Blank MDs from Minidisco

Minidisco offers blank JVC/Victor 74-minute MINIDISCS for $5.00 each, in minimum orders of 20 discs. These are first-quality, blank audio MiniDiscs in their original packaging, imported directly from Japan. Each order comes with a 15-disc carrying case with the words "Surf's up!" printed on one side.


Two shipment methods:

  1. COD by FedEx 3-day economy rate ($7.60 per shipment of 20 discs + $5.00 COD).
  2. US mail (roughly $3.00 per 20 disks sent, however prepayment is required).
Please specify how many discs you would like, shipment method, and provide the following information:
Address (must be street address):
Phone number:
Contact them by E-mail at [email protected] or postal mail:
65 W. 69 St #4A
New York, NY 10023

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