MiniDisc CD/MD Decks


Amstrad MCR2500MDBookshelf CD changer w/Sharp MD-MS701 MD docking system
Intro: 1




Features: 60+1 CD multi-changer with PLL digital tuner and removable MiniDisc recorder/player. Uses Amstrad's Computer Audio Management System (CAMS). Full filing and categorizing features for CD selection. QWERTY keyboard for disc/track organization and title entering. Unique Sharp MD-MS701 docking capability for direct digital recording. Sleep button, "Traffic News" announcing, 3-level bass boost.

Links: Amstrad's official page for this unit.

Specs: 2-Way Bass Reflex Speakers, 20 Watts per channel.


Goodmans DeltaHome CD/MD Deck
Intro: 1
line in/line out

Features: Spotted in Goodmans catalogue (UK). 16 bit DA converter, Edit/Move/Divide/Combine/Erase commands, title input, 19 track programmable CD. Alpha/Numeric FLT display, repeat one/all tracks, search functions, includes remote control.

Links: A German ad for the Orion MDC-201 (337KB) is found, appearing very similar to the Goodmans 901CMD.


JVC XU-3013CD/MD deck
Intro: 1
MSRP $550
IN: mic, line, optical. OUT: line, optical

Features: Independent drawer 3CD changer allows CDs to be changed while one is playing. 1 bit D/A. CD-TEXT compatible. Title memory for up to 200 CDs. 27 Genre categories. Pitch control +/-12% in 25 steps. MD recording mixing: CD/Line, Line/Mic, Mic/CD. CD to MD synchro rec: one touch and 1st track record modes. Listening edit ("rec-it" function?). Timer (Daily play/rec and "once" play/rec). Compulink control system for connecting with other JVC components.

Links: JVC's English page for the unit. A user comments on several mis-features of the unit.


User Manual: XU-301

Marantz CM6200CD/MD deck
Intro: 12/2001
IN: RCA analog, optical digital
OUT: RCA analog, optical digital
440mm x 86mm x 316mm, 4.7kg

Features: MDLP compatible, CD->MD recording speed of 2x. For CDs with copy protection, recording to MD is automatically switched to analog mode. Tone quality adjustment, automatic analog recording level adjust, manual level controls, CD-TEXT is supported and written to the MD, timer recording function. CD player is capable of reading CD-RW discs.

Links: Marantz's official Japanese page for the CM6200.

Specs: Digital recording level control of 48dB-+18dB, 32kHz-48kHz.


Marantz CM1040
Marantz CM635
CD/MD Deck
Intro: 1
MSRP ¥76,000
in: optical, coax. out: optical426x77x336m, 4.6Kg

Features: Direct digital copying from CD to MD. Synchro recording. 1 bit D/A. Sampling rate converter. 20 track program/repeat/random play modes. D-bus, remote control.

Notes: The CM1040 and CM635 appear to be the same unit, with only styling differences.

Links: Marantz US's pages for the CM1040 unit and CM635 unit. Marantz Japan's brief blurb for the CM1040 unit. A Marantz (Philips) page extolling the virtues of MD.

Specs: Freq response: 20-20KHz, THD: CD: 0.01, MD: 0.05, S/N: 95dB, CD Dynamic range: 93dB


Memorex MDX3800CD/MD deck
Intro: 9


20.2 x 14.4 x 7.3 inches

Features: One touch CD to MD dubbing, full editing features, full function remote control.

Links: Memorex's webpage for this unit.


Onkyo FR-V77CD/MD/tuner receiver
Intro: 5/2001

IN: ?
OUT: headphones
205 x 154 x 356mm, 5.5kg

Features: CD/MD/Tuner receiver. MDLP compatible. Synchro-recording, 2X CD-to-MD recording, CD-R playback, 30-station radio presets, "DLA Link" automatically sets analog recording levels, bass boost, motor-driven volume control, battery-free memory backup.

