July 26, 2001

Portable again MD 録(unknown word) and a minimum in the world size. - One is achieved.

MD portable recorder < MD-MT770 > is newly put on the market.

Portable MD is the first. - "Two-line display liquid crystal Nabis remote control" which can be operated one all is adopted.


Name of articles MD portable recorder
Shape name MD-MT770
Pet name MD-J
Hope retail price Opening
Monthly production 15,000
Sale day August 21

Sharp is a minimum in the world size. - MD portable recorder < MD-MT770 > of one is newly put on the market. 文字入力など全ての操作が簡単にできるうえディスクネームとトラックネームを同時確認- Easiness to use has been improved aiming at the MDLP age such as "MDLP group mode" which can be recorded according to the album and the artist and reproduced with the adoption of "Two-line display liquid crystal Nabis remote control" that two can do and one mini-disc. Moreover, [it] proposes to a wide user layer as MD portable recorder equipped with the feature functions such as convenient "MDLP3 color Nabis" to be able to confirm the MDLP mode of the tune recording/reproducing in one glance and convenient "Charge stand" and "Personal computer link function (An optional, connected kit is used)".
※1 As MD portable recorder (録(unknown word) portable again MD) as of July 26, 2001
※2 When disk where group name and disk name/truck name are input is used

< main feature >

1. Minimum in the world size- 録(unknown word) is portable again by which one is achieved MD for MDLP.
In achieving arranging of a reduction in the adoptions such as picking up/super-thin mechanisms and small motors and the numbers of parts and main parts efficient and consolidating, the minimum of 78.9mm in width ×15.7mm in height ×71.9mm in the depth in the world. - The size of one was achieved.

2. Portable MD is the first. - "Two-line display liquid crystal Nabis remote control" adoption which can be operated one all
It was assumed operated the recording, the edit, and all the character input, etc. a possible, full remote control. An easy operation of the portable telephone sense can be done by adopting menu call & decision key. Moreover, information (the second line) during the disk name/the group name (the first line) and truck name/hour is displayed according to the adoption of two-line display liquid crystal with the backing light simultaneously. - Two is achieved. Information on the mini-disc can be confirmed in one glance.

3. "MDLP group mode" adoption which is recorded and can reproduced according to group
When recording, music can be speedily selected if the group is selected when reproducing because the group of each album and each artist, etc. can be set in one mini-disc. A convenient function for the MDLP mode by which a lot of tunes can be collected to one mini-disc.

4. "MDLP3 color Nabis" by which LED informs of shine use state
Which recording mode the tune recording/reproducing by blinking three colors LED (green yellow orange) is can be confirmed in one glance. Moreover, three colors LED blink by various patterns according to the charge and the content of the operation, and the operation situation is produced fashionable.

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