March 22, 2001

Portable MD recorder equipped with MDLP

Name of the company Aiwa

Product name AM-F90

Aiwa puts portable MD recorder “AM-F90" equipped with MDLP which can be recorded the stereo and reproduced for a long time on the market on April 1.

The stereo do twice record, it is possible to reproduce in four times and LP2 modes of usual MD in the LP4 mode, and can record 320 minutes at most for 80 minutes on the MD disk. *** It was <one-point stereo microphone to be able to do the digital life recording> attached.

Moreover, it is excellent in operativeness as (*jogurebah*) can attach to a right and left main body, and an edit operation and various setting be done in a basic operation of MD and the left in the right. [It] equipped it with a variegated function such as "Personal disk memory" by which the volume, tone quality, and the reproduction mode etc. of each disk were able to be set independently besides the continuous mode reproduction of 66 hours or less was able to be enjoyed by the attached charge pond and using together the AA alkali dry battery.

The size is about 78.9×17.1× about 135g in the interior taking 72.0mm and weights in height in width. The price is 43,000 yen.

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