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July 24, 2001

New commodity

Only [it] recording MD Walkman sale-puts and the charge is charge stand attachment which can be done- in easiness where the installing easiness to use and the high pitched sound quality are had both as for stereo mode (MDLP) of MD for a long time and "Group function".

MD Walkman ‘MZ-R909' (silver blue red)

*** The Sony marketing company (The president:Kei Kodera and headquarters:Tokyo port district) puts "Recording MD Walkman" ‘MZ-R909' by which the easiness requested to portable MD <録(unknown word)> machine <again> installing a variegated function such as convenient MD "Group function" for the retrieval and the arrangement of stereo mode (MDLP) and the tune for a long time to use and the high pitched sound quality recording are achieved on the market.

Type name Sale day Hope retail price Color First monthly production
Portable mini-disc recorder
"Recording MD Walkman"
August 21 Open price Silver and blue

This machine can be recorded for a long time by the MDLP format on one disk. Moreover, a quick retrieval was enabled by installing "Group function" by which a lot of tunes were able to be arranged to the group of the favorite up to 99. A large-scale liquid crystal display and (*jogudaiyaru*) that three-line display is possible are installed in the main body, and the operativeness of the edit and the character input, etc. has improved greatly.
The ratio of the signal processing performance on the tone quality side so far. - The high pitched sound quality which approaches the MD deck equipped with DSP TYPE-R for doubled new development ATRAC is achieved. Additionally, the sound jumps and is little 心 distribution and can enjoy music pleasantly for a vibration which installs 音飛び(unknown word) guard mechanism “G-PROTECTION" ((*jiipurotekushon*)), and is consecutive.
※1: Comparison in standard stereo mode with our company "Recording MD Walkman" ‘MZ-R900'

- Main feature

*** Equipped with function "<group> function" <1. stereo recording for <MD> a long time and reproduction mode (MDLP)>
Equipped with "Group function" that quick tune retrieval in addition to MDLP which can enjoy stereo recording and reproduction for a long time is possibleA recording each group and an additional recording to an existing group can be easily done. The deletion of the group and two or more groups including making of the recorded tune and a group group name input bring together, and are possible in one usually as for the edit work in each order change group of each group.
It is not possible to reproduce * with the equipment of the tune recorded in the MDLP mode of non-correspondence in the MDLP mode.
* In the equipment equipped with "Group function", the group setting is not recognized.
* In the group function, it is possible to control it dividing up to 99 groups or less.

2. Equipped with large-scale three line display liquid crystal display
The operativeness at the edit and 曲選び(unknown word) has improved greatly with a large-scale liquid crystal of nine characters × three lines. Especially, the character palette method to use a large-scale screen is adopted, and it is possible to input it comprehensible and easily in the character input with concentrated control under the right of the liquid crystal key.

3. Equipped with (*jogudaiyaru*)
Familiar (*jogudaiyaru*) is installed in the main body in a portable telephone of Sony. Because the screen scrolls to length according to the speed by which (*jogudaiyaru*) is turned, [it] can reach the place in which [it] wants to see at last according to the desire. It is possible to do easily only by turning (*kurukuru*) and (*jogudaiyaru*) as the retrieval of the tune and the group also sees three-line display liquid crystal display and pushing.

4. Equipped with DSP TYPE-R for new development ATRAC
"TYPE-R" installed in high spec MD deck etc. of Sony is adopted for the heart and DSP(Digital Signal Processor) of the MD sound. The signal processing performance is improved to about the ratio twice so far the high pitched sound quality which approached the MD deck was achieved though a small main body of an average machine only for the reproduction.
* The operation with the charge pond and the dry battery corresponds to this function.
* There is no ON/OFF of this function.
* Processing by “TYPE-R" is not done at the MDLP mode.

5. Equipped with 音飛び(unknown word) guard function “G-PROTECTION" ((*jiipurotekushon*))
The efficient 音飛び(unknown word) guard mechanism "G-PROTECTION" which Sony developed is installed aiming at "音飛び(unknown word) 0". The sound jumps and is little 心 distribution, and can enjoy music pleasantly for a consecutive vibration because (*S) deals corresponding to the shake and the vibration in every case momentarily.

6. "Charge stand" attachment which can be easily charged only by putting it

7. Other features
*** For about <reproduction> 84 battery lives which it is continuous hours of <-> enhancementAchievement (of -)- when LP4 mode reproduces when Sony alkali AA dry battery is used together with attached chewing gum type nickel hydrogen charge pond
- Remote control "Stick controller" attachment by which operativeness is pursued
- Equipped with index search function in remote control by which retrieval of quick tune is enabled
- Equipped with "Personal disk memory" by which setting my inclination is memorized
- Equipped with "(*wantatchiijekt*) mechanism" that putting disk in and out is easy
- Equipped with "(*dejitarusaundopuriset*) mechanism" which can be customized to tone quality of my specification
- Equipped with "Speed control function" which can be reproduced by tempo of favor
- Equipped with "Melody timer" of which [it] informs at specified time

- Main specification

Form Disk digital audio system
Reproduction reading method Non-contact optics reading (semiconductor laser use)
Number of channels Stereo two channels/monaural one channel
Sampling rate 44.1kHz
Voice compression method ATRAC(Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding) ATRAC3:LP2 stereo and LP4 stereo
Frequency characteristic 20〜20,000Hz±3dB
(*waufurattah*) Below measurement limit value
Input terminal Microphone:Stereo mini-Jack
Analog input:Stereo mini-Jack
Optical, digital input:Optical mini Jack
- An analog input and an optical, digital input are Jack of using combinedly.
Output terminal Headphone (stereo mini-Jack)
The maximum output level 5mW+5mW
Line output (stereo mini-Jack)
The headphone and the line output are Jack of using combinedly (switch type in the main body menu).
Externals size
/maximum and externals sizes
The maximum projection does not include about 78.9×72.0×17.1mm.
/about 80.0×75.5×20.5mm (width × height × interior taking)
Mass About 110g(Only the main body :)/about 137g(contained charge pond).
Attached goods Headphone with liquid crystal remote control, charge stand, AC power adaptor, rechargeable nickel hydrogen battery ‘NH-14WM', (*batteriikyaringukeis*), dry battery case, and (*kyaringupohchi*) (each 1)
Power supply One (optional) rechargeable nickel hydrogen battery ‘NH-14WM' (attachment) and AA type dry battery
AC power adaptor (attachment) and AC100V50/60Hz
Car battery code:DCC-E230 (optional) and external power supply Jack (ratings DC3V)
Charge time *** During about <charge> 3.5-main body hour for about six hours in the charge stand

Battery duration
([It] reproduces/record)
(1) Chewing gum type nickel hydrogen
Charge pond
(2) Sony alkali AA
Dry battery (1)
(3) At using together
Standard mode For about 24 hours/about 8.5 hours For about 34 hours/about 7.5 hours For about 64 hours/about 20 hours
LP2 mode For about 27 hours/about 11 hours For about 40 hours/about 12 hours For about 75 hours/about 28 hours
LP4 mode For about 31 hours/about 14 hours For about 45 hours/about 15 hours For about 84 hours/about 37 hours

- Inquiry of customer:
Center TEL0570-00-3311 consultation of a Sony marketing (Inc.)customer (Nabis dial) and 03-5448-3311(For a portable telephone and PHS).
- Walkman official site URL:http://www.sony.co.jp/walkman/
- Sony drive URL:http://www.sony.co.jp/SonyDrive

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