Feature > of < MD-DR7

1. The first in the world. - Portable MD recorder equipped with 1 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier'
The technology of "One bit digital amplifier" to have already installed in home audio and to get the favorable comment is newly developed and 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier'applied for a mobile equipment is developed newly. [It] installed it in portable MD recorder for the first time.
Higher-order- An extremely a tone quality deteriorated little, natural, clear tone quality is achieved by inputting one bit digital voice signal from the Σ modulation circuit directly to the fixed voltage switching circuit, and doing transmission/the amplification processing in the amplifier as it is.
The resolution of the sound is rapidly improved, and the sound that "Resolution of the sound" by which the speed and the smoothness of standing up of the sound are reproduced in the high quality is high can be achieved, and the high pitched sound quality sound be reproduced.

2. "Four pole (*puraguheddohon*)" by which the high pitched sound quality of 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier'is made the best use of is adopted.
The headphone which was the final steps of the sound and remote controls also stuck to the high pitched sound quality making, and an inner headphone of "Four pole plug" type by which a right and left sound was complete and independent separated and remote control were adopted. The high pitched sound quality reproduction by which the performance of 'Mobility one bit digital amplifier'is made the best use of can be enjoyed.
The open air type stereo headphone and HP-MD1 (hope retail price 3,300 yen) of "Four pole plug" type were prepared as another goods for sale.
"Three pole plug" To enjoy it because a high pitched sound quality "Mobility one bit digital amplifier" original is demonstrated enough though the use of the headphone of the type is also possible, I will recommend use with the headphone of "Four pole plug" type.

3. The longest in the world in portable MD recorder. - About one 120 during the hour- For the reproduction and about 64 hours of a long time of two- The recording of two for a long time is achieved.
It is higher-order with LSI of ATRAC which can be called the heart of MD. *** The reproduction was achieved for a long time by adopting <録(unknown word)> 第(unknown word) <again> the tenth generation LSI of the low consumption electric power <-> type by which the Σ modulation circuit was made one package.
In using of the nickel hydrogen charge pond and one high capacity AA alkali dry battery, together, longests in the world. - One can be recorded for long time of the reproduction and about 64 hours of a long time of about 120 hours. Moreover, the recording of about 71 hours and reproduction/about 38 hours was achieved in the recording of about 42 hours and reproduction/about 22 hours and the high capacity alkali dry batteries of one (1.5V) on one charge pond (Both at the LP4 mode).

4. "MDLP group mode" adoption which is recorded and can reproduced according to group
When recording, the group of each album and each artist, etc. can be set in one mini-disc. Setting of the group is possible up to 99 groups or less. If the group is chosen and the tune which wants to be heard is selected, a target tune can be speedily reproduced. The feature of MDLP which four times or less a mini-disc can be collected for a long time can be conveniently enjoyed.
In addition, various group edit functions that it was able to be had to use it conveniently were adopted.
(1) "Group change" where tune can be moved to other groups
(2) "Group top move" where group which specifies it can be moved to the first group of MD
(3) "(*guruupuireis*)" by which tune in group can be collectively deleted
(4) "Group booking" which can make group beforehand, and record to group later
(5) "Group arrangement" which moves tune by which group is not set at the end of MD, and can hear it with same 曲順(unknown word) even in equipment not to be able to do group reproduction

5. An easy, convenient microphone recording function is installed.
'Trace backing recording'- It is possible even by an analog connection.
When the microphone recording stops temporarily, the recorded sound source is memory します(unknown word) temporarily . in the main body if [it] sets it by the menu beforehand. Because the memory されていた(unknown word) sound source is recorded though the timing of the recording start is delayed, the 録り(unknown word) delay is prevented (It is possible to set it in either of five seconds/ten seconds/30 seconds).
'Group improvement recording'
A new group can be easily made while recording the microphone. For instance, because it is possible to reproduce from the head of the subject for discussion if a new group is made only by pushing the GROUP key when the subject for discussion changes when the conference is recorded, and the group reproduces, the part which wants to search can be easily discovered.
'Microphone synchronized function'
The recording starts automatically reacting on the sound and the voice. Moreover, the disk can be used without uselessness because a no sound of three seconds or more is perceived and [it] stops temporarily.
'Twice recording function of monaural length time'
It is possible to record by the twice at the disk display time in the monaural mode.
'Auto mark function of time'
The point when the head putting out point can be automatically recorded at constant intervals (3/10 step of three minute/five minute/change), and [it] asks it again later is easily searchable.