Links: Onkyo's official page for the FR-V77.

Specs: 25W per channel (4 ohms).


Onkyo FR-435CD/MD/FM Receiver
Intro: 2
MSRP £500, ¥85,000
IN: optical Line-1, Line-2, Tape. OUT: optical, line-level subwoofer pre out, speaker435 x 90 x 420mm, 8.4kg

Features: First component receiver to incorporate CD and MD units. Built-in sampling rate converter, "Dub It" feature, Signal-synchro recording, CD to MD one-touch dubbing, Easy disc/track titling, 31 Preset titles, Edit functions (combine/divide/move/erase), 5 Repeat modes.

Links: Onkyo's English page for this unit. Colin Walker writes a very detailed review of the FR-435.

Specs: 43Watts/ch at 4, 1kHz, DIN 20-Bit D/A & A/D converter Large 35-segment dot-matrix display 30 FM manual presets


Sharp MD-R3MD deck with 3CD changer
Intro: 1
Street $710 (Austria)
in: line, optical, coax. out: line, optical

Features: Sharp ATRAC 5.0, 3 CD changer. One touch digital recording. Clock/Timer to control playback and recording and provide date and time stamp recording and display. One touch CD to MD digital copying.

User comments: Some function buttons are only on the remote, some only on the unit.The disk changer is quite noisy and slow. Ejecting CD2 while copying CD1 stops the copy. Track change glitch: We tried copying the Janet Jackson album 'The Velvet Rope' and found that the copy had glitches at some of the track changes, because there aren't breaks in the sound where the track changes are. (Janet's albums tend to be continuous...) The same problem occurs on the Enigma album 'The Cross of Changes'. The glitch can be heard during copying, but doesn't appear if you just play the CD. -Jon Herbert [It has been further reported that later units do not seem to have this track spanning problem. -eaw]

Tips: To fix the R3's track gap problem on continuous discs: If you take an optical cable and connect the optical in to the optical out, put the unit in Synch record with the MD input as the optical in, and play the CD, you can record a contiuous CD without getting gaps at the track marks. It's somewhat clunky, but it works fine. -Paul Zimmer
Another workaround for the track gap problem: I have found this only happens when you use the CD to MD one touch record button. If you put the MD in Record/Pause mode then hit Play on the CD. You will get a perfect recording everytime. -Glen Beestone



User Manual: MD-R3

Sony MXD-D400CD/MDLP deck
Intro: 06/2003
¥66,000, £230
In: line, optical. Out: line, optical, headphones.430w x 108h x 399dmm, 5.4kg


  • CD/MDLP deck (not a 5-CD changer, as Musician's Friend states)
  • ATRAC DSP Type-S (MDLP mode support)
  • 4X CD->MD dubbing (but realtime, analog dubbing for MP3-CDs->MD)
  • CD section supports MP3 CDs.
  • Digital/Analog REC level control
  • Group mode support
  • 6-second time machine recording
  • Music synchro recording, smart space
  • Program play, shuffle play, 3 repeat modes: 1 track, all tracks, A-B
  • Scale Factor edit
  • Pitch control (pitch increase not possible)
  • Timer recording/playback (with separately purchased AC timer)
  • Wireless remote (RM-D54J)
  • No music calendar, no Kanji display
  • Compatible with RM-D20 QWERTY keyboard remote
  • Availability: Japan, UK, USA


Specs: SNR & Dynamic Range > 96dB. Freq resp: 5hz-20khz +/-0.5dB. THD: < 0.005%. Hybrid Pulse DAC (192khz, 24bit), ADC (96khz, 24 bit)


User Manual: MXD-D400

Service Manual: MXD-D400

Sony MXD-D40CD/MD combo deck
Intro: 2/2001
IN: optical, coaxial, RCA
OUT: headphones, RCA
430 x 120 x 290 mm, 4.7kg


