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【 nine January 】
Bill Gates keynote lecture report

【 chapter of Sony 】 A lot of new products such as 8cmDVD cameras and DVD±R/RW recorders.

【 東芝編(unknown word) 】 “HD-DVD" by which the high-definition television can be collected to DVD demonstrates.

Player MPEG-1/4 equipped with Thomson Multimedia and HDD

Matsushita is a portable CD player of the MP3 correspondence.

Toshiba Corporation is player DVD for the WMA/MP3/JPEG reproduction.

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. is CD/MD component equipped with the (*saraund*) function with the α wave.

"Easiness Nabis" by which pioneer and DVD video and car-navigating equipment can be used simultaneously

Liquid crystal data projector equipped with NEC (*byuutek*) and automatic trapezoid correction

Marantz acquires US cable maker's AudioQuest monopoly sales right.

*** β version software for 特(unknown word) fixed environment drinking <(*kanohpus*) and G-Spec>

CM Cutter improvement data trial version for (*kanohpus*) and MTU2400

NEC updates “SmartVision/PLAYER" of the AX10 appending.

The latest firmware of (*adotekk*) and MPIO series “AD-CL10"

Built-in for MontaVista and home electric appliances Linux platforms “CEE3.0"

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. renews Net MD software “INTERJUKE".

"List on DVD sale day" Update information January 8

Limitation campaign list of DVD period

【 eight January 】
2003 International CES begins on the ninth.

Sony announces the new logo design of Aiwa which does the absorption amalgamation.

Sharp is “Viewcam Z"2 models where the camera and the deck rotate.

Apple and low-priced, video edit software “Final Cut Express"

Set packages such as Apple and iDVD3 “iLife"

Built-in type DVD Multi and high-speed record DVD-R/RW drive to Melco

Kinokuniya executes the exchange of DVD "My small lovers".

NEC updates "SmartVision Pro3 TV driver".

Sun Electronics is the latest firmware of radio “BiBio" only for the blowing out strap.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information January 7

【 seven January 】
Samsung and the liquid crystal television of 54 world-biggest types panel are developed.

Warner, "One coin DVD" of 500 yen of including tax is put on the market in the end of January.

Low-priced resale campaign for DVD of universal and 99 titles

Audio Technica is S reflection-(*kompojit*) conversion adaptor of 1,200 yen.

A new firmware of creative and Jukebox Zen is opened to the public.

It is wrong in (*yuukus*) and DVD "WWE (*venjens*)".

β version driver of (*sonikkuburuu*) and HDD audio “Rio Riot"

Hitachi and 2.5 types 20GB HDD for the on-board are shipped in April.

【 six January 】
Weekly of Takeshi Fujimoto Digital Audio Laboratory

USB audio device which corresponds to M-AUDIO and 7.1ch output

Marantz is B&W (*sabuuufa*) equipped with a digital amplifier.

Touch panel type study remote control for SMK and USB

License granting of Dolby and DVS to Analog Devices

(*infoshiti*) and television recording software “bitcast.TV" online are sold.

Melco cuts the price of DVD±R/RW and the DVD-R/RW drive.

Sales beginning of “V-1100" of plus vision and sale postponement on the sixth

The preparation company is established aiming at Matsushita, Toshiba Corporation, and the cathode-ray tube business integration.

The latest firmware of low-priced player DVD of NExtWave

As for Pony/Canyon, the print is defective in the jacket of DVD "The sign is V3rd SET".

【 five December 30, 2002 - January, 2003】 Popularity is focused on player DVD for DivX.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information December 27

【 Watch article retrieval 】

2003 International CES report 【 chapter of Sony 】
-A lot of new products such as 8cmDVD cameras and DVD±R/RW recorders.

Booth of Sony crowded with a lot of public relations people
Holding period:January 9 - the 12th (local time)

Hall:Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC)
Las Vegas Hilton Hotel
Alexis Park Hotel

2003 Press conference done on day before International CES begins. In this report, the pattern of the press conference done in the Sony booth is told. A press conference the last of this existed, too and a lot of public relations people crowded the Sony booth.

Having made a speech is Mr. FUJIO YOSHIDA of rice SONY Electronics. It was entitled “A WORLD ABOUT U" at this time, brought the device in each field together by the key word which started by “U", and a lot of new products were announced.

- DVD relation

Handycam recorded in DVD-R and DVD-RW of 8cm. A feature form attracts attention.

・DVD Handycam「DCR-DVD200」

Handycam“DCR-DVD200" recorded in DVD-R of 8cm or DVD-RW was announced as a new lineup of a digital video camera of Sony and Handycam. 1M pixel 1/4.7 inches CCD are adopted, and the lens has an optics ten time zoom and a digital 120 time zoom with the curl tour chair.