6. Only the tune of the favorite is installed and "Favorite reproduction" function that registration & can be reproduced is installed.
Tunes of the favorite of each disk were specified up to ten, and "Favorite reproduction" function that the reproduction only of the tune was able to be enjoyed anytime was installed. It is possible to specify easily while reproducing the tune, and disks up to nine can be registered as "Favorite disk". An automatic reproduction of a favorite tune can be started only by inserting the disk.

7. Abundant reproduction functions such as convenient "Reproduction speed control" for the MDLP reproduction are installed.
"Reproduction speed control" function which can be enjoyed at the reproduction speed of the favor is installed. The reproduction speed is changeable in -30%/-20%/-10%/+5%/+15% and [it] comes. The part not caught easily by the microphone recording etc. can be caught easily and [it] reproduce.
The tune of the favor can be quickly retrieved from the disk recorded for a long time in the LP mode by "Introduction reproduction" function to reproduce each tune automatically by about nine seconds. Moreover, a convenient reproduction function random to reproduce, random to repeat, all tunes to reproduce the repetition one can be had to be enjoyed.

8. *** Attachment <"Charge stand" which can be charged easily in portable telephone sense>
*** It was easily attached <the charge stand which was able to be charged> only by putting the main body in the portable telephone sense.

9. "Digital recording level control" is installed.
*** [It] tends <a recording level of CD different respectively, and BS voice broadcasting and digital communication satellite broadcasting, etc.> <smaller than CD the recording level>. The disk where the recording level becomes complete can be edited, and when reproducing, music can be enjoyed by the same volume if the recording level is adjusted when such a digital sound source is recorded.

10. "Heavy bass & high pitched sound control" by which [it] sticks to the quality of the sound is adopted.
The high pitched sound quality clearly and with the expansion can be enjoyed by adopting 24 bit operation method and three dimension (axis direction/frequency axis direction/time direction of the amplitude) adjustment type (*bittoarokeishon'arugorizum*) in the part ATRAC where [it] compresses/the sound which becomes the nucleus of the tone quality of MD is extended.
Because X-BASS of a digital method is adopted in the heavy bass reproduction, and only digital adjusts a heavy bass with power by three stages, it is possible to enjoy it.
The “TREBLE" adjustment function of a digital method that the high pitched sound part can be adjusted to the interval of the favor is adopted at the same time as a heavy bass's reproducing. It is possible to change to upper and lower each of two stages.

11. A convenient alarm function is installed.
The music under the reproduction will be (*myuut*)ed if becoming set time, and I inform because of the alarm sound. It is convenient for the riding past prevention of the train etc.Setting after 99 minutes from one minute is possible every minute.

12. *** It is <liquid crystal remote control of easy convenient &> attached by a slim design.
It is possible to operate it easily a slim design is adopted, and it is easy to grasping.
The key only for convenient GROUP for the group reproduction is adopted. Setting the group reproduction and the group which wants to reproduce can easily select it.
The display can be easily confirmed because the backing light addition even by a dark point.

13. Portable MD recorder of portable compact size
A compact size of 78.9mm in width ×17.8mm in height ×71.9mm in the depth and about 140g(The charge pond contains it) in mass was achieved by consolidating a reduction in the number of parts and main parts.

14. "Character stamp" function that character information from MD to MD can be easily edited
After [it] records, the stamp of the sound of character information on mastering MD can be wholly done from MD to MD when editing it.

15. The (*wantatchiijekt*) mechanism with an easy disk change is installed.
Because the lid opens and the disk comes out automatically if the opening button is done in the slide, the disk change can be smoothly done.

16. Strength in vibration from the outside, and "音飛び(unknown word) guard memory" of about maximum 160 second (LP4 o'clock)
Music can be pleasantly enjoyed without doing sound 飛び for about the maximum 160 seconds at the LP4 mode even if intermitted vibration is received by installing of 16 Mbits DRAM.

17. "CD sound synchronized recording" of digital/analog correspondence
When recording from CD, an analog connection in addition to a digital connection does the synchronized to the sound of CD and starts the recording of MD. Moreover, if the state of a no sound of three seconds or more continues, [it] stops temporarily.

