


MDLP (MD length play) mode of the topic is installed. MD of 80 minutes in the recording time made recording & reproduction of 320 minute at most (four time length = mode of LP4)/160 minutes (twice length = mode of LP2) possible. Moreover, a digital recording from CD to MD is a speedup in four time velocity recording mode. Dubbing can be done in about 23 minutes in case of CD of 74 minutes. If "MD group control function" is used, one group consecutive from a lot of tunes recorded to one MD by the MDLP function (LP4 mode). - It is possible to control it as one (Correspond to the SP mode and the LP2 mode). It is possible to make to the group by even one, and it is possible to make it up to 99. Because the head putting out of the tune can be done in each group when reproducing, it is possible to look for the tune which wants to listen at once and it is convenient.

A slim design by which the setting was able to be done freely as the personal computer was adopted according to space. Because it is possible to length and free side set it up, the liquid crystal screen which changes by the direction of the installation and the CD tray which can be smoothly put in and out are adopted. The stand of the reception desk speaker can detach, can set up compactly, and is convenient.
- 1:In the group control function non-correspondence machine, only a usual reproduction function operates.

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