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August 21, 2000

New commodity

Two models of the headphone model and the hH(unknown word) sports model are put on the market to portable music player "Bio- music clip" only for bio-.

Bio- music clip eMC-HP1' (left) and eMC-P11W' (right)

The Sony marketing company (The president:ѐG(unknown word) and headquarters:Tokyo port district) adding combines with the personal computer "Bio-" and puts two models (headphone model eMC-HP1' and hH(unknown word) sports model eMC-P11W') on the market to portable music player "Bio- music clip" of commodity group "VAIO GEAR (bio- gear)" series only for bio- by which the enjoyment is expanded.

Type name Sale day Price (excluding tax)
Bio- music clip
MC-HP1 (headphone model)
MC-P11W (sports model)

The middle of September
September 2


"Bio- music clip" is a music player who enables the music contents to be enjoyed from bio- easily by the USB cable connection because [it] forwards, and [it] carries.
*** eMC-HP1' of the sale at this time adopts <(*sutairish*)> (*nekkuband*) integration design by the headphone type. The operations such as the reproductions and putting out the head can be consolidated in the main body of a right headphone, and [it] operate it by one hand while installing it. A pleasant listening in (*keiburures*) can have the enjoyment for about six hours (continuous reproduction) with one single O`(unknown word) alkali dry battery.
The style to enjoy music by eMC-P11W' is hH(unknown word) sports specification ("JIS hH(unknown word) II type" the main body to be able to enjoy music even on the beach and the pool side) is expanded further. Moreover, the installation with the arm strap in addition to the installation with the clip and the problem strap was enabled. Music can be had to be enjoyed by the portable method of putting on the scene together.
"Bio- music clip" becomes three models in total by putting two models on the market together with the sale already model (sale on the eMC-P10' January 15), and the music life by bio- extends more and more happily according to the listening style.

- Main feature of bio- music clip

1. Portable music player who can take out music because of bio-
Portable music player who builds memory of 64MB into. It is possible to listen by connecting with bio- with USB, taking the music file from HDD of bio-, and carrying about easily.
y MC-HP1 (headphone model)z
*** <(*sutairish*)> (*nekkuband*) integration design. The basic operation button is consolidated in the main body of the headphone (right). [It] continuous reproduces for about six hours with one single O(unknown word) alkali dry battery.
y MC-P11W (hH(unknown word) sports model)z
A strong hH(unknown word) specification in the sweat and the drop of water. (The main body is JIS hHE^(unknown word)) A small size and a light design of about 60g(Include it one AA type alkali dry battery) in about 20mm and mass of the diameter of the main body. It is also possible to fix to the arm with the arm strap of another and the attachment which can be fixed to clothes with the clip and put on the neck with the strap.

- Windows(R) 98/Windows(R)98 Second Edition/Windows(R) 2000 [It] operates by each "Bio-" model to which Professional is (*puriinsutohru*)ed. I will guide the operation confirmation ending model on VAIO home page ( by the sale. CD-ROM drive is necessary for the installation of attached software.

*** Sony <original> <software gOpenMG Jukebox"> attachment for reproduction
[It] conforms to SDMI by adopting copyright protection technology gOpenMG".
The music contents wired by music CD and various music file nets are encoded by copyright protection technology gOpenMG" and [it] records on HDD of bio-. [It] reproduces like the juke while controlling these.; *** Attachment which can be forwarded from HDD of bio- to this machine <Sony original software gOpenMG Jukebox">.; The music copyright is protected according to regulations of an examination US SDMI(Secure Digital Music Initiative) group of the copyright protection technology, and the rights of healthy development of the music culture and right those who buy it are secured.

With - gOpenMG"
Copyright protection technology to control music contents taken on personal computer.
The software installed in the personal computer encodes contents, [it] records on HDD, the reproduction of music is enjoyed on the personal computer, and illegal distribution Makoto to Internet etc. is prevented while possible to be enjoyed because [it] forwards it to portable audio equipment.

3. [It] corresponds to both codecs of ATRAC3MP3.
The compression method of the voice data corresponds to both codecs of ATRAC3MP3. After [it] encodes it by gOpenMG", it is possible to forward it to the reproduction and this machine even by each method on HDD of bio-.
The stereo voice of about 60 minutes can be collected to memory (64MB) of this machine for about 80 minutes in 128kbps mode of MP3 in standard (105kbps) mode of ATRAC3.

Main specification of - eMC-HP1' eMC-P11W'

Record method ATRAC3MP3
Frequency characteristic 20Hz`20kHz
The maximum recording time
ATRAC3 bit rate 132kbps:About 60 minutes
105kbps (standard mode):About 80 minutes
66kbps:About 120 minutes
MP3 128kbps:About 60 minutes
Output terminal MC-HP1:It is not.
MC-P11W:Headphone terminal (stereo mini-Jack)
Power supply AA type alkali dry battery ~1
Battery duration MC-HP1:MC-P11W for about six hours:For about five hours
Size MC-HP1: Headphone style
MC-P11W:24.7~132.1~29.0mm in depth in height in width
Mass MC-HP1:About 125g and MC-P11W:About 60g
(Include it one AA type alkali dry battery)
Attached goods list Software CD-ROM(OpenMG Jukebox) and USB connection code
AA type alkali dry battery
Only MC-P11W:Headphone, problem strap, and arm strap

Necessary system (system requirements)
Correspondence model Windows(R) 98/Windows(R)98 Second Edition/Windows(R) 2000 "Bio-" series by which Professional is (*puriinsutohru*)ed
CPU MMX(R) technology Pentium(R) processor 233MHz or more
(Pentium(R) E(unknown word) processor 400MHz or more recommends it)
Empty capacity of HDD 50MB or more (Besides, empty capacity for the music data is necessary).
Memory 64MB or more
Additionally, needed device CD-ROM drive and terminal USB

- Inquiry of customer:
*** VAIO catalog <center> 03-5454-0700- VAIO home page:URL

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