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Network Walkman
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The music of 240 minute at most can be recorded.
With built-in flash memory a large capacity 128MB.

128MB flash memory is built into. It can be enjoyed that [it] records, enough, and the outdoor listening of the music of 240 minute at most (Record with 66Kbps) in a compact size of the writer.

The file of the music of the MP3 form is recorded as it is.
For multi codec which can be reproduced

The music of the MP3 form not to mention ATRAC3 can be filed and [it] forward it as it is. Various music preserved in PC can be enjoyed while firmly protecting the copyright.

The charge and PC can be connected only by putting it.
USB Cradle attachment.

[It] charges (*sutairish*) only by setting the main body in USB Cradle, and [it] connects it easily the personal computer. The music file can be smoothly forwarded.
- The titanium gray with which the status feeling overflows is adopted for the body color.

- Size of writer which is settled in hand by which further small size and lightening are achieved.

- 音飛び(unknown word) none because of memorizing in the flash memory and reproducing no matter how [it] shakes.

- A pleasant operation is pursued. The liquid crystal display with the (*jogurebah*) operation key and the backing light is adopted for the main body.

- (*apurikeishonsofutowe*) which came to do music contents control with personal computer easily further
(*a*) “OpenMG Jukebox Ver.2.2" attachment.

Attached goods Application software "OpenMG Jukebox" (CD-ROM) and headphone, USB Cradle, (*kyaringupohchi*), and AC power adaptor
Size (externals size) 27.8×92.4×13.3mm(The maximum projection part does not contain it) in the depth in height in width.
Mass About 55g(The built-in charge pond contains it).
Main specification Frequency characteristic:20Hz-20,000Hz (At the ATRAC3105kbps mode)/the power supply:the nickel hydrogen charge pond/record method:MP3 and the ATRAC3 method/battery duration:about 11 hours use built-in charge pond/charge time:maximum recording of about five hours (100% charge)/time:About 120 minutes (bit rate 66kbps) of about 80 minutes (bit rate 105kbps) of about 60 minutes (bit rate 132kbps). - 32kbps-256kbps for MP3. (Do not correspond to the changeable bit rate)

* The personal computer is necessary to enjoy the network Walkman. Please see the system requirements in detail.
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