Net MD Walkman


Scheduled Release: December 10, 2001

Price: Open price




Product Information

The new Net MD enabled MZ-N1 is able to transfer music stored on a personal computer directly onto an MD.  The EMD (electronic music transmission service) information from a music file is stored on a personal computer allowing secure high-speed MD transfers and a comfortable and easy checkout process.  In addition, after the music  is transferred to the MD, it is compatible with all MD equipment (including non-Net MD units).

* For MD�s being recorded for use in non-MDLP equipment, please transfer audio in standard SP mode.

* MP3 and WMA files are converted and transferred in ATRAC3 format.

* Utilizes "Magicgate" and "OpenMg" copyright protection technology. 

* Music the MZ-N1 records in ATRAC3 format can only be played back on an MDLP capable unit.


The included USB cradle attachment can charge the unit as well as connect to a personal computer.  The USB cradle when attached with the charging stand acts as both a charging stand and file transfer dock.


* While the MZ-N1 is placed in the USB cradle or when it is charging please do not operate it.



The MZ-N1 is capable of long time sound recording using MDLP.

* Playback with 1 MD, MDLP& group function.

MDLP can record up to 320 minutes on a single MD.

* Playback with an 80 minute MD.


The group function can search through songs which are often listened by the user quickly; making it convenient to store many tunes on a single MD.  In addition grouping and group name information recorded with other equipment is also compatible.  Information is displayed clearly and easily on the large 3 line liquid crystal display.




Character input is displayed on the remote control�s display, the remote also loads the information to the MZ-N1.  Not only is this easy to see but it is also more convenient.  Information input can name title information and the like comfortably.  It is also able to display information for the title and artist name of a music file on the personal computer, making it convenient to select stored music.


The MZ-N1 is constructed using a highly rigid magnesium compound for the top and bottom portions of the case.  The MZ-N1 is very small in size and lightweight further enhancing the strong body casing.

G-PROTECTION memory buffering can withstand shaking and bumps.

DSP TYPE-R is a new enhancement for the ATRAC format, the very heart of MD sound.  It enhances treble quality significantly approaching the quality of a MD deck.

Included Accessories

Earbud style headphones (stereo mini-plug) (black)

Character information capable liquid crystal display remote control (plus the attaching clip) (silver)

OpenMg Jukebox Ver2.2 media application software (CD-ROM)

USB cradle

Charging stand attachment (NH-14WM (A))

USB cable and AC power adapter

Charge stand case and dry battery cell case

Carrying pouch


Approximate width 78.7� height 71.8� depth 16.9mm

Approximate weight 90g (MZ-N1 only)

In tribute of minidisc.org & MiniDisc  T-Station

(C) Copyright 2001 Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. All rights reserved.  Translated by Edward Lee