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NetMD対応 SV1の紹介


The operation of the music data becomes possible on the personal computer only because (*S) connects USB with SV1 by installing software “BeatJam" of the attachment in a personal computer on hand. Because the music data is classified automatically according to the album, classification by artist, and the genre if music CD is recorded and the file of the music of the “OpenMG" form is made, it is very convenient to control it. Moreover, it is possible to permute in order liking a favorite tune, and to register as "Play list". The MP3 file and the WAVE file, etc. preserved in the personal computer are reproduced and controlled by “BeatJam". It is also possible to convert the file into the “OpenMG" form to forward it to the audio equipment.

The music data on the personal computer is performed by using “BeatJam" if this machine ties to the personal computer with the USB cable, and it is possible to listen through this machine. Moreover, even portable MD player etc. on hand can reproduce these music file by converting into the “OpenMG" form and forwarding it to MD.
“OpenMG" is a copyright protection technology used when the music file is made or is reproduced on the personal computer. The copy to other personal computers and forwarding are prohibited because the music file is encoded when “OpenMG" is used, and [it] preserves it in the personal computer. Therefore, an illegal wiring to Internet etc. can be prevented.

- 1:The speed when the OpenMG form file is forwarded to MD in the LP4 mode. Moreover, it takes the data logging time of several seconds (UTOC writing in MD) of forwarding once. - 2:The file of the music of the OpenMG form recorded from music CD can be forwarded up to three times. - “NetMD" and “OpenMG" are trademarks of the Sony Ltd.. “OpenMG" is a music copyright protection technology which Sony developed. - “BeatJam" is a registered trademark of Just System Ltd.. - “BeatJam" is a book on Just System Ltd., and the copyright which hangs to “BeatJam" and other rights belong to Just System Ltd. and each right person.

< USB audio reproduction environment >- and personal computer for:DOS/V personal computer equipped with USB (USB standard Ver1.1 conforming) interface- and OS for:Windows 98 SecondEdition, Windows2000Professional, WindowsMillenniumEdition, WindowsXPHomeEdition, and WindowsXPProfessional (The operation will not be guaranteed in the up-grade from Windows3.1/95/98). - CPU:Pentium266MHz or more (MMX recommendation)- the memory:< attention > by 64MB or more- The operation by the Macintosh machine is not guaranteed. - No one to guarantee the movement of all the personal computers even if [it] meets a recommended environment. - and done OS for are Japanese all versions. - The personal computer cannot be controlled from this machine. - About the connection:- The operation when connecting it the USB hub and by way of the USB extension cable is not guaranteed. - Please connect it with the terminal of the route hub correspondence (terminal USB in not no display, and nor the keyboard but the USB hub and main bodies of the personal computer) when the personal computer has two or more USB ports. (Please see the manual of the personal computer attachment about the terminal of the route hub correspondence)- When the personal computer is connected with the terminal USB of this machine for the first time, it is necessary to install the driver. CD-ROM for the OS installation might be needed. Please see the manual of the personal computer attachment when you install it. - IBM and PC/AT :.; 米国InternationalBusinessMachinesCorporationの登録商標です。; - MMX and Pentium are the trademark or registered trademarks of IntelCorporation. - Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks in the United States and other countries of United States MicrosoftCorporation. - In general, the system name and the product name each development maker's are registered trademark or, additionally, trademarks. 凵(unknown word) A (*yomahk*) is not described clearly in the text. - The right person in the copyright law cannot use what you recorded without permission as the enjoyment by the individual etc. besides. Private recording amends money is included in the price of the digital recording equipment by providing the copyright law. - The installation cost of attached software is not included in the price of the publishing commodity.

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