< feature of MD-MT66 >

1. "Liquid crystal edge light" and "Optical sign" functions that high brightness LED shines when charging and operating it
¥ Portable MD begins to appear, and an optical sign by which high brightness LED ((*injikeitah*)) is arranged in the surroundings part of the main body liquid crystal is adopted. Surroundings of the liquid crystal blink when charging and operating it, and the operation situation is produced fashionable.
¥ Three colors "Blue" and "Pink" of the pastel color with "Silver" that there is shine feeling in Sharp in (*kyabikarah*) and feeling of coolness were adopted.

2. "Charge stand (with remote control folder)" which can be easily charged only by putting it
¥ *** It is easily attached <the charge stand which can be charged> only by putting the main body in the portable telephone sense.
¥ The accumulation of "Effect of the memory" generated on the nickel hydrogen charge pond is detected with the refreshing (electrical discharge) circuit built in the main body and the charge stand, and [it] refreshes it automatically (electrical discharge). The addition charge in the state of the capacity's of the battery remaining can be done at ease.
¥ [It] matches it as an interior design of the skeleton material of the adoption and the room in the charge stand.
¥ It was assumed the new design by which a convenient remote control folder which was able to multiply remote control when the edit was operated in the charge and the main body was integrated.

3. "W shuttle key" to which edit operation is done easily
¥ The shuttle key that operativeness is good for both sides in the main body liquid crystal part is adopted.
¥ The character call when [it] downs, and the character sending/return of the tune and improve of the volume/is input can be easily done by operating the shuttle key up and down. Moreover, the switch of the heavy bass mode and & of the selection of the content of the edit decision operation can be speedily done.

4. The recording for a long time and the reproduction for a long time are achieved.
¥ The new picking up super-thin efficient & equipped with the new hologram laser is adopted. *** LSI of ATRAC which can be called the heart of MD adopts newly developed ˜^ ‘æ <again> the seventh generation of low consumption electric power type LSI with 0.25ƒÊm process goods which used the latest technology. The decrease of the system consumption electric power by a high-speed rotation of the disk was achieved, picking up and the conserved electric power design of mechanism were aimed at, and the reproduction was achieved for the recording and a long time of a long time.
¥ A continuous recording/about 30 hours can continuously be reproduced for a long time for long time of about 15.5 hours by using together about the nickel hydrogen charge pond and 1 AA dry battery. Moreover, the reproduction of about 6.5 hours and recording/about 12 hours was achieved also on one charge pond.
¥ The drive with the high capacity alkali AA dry battery of one (1.5V) can be achieved by the low voltage design, and the recording of about six hours/about 18 hours be reproduced.

5. MD portable recorder of small size
¥ The number of parts was reduced by making the thickness of the adoption of newly picking up of a super-thin type and the record head and the going up and down mechanisms thin, and achieving efficient arrangement of a miniaturization of the motor and main parts and consolidating in addition, and the miniaturization of the surface area about 13% and about 5% in the volume was aimed at compared with present commodity (MD-MT831). A small portable MD size for an average reproduction was achieved in the surface area.

6. For the Chinese character display remote control (The Chinese character display remote control is an optional).
¥ If remote control (AD-S53RM) for the optional Chinese character display is connected, character information on the disk to which the Chinese character and the hiragana was input can be displayed. Character information on the Chinese character and the hiragana not to mention the display of a Japanese syllabary/a British number/past sign can be seen easily and [it] display it comprehensible. (The normal-width characters of a Japanese syllabary and a British number, etc. display ten characters at a time by five characters of the Chinese character and the hiragana)

7. The digital recording level control is installed.
¥ *** [It] tends <a digital radio, and LD etc. of each difference, BS voice broadcasting, and digital communication satellite broadcasting the recording level> CD <smaller than CD the recording level>. The disk where the recording level becomes complete can be edited, and when reproducing, music can be enjoyed by the same volume if the recording level is adjusted when such a digital sound source is recorded.

8. Vertical & is slim. Shining fashionable liquid crystal remote control
¥ *** Remote control can easily operate it the shape of vertical slim & it is easy to grasping.
¥ With the backing light, the display can be easily confirmed even by a dark point.

9. *** ‚¾‚í‚Á‚½(unknown word) high pitched sound quality <quality> design of sound
¥ The amplifier circuit adopts the +/- power supply audio circuit installed in the component etc.The high pitched sound quality can be achieved because there is no output capacitor which leads to the tone quality deterioration.
¥ The high pitched sound quality 24 bit operation method and three dimension (axis direction/frequency axis direction/time direction of the amplitude) adjustment type (*bittoarokeishon'arugorizum*) are adopted in the part ATRAC where [it] compresses/the sound which becomes the nucleus of the tone quality of MD is extended, and in clearing with the expansion can be enjoyed.
¥ It was possible to record from CD more faithfully, and AD/efficient 20 bit DA converter which achieved the recording/the reproduction of the high pitched sound quality was installed in the signal at a minute level.
¥ X-BASS of a digital method can be adopted in the heavy bass reproduction, and a heavy bass with few noises with power be enjoyed.

10. For fashionable, convenient for carry hand strap
¥ Because a hand strap on the market is installed, the main body can be produced more fashionable by installing the hand strap of the favor.

11. It is strong in the vibration from the outside, and installs "‰¹”ò‚Ñ(unknown word) guard memory" of about 40 seconds.
¥ Music can be pleasantly enjoyed without doing sound ”ò‚Ñ for 40 seconds or less even if intermitted vibration is received by installing of 16 Mbits DRAM.

