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May 24, 2001

New commodity

"MD Walkman" which came to use it easily in addition corresponding to a convenient "Group function" for the management of the tune of the disk recorded with MDLP and the MD deck is put on the market.

MD deck ‘MDS-JE770' (left) and MD Walkman ‘MZ-E501' (right)(silver, blue, pink, and yellow)

The Sony marketing (The president:Kei Kodera and headquarters:(Inc.)Tokyo port district) puts MD deck ‘MDS-JE770' of MD where stereo mode (MDLP) was installed for a long time and "MD Walkman" ‘MZ-E501' on the market. Both machines are "Group function" by which two or more tunes recorded on the MD disk can be classified into the group, and the call be reproduced according to the favorite- One has been adopted.
"MD Walkman" ‘MZ-E501' can reproduce the registered disk by using the group function as MD deck ‘MDS-JE770' corresponds to the registration of "Group function" and the reproduction.

Type name Sale day Hope retail price Color First monthly production
Portable mini-disc player
"MD Walkman" ‘MZ-E501'
June 10 Open price Silver and blue
Pink and yellow
MD deck ‘MDS-JE770' June 21 Gold 2,000

Stereo mode (MDLP) can record about 80 for a long time when assuming about four minutes per one of about the maximum 320 minutes a piece on the disk of 80 existing minutes. Two models put on the market at this time correspond to "Group function" which can be controlled dividing the recorded tune up to 99 groups or less. It is possible to reproduce by being able to divide the tune recorded on the disk into the group of the favorite according to classification by artist and the genre, etc. by using "Group function", and calling the group easily.
*** In MD deck ‘MDS-JE770', the operation which uses "Group function" can <various> be done. Can [it] record, and the recorded tune be divided into the group newly making a new group. Moreover, the group which makes it once with the tune left can be extinguished. Personal computer connection kit of another sales- Light is output by way of the terminal USB, and music in the personal computer the file can be recorded digitally by using two. [It] aimed at the reproduction by the high pitched sound quality, and when recording, DSP“TYPE-R" for ATRAC which carefully did the bit distribution at a minute level of the sound was installed.
"MD Walkman" ‘MZ-E501' installed LED to understand the state of ON/OFF of "Group function" and the amount of the battery remainder in one glance on the back of the main body, pursued a convenient "Charge stand" for the charge, and easiness to use was pursued as the attachment etc.The design can prepare the color of the main body and four colors each charge stand, and have the choice according to the favorite. Reproduction for equipped with "(*dejitarusaundopuriset*)" function of favorable comment which can be customized to tone quality of my specification and about continuousness 81 hours- Three has been achieved.
- As for 1"Group function", only a usual reproduction function operates in non-correspondence machine.
The recording reproduction machine is needed for making to the group.
- The group function cannot be operated with two high personal computers.
- At LP4 mode にての(unknown word) reproduction of using three attachment chewing gum type (*nikad*) charge pond with one alkali AA dry battery together

- Main feature common to two models

*** For mode (MDLP) of stereo for a long time <1. MD>
The new compression of MD which adopts “ATRAC3" with a past voice compression method of MD and the compression efficiency of about twice “ATRAC" for the voice data compression codec format. When the disk is used for 80 existing minutes, 320 minutes at most can be recorded the high pitched sound quality stereo and be reproduced for 160 minutes at most in the LP4 mode in the LP2 mode (Only the reproduction corresponds because ‘MZ-E501' is a machine only for the reproduction).
The MD disk used now can be used as it is, and the disk to which the stereo was recorded in the MDLP mode can be reproduced.
It is not possible to reproduce - with the equipment of the tune recorded in the MDLP mode of non-correspondence in the MDLP mode.

2. Convenient "Group function" adoption for arrangement and selection of tune
When one is assumed to be about four minutes for about the maximum 320 minutes, the disk where the stereo was recorded in the MDLP mode can record about 80. In "Group function", the tune recorded on the disk can be registered separately for the group of the favorite according to former CD, classification by artist, and the genre, etc.How to name the group name is similar to the input of the title of the tune. *** Because ‘MZ-E501' is a machine only for the reproduction, the group cannot be registered <can the quick selection from the group when looking for the tune which wants to listen besides useful for the arrangement of the tune> <(>. Only the reproduction corresponds)

Main feature of - ‘MDS-JE770'

1. Variegated MD which uses the personal computer can be edited. ※2
If personal computer connection kit “PCLK-MN10A" (hope retail price 15,000 yen and excluding tax) of another sales is used, [it] connects with a personal computer on hand, it is possible to operate of the MD deck by the personal computer, edit MD, and input the title. Music CD of the CD-ROM drive of the personal computer and music in the personal computer the file can be done and USB be done from the personal computer.

2. S.F (scale factor) Edith function that voice level of recorded MD can be adjusted back
The voice level recorded in recording ending MD (magnet-optical disk) other than a music software on the market can be adjusted back. Moreover, it is possible to cut on the way and the fade-in by which the start of a fade-out by which the recorded tune can be produced to natural how to end and an impressive tune can be processed can be edited.
- This function cannot be used for the truck of MD recorded in the MDLP mode.

