A variegated CD recording edit can be enjoyed equipped with a free combination to lay and MD.

*** Simple design of variegated function and valuing 質感(unknown word) compact size of 200mm in front width

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. microcomponent system top art mini-‘ToP-ART mini'

New sale on October 21

'ToP-ART mini full system' right = price of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. speaker ‘NX-M5' of photograph right edge and remote control:10,000 yen (one pair) price of = Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. MD recorder ‘MDX-M5' on the left photograph of center:Left center under of photograph =47,800 yen price of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. cassette deck ‘KX-M5':Central 20,000 yen right = Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. CD (*chenjahreshiiba*) ‘CRX-M5' price of photograph:42,000 yen- The price is excluding tax in both.

September, 1998

Our company puts micro component system “ToP-ART mini" ((*toppuahtomini*)) series by which 200milli in front width compact single goods components are combined on the market as an audio new product on Wednesday, October 21. The system's being centered will assume the one that MD recorder ‘MDX-M5' was added to this ‘MCR-5' to be 'ToP-ART mini MD system'by ‘MCR-5' of a basic system which sets CD (*chenjahreshiiba*) and the speaker, and sell the one that cassette deck ‘KX-M5' was added in addition as 'ToP-ART mini full system'CD (*chenjahreshiiba*) ‘CRX-M5' which composes a basic system and speaker system ‘NX-M5' sell single goods.

< product outline >

It is forecast that the product equipped with MD becomes a main current along with the rise of the popularity of MD which is an easy, compact recording media in the audio system including the minicomponent, and the installing rate at the end of this year exceeds 70%. Especially, the commodity of the category which is called the micro component of 200mm or less in front width is popular (our company examination).

New product “ToP-ART mini" is a micro component system the first among our company which puts it on the market in the background of the trend of such a market, and a new series of the real intention to make a variegated function and simple operativeness united in a compact body of 200mm in front width.

ベーシックシステムの『MCR-5』は,3連奏CDチェンジャー内蔵のレシーバ(アンプとチューナの一体ユニット)とコンパクトで高音質なスピーカを組み合わせたシステムで,; The MD system which added MD recorder ‘MDX-M5' assumed the price obtained that 100,000 yen was under easily.; Moreover, a free combination and the point which can be laid out are big independent features for all units one by one because (*S) assumes the product in complete.

In addition, the feature of down size component “ToP-ART" (note 1) series is succeeded, the aluminum panel of the (*shirukiigohrud*) color with high-level feeling is treated forward, and it is assumed the refined high design of the interior design additionally with the speaker of a wooden cabinet in which it is calm. [It] has "Multi synchronized recording function" that synchronized (synchronization) five kinds of recordings including synchronous recording from CD to MD and the cassette tape are possible and a lot of functions to pursue convenience as the system such as the other two three playing CD (*chenjah*) which can exchange CD while performing, and in addition, can [it] record freely with MD and the cassette, and the edit be enjoyed.

Details are as follows.

< feature of new product >

< price and sale days >

Series name Name of articles Serial number Price System configuration
MD system Full system
“ToP-ART mini"
Basic system MCR-5 52,000 yen
CD (*chenjahreshiibah*) CRX-M5 42,000 yen
Two way speaker system NX-M5 10,000 yen (one pair)
MD recorder MDX-M5 47,800 yen
Cassette deck KX-M5 20,000 yen
Price of system 99,800 yen 119,800 yen

- The price does not contain the consumption tax.

- sale day:October 21
- the first number of monthly production schedule:12,000 sets

< note >

< main specification >

- CD (*chenjahreshiiba*) ‘CRX-M5'

Amplifier Ratings output 20W+20W(1KHz、THD、10%、6)
Input selector TUNER/CD/TAPE/AUX(MD)
Input sensitivity/impedance 400mV/47k
Output terminal TAPE and AUX(MD) and (*sabuuufa*)
Headphone and light digital (CD)
Part CD Method CD (*chenjah*)/three piece Play Xchange
Reading method Non-contact optics reading method
D/A converter 1bit DAC
(*waufurattah*) Below measurement limit value
Function Recording, synchronized recording (TAPE,MD), and one/ALL repetition, random reproduction, program reproduction/Edith recordings (TAPE) of one disk
Tuner Range of FM reception frequency 76.0MHz〜108.0MHz
FM reception sensitivity 10dB
Range of AM reception frequency 522KHz〜1629KHz
AM reception sensitivity 50dB
(*puriset*) 30 games
Others AM stereo
Synthesis Power supply/voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
Consumption electric power 40W
AC outlet Non-synchronization (*ra*) 1 (MAX100W)
Externals size 200W (*ra*) 150H (*ra*) 329Dmm
Weight 5.0kg
Attached goods Remote control, loop antenna for AM, antenna for FM, and system connector cable

- Speaker system ‘NX-M5'

Method Two (*weibasuref*) method
Unit (*uufa*):10cm
The maximum, permissible input 40W
Impedance 6
Externals size 150W (*ra*) 225H (*ra*) 202Dmm
Weight 2.4kg
Attached goods (*supiikakeiburura*) 2

- MD recorder ‘MDX-M5'

Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Recording method Magnetic field modulation overwrite method
Reproduction method Non-contact optics
Laser Semiconductor laser
Sampling rate 44.1KHz (It is possible to convert it from 48KHz/36KHz).
Voice compression method ATRAC (acoustic form adaptive transformer coding)
Number of channels Two channels
Recording reproduction time 74 minutes at most
Frequency characteristic (*a*) 20-20000Hz0.3dB
(*waufurattah*) Below measurement limit value
Input terminal (*anarogurainra*) one pin Jack
Type connector of one optical (*dejitarura*) corner
System control
Output terminal (*anarogurainra*) one pin Jack
Type connector of one optical (*dejitarura*) corner
Ratings power-supply voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
Consumption electric power 14W
Externals size 200W (*ra*) 75H (*ra*) 317Dmm
Weight 2.8kg

- Cassette deck ‘KX-M5'

Method The auto reverse stereo recording/the horizontal loading method four truck two channel playing
(*waufuratta*) 0.1% or less
Head Recording/reproduction:Hard permalloy
Deletion:Double gap ferrite
Frequency characteristic Type I(Normal) 50〜14000Hz
Type II(High) 50〜15000Hz
(*noizuridakushon*) Dolby NR B
S/N ratio 65dB
Terminal Recording input and reproduction output and system control
Power supply/voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
Consumption electric power 13W
Externals size 200W (*ra*) 75H (*ra*) 312Dmm
Weight 2.6kg
Attached goods Control cable