Specification > of < MD-DR7

Name of articles One bit portable MD recorder
Shape name MD-DR7-S /- (silver)A (blue) /- P (pink)
Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Recording method Magnetic field modulation overwrite method
Reading method Non-contact optics reading method (semiconductor laser use)
Number of rotations About 400-1,800 rpm
Error correction method (*adobansudokurosuintahriiburiidosoromonkohd*) (ACIRC)
Number of channels Stereo two channels/monaural (mode for a long time) one channel
44.1kHz(32kHz and 48kHz are converted into 44.1kHz and recorded).
Voice compression method ATRAC3/ATRAC(Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding)
Frequency characteristic 20〜20,000Hz(±3dB)
(*wau*) (*furattah*) *** As follows <measurement limit (±0.001%W.PEAK)>
Input terminal Optical, digital using combinedly and line/microphone (for plug Inn power)
Output terminal Headphone/remote control terminal using combinedly
Input sensitivity
Recording level Standard input level Input impedance
MIC H 0.25mV 10kΩ
MIC L 2.5mV 10kΩ
LINE 100mV 20kΩ
Output level
Regulated output The maximum output
Headphone - 8mW+8mW 32Ω
LINE 250mV (-10dB time) - 10kΩ
Power supply
DC1.2V : Attached nickel hydrogen charge pond (AD-N55BT)
DC1.5V : Attached dry battery case (AA on the market type alkali dry battery 1.5V×1)
DC4.5V : Optional car power supply adaptor(AD-CA20X)
(DC12V/24V minus earth car exclusive use)
It is also possible to use it by using together about AD-CA55X (optional) and AD-M66PA (optional).
DC5.0V : Attachment AC adaptor (100V AC,50/60Hz)
(attached charge stand using together)
Battery duration
Continuous use time Stereo LP2 stereo LP4 stereo
Attached charge pond (full charge) At recording For about 10.5 hours For about 15.0 hours For about 22.0 hours
At reproduction For about 27.0 hours For about 35.0 hours For about 42.0 hours
One high capacity on the market AA alkali dry battery use (The charge pond is stored). At recording For about 13.0 hours For about 22.0 hours For about 38.0 hours
At reproduction For about 41.0 hours For about 59.0 hours For about 71.0 hours
One height capacity on the market AA alkali dry battery + attached charge pond (full charge) At recording For about 28.0 hours For about 43.0 hours For about 64.0 hours
At reproduction For about 72.0 hours For about 100.0 hours For about 120.0 hours
When REMOTE LCD is turned off
The volume level : at “VOL15".
Charge time For about 3.5 hours (about 90%) and about 5.5 hours (full charge)
Externals size 71.9 (depth)78.9 (width)×17.8 (height)× mm
Mass About 140g(The charge pond contains it) about 115g(Only the main body :).
Attached goods
- Liquid crystal remote control ×1
- Headphone ×1
- Nickel hydrogen charge pond
(with in the case of charge pond)
- AC adaptor ×1
- AA dry battery case ×1
- Charge stand ×1
- (*kyaringukeis*) ×1
*** Connected <-> code only for reproduction ×1
- Manual
(with guarantee book)

Another goods for sale > for < MD-DR7

- Stereo headphone HP-MD1 Hope retail price 3,300 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
- Nickel hydrogen charge pond AD-N55BT Hope retail price 2,200 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
- AC adaptor AD-SS70AP Hope retail price 5,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
[ For world wide (100-240V) ]
- Car power supply adaptor AD-CA20X Hope retail price 5,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
(for 12V/24V car)
Use is also possible by using of car power supply adaptor AD-CA55X (for hope retail price 3,800 yen and 12V/24V car) and plug adaptor AD-M66PA (hope retail price 1,800 yen) together.
- Cassette adaptor AD-CT13 Hope retail price 3,500 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
[It] uses it by using together with conversion code AD-D1AC.
- Conversion code AD-D1AC Hope retail price 900 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
Four pole (*sutereominipurag*) →3 pole (*sutereominijakk*) conversion code.
[It] connects with an external equipment such as cassette adaptors AD-CT13 and [it] uses it. It is not possible to use it for three pole (*puraguheddohon*).
- Thai pin microphone MC-TP2 Hope retail price open price [It] is putting it on the market.
- (*baundariimaik*) MC-BD1 Hope retail price 10,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
- One-point stereo microphone MC-TS1 Hope retail price 1,300 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
- Optical digital cable AD-M1DC Hope retail price 3,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
- Optical digital cable AD-M2DC Hope retail price 3,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.

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