Sound Quality Improvement Modification

The remodeling method of improving tone quality by way of SONY XA-107 has been opened to the public in this page.

The node which can input new AUX on alias SONY-BUS by introducing XA-107 is added as for the model to which the CD (*chenjahkontorohru*) function has adhered with the head unit of SONY, and the AUX input of an external equipment becomes possible via the voice input terminal for CD (*chenjah*).

Because this XA-107 was introduced into Mr. CyberMAX the other day; 早速試聴させてもらったところ,氏が使用されているアルパインCH-S609の音が,明らかにMDヘッドで再生するMDの音に負けているように聞こえ,こんなはずは無いと気になってしまいました。; Is [it] done and has an electronic analog switch been adopted?Or, is the sound really bad for 609? [It] decomposed by the swift attack in the thing of not being, and [it] took a picture of it was and such a translation.

Moment started to say as The relay uses for the switch of the excrement excrement and the signal, and it is seen the problem in any way ・・・.; *** The chip parts stepped over caught one's eye to short the pattern of the anxious substrate to eyes of HILO, and when the circuit is traced, <<very following> なってたのだぁ(unknown word)> -.; (The voice system describes only by 片(unknown word) ch)

Outline circuit composition


Because the part where the part recorded in red in the above-mentioned circuit negatively affects tone quality, especially a left diode violently has a wavy head in the clip when CD that the output signal level is high (high voltage specification) etc. are input (quite the same principle as (*faz*) of (*efekutah*) for the electricity guitar), tone quality is extremely ruined. Tone quality can be improved even at almost the same level as the state connected directly with the head for the measures by the thing to delete this part. Moreover, it was judged that it was not too much, left just as it is, and the adverse effect deleted only the pin of the diode in the circuit in the system of the surname at this time though there should not be the transistor for right (*myuut*) in tone quality by you as for either either (Referred to the photograph below for OK and the place only though solder was concretely absorbed, the pin was floated even if [it] removed).

Remodeling part


The chip parts in the above-mentioned four places are only removed, and remodeling assembles and is に(unknown word) end the origin now dividing.

However, it is thought that the effect can be had to be imagined from the impression "Tone quality is considerably improved" (Mr. CyberMAX story), and if (*chenjah*) etc. are not connected by using only the AUX input, it is a thing that putting in the head unit directly by way of voice system だけば(unknown word) XA-107 is obviously more advantageous in tone quality to want to be careful.

(taking a picture cooperation:Mr. CyberMAX) Thank you.

[ Notes when this material is used ]
This material is not the one that all of a certain performance and the operation, etc. is guaranteed. Therefore, when the equipment was remodeled based on this material, not the equipment does not work or the trouble such as not obtaining the expected performance occurs, and I am concerned in all obligations by any chance even if the accident etc. occur. 従って実際に機器の改造を行う際は、あくまでも各自、個人の責任において行ってください、腕に自信の無い方は絶対にトライしないで下さい。
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