12. Equipped with sampling rate converter which can record personal computer digitally from running music information and BS/CS directly
¥ The network correspondence to be able to edit music information which can be acquired with the personal computer digitally directly by using a digital sound card (optional AD-AJ2) and an optical digital cable (optional AD-M2DC). (The contract on the personal computer side is necessary to acquire music information on the personal computer side)
¥ Music information can be edited digitally from the CS tuner and the BS tuner (with optical, digital output terminal) directly(Optical optional digital cable AD-M1DC is necessary)

13. [It] corresponds to the business youth of the recording of the conference and the lecture etc.
¥ "Microphone synchronized function" The recording starts automatically reacting on the sound and the voice. Moreover, the disk can be used without uselessness because a no sound of three seconds or more is perceived and [it] stops temporarily.
¥ "Twice recording function of the monaural length time" It is possible to record by the twice at the disk display time in the monaural mode.
¥ *** When the content of the minutes of the conference is confirmed, it is very convenient because "<fast> function of twice of <‘•·(unknown word)> reproduction" the disk recorded in the twice recording mode of the monaural length time can be heard by usual twice the speed.
¥ "Auto mark function of time" The point when the head putting out point can be automatically recorded at constant intervals (3/10 step of three minute/five minute/switch), and [it] asks it again later is easily searchable.

14. "Character stamp function" from MD to MD by which character information can be easily edited.
¥ After [it] records, the stamp of the sound of character information on mastering MD can be wholly done from MD to MD when editing it.

15. Recording of CD sound synchronized of digital/analog correspondence

16. Convenient reproduction function like random reproduction and random repetition reproduction, all tunes one repetition, etc.

< specification of MD-MT66 >

Name of articles MD portable recorder
Shape name MD-MT66-S /- (silver)A (blue) /- P (pink)
Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Recording method Magnetic field modulation overwrite method
Reading method Non-contact optics reading method (semiconductor laser use)
Number of rotations About 400-1,350 rpm
Error correction method (*adobansudokurosuintahriiburiidosoromonkohd*) (ACIRC)
Number of channels Stereo two channels/monaural (mode for a long time) one channel
Sampling rate 44.1kHz(32kHz and 48kHz are converted into 44.1kHz and recorded).
Voice compression extension method ATRAC(Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding) 24 bit operation method
Frequency characteristic 20`20,000Hz(}3dB)
(*waufurattah*) *** As follows <measurement limit (}0.001%W.PEAK)>
Input terminal Optical, digital using combinedly and line/microphone (for plug Inn power)
Output terminal Headphone/remote control terminal using combinedly
Input sensitivity
Recording level Standard input level Input impedance
MIC H 0.25mV 10kĦ
MIC L 2.5mV 10kĦ
LINE 100mV 20kĦ
Output level
Regulated output The maximum output level Load impedance
Headphone \ 5mW+5mW 32ƒ¶
LINE 250mW \ 10ƒ¶
Power supply
DC 1.2V : Attached nickel hydrogen charge pond (AD-N55BT) ~1
DC 1.5V : Attached dry battery case (AA type alkali dry battery 1.5V~1)
DC 1.5V : Optional car power supply adaptor (AD-CA55X) (DC12V/24V minus earth car exclusive use)(optional plug adaptor (AD-M66PA) using together)
DC 5.0V : Attachment AC adaptor (100V AC,50/60Hz) (attached charge stand using together)
Battery duration
When attached charge pond (full charge) is used When dry battery case with attachment is used
At one high capacity AA alkali dry battery use When attached charge pond (full charge) one high capacity AA alkali dry battery + is used
*** For about continuous <recording> 6.5 hours *** For about continuous <recording> 6.0 hours *** For about continuous <recording> 15.5 hours
*** For about continuous <reproduction> 12.0 hours *** For about continuous <reproduction> 18.0 hours *** For about continuous <reproduction> 30.0 hours
- At edge light OFF of the main body- the continuous recording time c In the analog input at volume level gVOL0"- the continuous reproduction time c At volume level gVOL15"
Charge time For about 3.5 hours (The charge stand is used)
Externals size 78.9 (depth)72.0 (width)~19.5 (height)~ mm
Mass About 137g(The charge pond contains it).
Attached goods
- 1 (with in the case of charge pond) and code ~ AC adaptor ~1 hydrogen charge pond ~ liquid crystal remote control ~ one headphone ~ one connection one nickel - Book ~ stand ~ one (*kyaringukeis*) ~ one manual ~1 AA dry battery case ~ one guarantee one charge

< another goods for sale for MD-MT66 >

¡ Nickel hydrogen charge pond AD-N55BT Standard price 2,200 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ AC adaptor AD-SS70AP Standard price 5,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
[ For world wide (100-240V) ]
¡ Chinese character display remote control AD-S53RM Standard price 7,500 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ Stereo headphone HP-MD70 Standard price 3,500 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ Car power supply adaptor (for 12V/24V car) AD-CA55X Standard price 3,800 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ Plug adaptor AD-M66PA Standard price 1,800 yen Sale schedule in October
¡ Cassette adaptor AD-CT13 Standard price 3,500 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ Liquid crystal remote control with clock AD-S31RM Standard price 7,500 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ Thai pin microphone MC-TP1 Standard price 7,800 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
MC-TP2 Standard price open price [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ (*baundariimaik*) MC-BD1 Standard price 10,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ One-point stereo microphone MC-TS1 Standard price 1,300 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ Optical digital cable AD-M1DC Standard price 3,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
AD-M2DC Standard price 3,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
¡ Digital sound card AD-AJ2 Standard price 25,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.

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