3. “TYPE-R" DSP for ATRAC of the high pitched sound quality is installed.
“TYPE-R" DSP for ATRAC which distributes the re-analysis of the music data and the amount of the bit again is installed by using original "Intelligent bit rear location algorithm", and a high pitched sound quality near the source of the more recording is achieved.
- When the MDLP mode is selected, processing by “TYPE-R" DSP is not done.

Main feature of - ‘MZ-E501'

1. "Charge stand" attachment which can be easily charged only by putting it
*** It is <charge stand> attached of four colors matched to the color of the main body. It is possible to charge it easily only by putting it on the charge stand.

*** With built-in which understands <2. state of group control and amount of the battery remainder> <"知(unknown word) らせ(unknown word) <leaving> LED of color of three">
State of ON/OFF of "Group function" and "Amount of the battery remainder" are understood from lighting and blinking of LED built into the main body to three colors (red, green, and orange) in one glance.

3.充実のバッテリーライフ連続再生約81時間- Achievement of three
A continuous reproduction of about 81 hours is achieved for the LP4 mode by the chewing gum type (*nikad*) charge pond and using together one Sony alkali AA dry battery about the attachment. Moreover, a continuous reproduction of about 63 hours has been achieved in a standard mode. The music life in outdoor can be enjoyed as the battery cutting hardly worries.

4. Equipped with "(*dejitarusaundopuriset*)" function which can be customized to tone quality of my specification
The level of the high pitched sound (TREBLE (*toreburu*)) and the bass (BASS bus) can be selected respectively according to eight stages, and a fine sound creation by 64 kinds of is possible. In addition, because the tone quality of the favor is (*puriset*)ed by two kinds, it is possible to enjoy it by the tone quality always customized to my specification.

5. Other features
- Remote control "Stick controller" attachment by which operativeness is pursued
- Main body of colorful color variation of four colors which can be chosen by favor
- Equipped with "(*wantatchiijekt*) mechanism" that putting disk in and out is easy
- Equipped with "Program reproduction" function that reproducing 曲順(unknown word) can be set
- Equipped with 音飛び(unknown word) guard memory for long time of about longest 160 seconds
(The LP4 mode reproduces:/LP2 (*ohd*) and the monaural mode reproduces about 160 seconds:A standard mode reproduces for about 80 seconds:about 40 seconds)

- Main specification

Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Reproduction reading method Non-contact optics reading (semiconductor laser use)
Number of channels Stereo two channels/monaural one channel
Sampling rate 44.1kHz
Voice compression method ATRAC(Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding) ATRAC3:LP2 stereo and LP4 stereo
Frequency characteristic 20〜20,000Hz±3dB
(*waufurattah*) Below measurement limit value
Output terminal Headphone (stereo mini-Jack)
Externals size
/maximum and externals sizes
The maximum projection does not include about 74.5×80.5×17.9mm.
/about 76.5×81.5×19.2mm (width × height × interior taking)
Mass About 80g(Only the main body :)/about 105g(contained charge pond).
Attached goods Headphone with liquid crystal remote control, charge stand, AC power adaptor, rechargeable (*nikad*) charge pond ‘NC-6WM', (*batteriikyaringukeis*), dry battery case, and (*kyaringupohchi*)
Power supply One (optional) rechargeable (*nikad*) charge pond ‘NC-6WM' (attachment) and AA type dry battery
The dry battery case is equipped with external power supply Jack DC (ratings DC1.5V) (*injakk*).
Charge time For about three hours- When charger (attachment) is used
Battery duration Rechargeable (*nikad*) charge pond ×1 Sony alkali AA dry battery ×1 At using together
Standard mode For about 14 hours For about 43 hours For about 63 hours
LP2 mode For about 16 hours For about 51 hours For about 67 hours
LP4 mode For about 18 hours For about 60 hours For about 81 hours

Recording method Magnetic field modulation overwrite method
Reproduction reading method Non-contact optics reading
Number of rotations About 400rpm-900rpm
Error correction method ACIRC(Advanced Cross Interleave Reed-Solomon Code)
Voice compression method ATRAC(Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding)/ATRAC3
Modulation method EFM(Eight to Fourteen Modulation)
D/A converter Hybrid pulse D/A converter
A/D converter 24bitΔΣ
Frequency characteristic 5Hz〜20,000Hz±0.3dB
Dynamic range (JEITA) 96dB or more
The S/N ratio (Reproduce). 98dB or more
All high note wave warp rate (JEITA) 0.006% or less
(*waufurattah*) *** As follows <measurement limit value (±0.001%W.PEAK)>
Power supply AC100V, 50/60Hz
Consumption electric power 11W
The maximum and externals sizes
Mass About 3.1kg

- Inquiry of customer:
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