Sony is MD deck for 2/4 time length by which the operation and digital can be recorded from PC.

Sale on October 10

Standard price:49,000 yen

Where to make contact:Customer consultation center

The Sony Ltd. puts MD deck “MDS-PC3" of this personal computer connection kit bale which corresponds to “MDLP(Mini Disc Long Play mode)" on the market for 49,000 yen from October 10.

MDLP is a standard recorded in MD by using voice compression codec “ATRAC3" has been adopted by semiconductor player "Memory stick Walkman" of this company and "Network Walkman", etc.Two modes of the LP4 mode which can be recorded by the LP2 mode and four times (320 minutes) which can be recorded by the twice (160 minutes when media are used for 80 minutes) on a past MD disk are prepared. The bit rate is 66kbps in 132kbps and the LP4 mode in the LP2 mode, and it is assumed, "Almost the same tone quality as past MD(ATRAC) in the LP2 mode" in this company. The reproduction of MD recorded with MDLP cannot be reproduced in only a player for MDLP possible, past MD deck.

PC link kit “PCLK-MN10" of the USB connection must be packed up together about the maximum feature of MDS-PC3. The operation of the MD deck, the edit, and the title input become possible from the personal computer because (*S) installs coordinated software “M-CREW" (PC/AT compatible and Windows 98/98 SE exclusive use) of “PCLK-MN10" in the personal computer. In addition, because PCLK-MN10 is equipped with the optical, digital output terminal, the music such as music CD of the CD-ROM drive of the personal computer and MP3 files file can be recorded to MD digitally. It is not possible to take it from MD to the personal computer.

S.F ((*sukeiruefekutah*)) (*edit*) function that the voice level of recorded MD can be adjusted is installed as a function of a usual MD deck. It is possible to adjust it while seeing the graph if not only the entire volume but also the fade-in and the fade-out, etc. can be edited, and the personal computer is used. It is enabled the achievement of a high pitched sound quality near the source of the more recording by DSP TYPE-R for ATRAC which distributes the re-analysis of the music data and the amount of the bit again and installing it by using "Intelligent bit rear location algorithm" of original this company. Both S.F and DSP TYPE-R are non-correspondences at the MDLP mode.

Externals size is 152×255×52mm(width × interior taking × height), and about 1kg in weight. 1 and optical 1 and digital × output analogue × terminal have 1 and 1 and light headphone × analogue ×1 digital × in the input terminal.

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Character input to MD by easy victory. ! MD deck MDS-PC1 of Sony
【 key word 】 MDLP(Mini Disc Long Play mode)

(August 31, 2000)

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