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Soft MD Carrying Cases

After searching far & wide for a decent carrying case for discs (up to now I have them all over the glove box, on the console of my car, etc., I have found a neat case. It is called a "floppy wetsuit" manufactured by Silicon Sports, 127 Independence Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA. Phone # 415-327-7900. Fax # 415-327-7962. This is the same company that makes the foam wrist pads for computer keyboards.

These wetsuits are actually made for floppy 3.5" discs but MDs fit in them very nicely. They are made of a durable squishy neoprene with a heafty zipper and a pull string suitable as a carrying handle. They come in black/black black/blue and black/purple. There are two sizes: the Floppy Wetsuit 10 (intended to carry 10 floppies) will comfortably handle 6 MDs in their protective cases. There is also a Floppy Wetsuit 30 that comfortably holds 15 MDs in their cases. I was able to purchase the 10's at Office Depot & I believe they are about $19.00 US. I had to special order the 30 from a specialty stationary store & it cost me $25.00 US. I strongly recommend these cases for transporting your MD discs away from home.
-John, Paula, Danny & Ben Ebert ([email protected])

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