The taking a picture time for about one hour by 8cmDVD one media. When DVD-RW is used, an easy video edit is possible. Moreover, the disk of which [it] took a picture can be reproduced even with Play Station 2. The lineup of “DCR-DVD300" of a high-ranking model and “DCR-DVD100" of the entry model besides DCR-DVD200. As for DCR-300/200 equipped with (*megapikuseru*) CCD, taking a picture of the geostationary picture of 640×480 dots is also possible in 1,152×864 dots and DCR-DVD100.

[It] equips with the terminal USB2.0 besides terminal DV (i.LINK) is installed, and it is possible to cooperate with PC. Each model also schedules the summer of this year at the sale time in the United States. It is said that DCR-DVD10 of a basic model will become less than 1,000 dollars as for the price.

*** Because the width is thin, it is comparatively of the disk record <past TRV average series> compact. As for the body color, it is unusual in a video camera to make a lot of silver which is but white a keynote. The digital camera recorded in DVD-RW becomes the first in the world though Hitachi where the DVD-RAM/R drive was installed is preceding in the digital camera recorded in 8cmDVD media.

The body color is composed of white and purple. DCR-300 adopts 3.5 types in the liquid crystal monitor and DCR-DVD200 adopts 2.5 types.

The main body is compactly settled though the disk is made a record medium. 8cmDVD-R/RW media for DVD Handycam were announced at the same time.

- Release of news of DCR-DVD200 (English)

- DVD recorder equipped with DVD±R/RW drive “RDR-GX7"

DVD recorder which corresponds to DVD±R/RW

RDR-GX7 is DVD recorder equipped with the DVD±R/RW drive. Media which can be recorded are DVD-R/RW, DVD+RW, and reading is a spec named DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW. HDD is not installed.

Moreover, it is also possible to write it one by one equipping with the terminal i.LINK, and making the reproduction script of a video camera besides the reflection of the DV camera can be written directly in DVD. It will only have to be thought that the batch capture was integrated with the DVD record. In addition, editing it corresponding to DVD ± both VR format also after writing of media becomes possible.

About June is scheduled in the United States on the sale day. The price is about 800 dollars. The sale in Japan is not scheduled by the product which does not relate as the CoCoon series being sold in Japan now.

- Release of news of RDR-GX7 (English)

- Music relation

- CD Walkman which corresponds to reproduction of ATRAC3 plus

The CD Walkman that the reproduction of MP3, ATRAC3, and ATRAC3 plus besides music CD is possible was announced by seven kinds. “SonicStage simple burner application" is (*bandoru*)ed as an encoder and CD lighting software of ATRAC3 plus. About 120 dollars in 100 dollars and DNE-718CK in 200 dollars and high-ranking models DNF-710 in top-end model DNE-1 of the sale schedule are scheduled in May this year. The one that the reproduction of ATRAC3 is possible is the first though the CD Walkman which can reproduce MP3 has already been put on the market.

DNE-1 which becomes top-end model High-ranking model DNF-710 The accessories kit for the on-board is attached to DNE-718CK.

- A large amount of Net MD (*uohkuman*) is announced.

The lineup has expanded to the player/the recorder of Net MD (*uohkuman*) at a stretch. Harmony with all model and online music can be reinforced, and the file named MP3, WMA, and WAV be forwarded. The car accessories kit attachment model of MZ-N510CK in the product in the middle range. The price is about 150 dollars in the sale schedule in March. Moreover, place model MZ-NF810CK is about 280 dollars in the sale schedule in April. Moreover, MZ-S1 is sports type which not is before, and the 防沫(unknown word) processing is given.

MZ-N510CK of car accessories kit attachment High-ranking model MZ-NF810CK MZ-S1 of sports type

- Release of news of NetMD Walkman (English)

- Computer relation

- Portable hard drive media “GigaVault"

HDD of 40GB which can be driven with built-in battery considering mobile youth. The interface can connect main bodies if necessary by USB1.1 and 2.0. Weight is about 283g, and the sale schedules April. The price is 299.99 dollars in Sony style (*dottokom*) (United States).

A little large for put it in pocket main body The package has been exhibited.

- Release of news of GigaVault (English)

- An analog video is written in DVD “EZVideo".

EZVideo is a kit including the software written in DVD after an analog video is cleaned. The one besides this though there is already software named Click to DVD in VAIO.

Moreover, software is like the same one as Pinnacle Studio Version8 of (*pinakurushisutemuz*) though the product of “EZEditor" was announced as a kit for the DV edit.

Package of EZVideo Package of EZEditor exhibited in a row

The DVD video can be made from capture to the lighting by three steps.

There are in addition a lot of viewpoints in the new product rush in the Sony booth, too. be released a large amount of new models of the DV cameraI want to have the report related to CES paid attention continuously.

- 2003 Home page of International CES (English)
- Home page of SONY (English)
- Release of news of DCR-DVD200 (English)
- Release of news of RDR-GX7 (English)
- Release of news of NetMD Walkman (English)
- Release of news of GigaVault (English)

(January 9, 2003)

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