  • MDLP compatible. Sony ATRAC Type-R (ATRAC Type-R is used only during realtime SP mode dubbing, not for MDLP or high-speed SP mode dubbing).
  • 4X CD-to-MD dubbing speed in SP mode, 2X CD-to-MD dubbing in MDLP mode.
  • 6-second time-shift recording.
  • Scale Factor Edit for digital level adjustment of previously recorded tracks (SF Edit applies to SP mode tracks only).
  • connectable with PC Link Kit (PCLK-MN10A).
  • digital recording level control and memory function.
  • CD-TEXT support.
  • two-line fluorescent display simultaneously displays CD and MD information.
  • playback pitch control.


Specs: Hybrid-Pulse D/A converter, wide bit stream technology.


User Manuals: MXD-D40, MXD-D40

Service Manual: MXD-D40

Sony MXD-D4CD/MDLP combo deck
Intro: 12/2000
IN: RCA analog, optical digital
OUT: RCA analog


  • CD Player Integrated with MDLP Recorder.
  • ATRAC 4.5
  • Wide Bit Stream Technology.
  • 4x High Speed CD to MiniDisc Capability.
  • Scale Factor Edit.
  • Large Two-Line Fluorescent Display.
  • Playback Pitch Control.
  • 20-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter.
  • Hybrid Pulse D/A Converter.
  • Sampling Rate Converter.
  • Jog Dial.
  • Off-Center Insulator Feet.
  • Digital Record Level Control.
  • Advanced Timeshift Recording.
  • CD Synchro Record.
  • Smart Space Recording.
  • Shuffle Play/Program Play.
  • Remote Commander® Remote Control

Note: The MXD-D4 is essentially an MDLP version of the MXD-D3 except for the following additional features: digital record level control, playback pitch control, Auto Cut, and Scale Factor Edit.


Specs: 18W power consumption, 5-20,000 Hz ±0.5 dB frequency response.


User Manual: MXD-D4

Service Manual: MXD-D4

Sony MXD-D5CMD/5CD changer deck
Intro: 9/2000
MSRP ¥79,000
IN: line, optical, PS/2 keyboard
OUT: line, headphone
430x120x395mm, 6.5Kg


  • ATRAC with Type-R DSP (ATRAC IC: CXD-2662R)
  • 5 CD changer. MDLP recording modes
  • Scale Factor edit
  • Can record from CD to MD at 4X realtime in SP mode, or 2X realtime for MDLP recording (If a CD is not in good condition (e.g. scratched, dirty, warped, etc.) and a reading failure occurs the unit will try to record the track once again in the high speed mode. If the second try fails, it will revert to copying the CD at normal speed for the remainder of the CD). (ATRAC Type-R is only available when recording in realtime in non-LP modes from CD to MD)
  • Can display Kanji titled MDs
  • Unit is compatible with PCLK-MN10 PC connection kit
  • A PC keyboard can be connected for titling.



Specs: Dynamic range >97dB, Freq response: 5hz-20kHz +/- .5dB, THD <.005%. Hybrid pulse DAC.

User Manual: MXD-D5C

Service Manual: MXD-D5C

Sony MXD-D3CD/MD deck
Intro: 9/1999
Street: US$400
IN: line, optical. OUT: line, headphone17"W x 4-3/4"H x 12"D

Features: ATRAC 4.5. Unit will dub CD to MD at 4X realtime, slowing down for CDs it has difficulty reading. Dual CD and MD AMS (track selector) knobs. 20-bit A/D converter. Hybrid-pulse D/A. CD-text display and recording to MD. Digital and analog record level control, 6-second time-shift recording, mono recording capability, 25-track programming, random and repeat play, remote control with direct track access, MD playback pitch control, headphone jack has volume control. Warranty: 1 year in the US, 2 years in Europe.

Notes: The Sony manual says "With the following kinds of CDs, you may experience a reading failure or noise when recorded to an MD. CD's with adhesive labels, Irregularly shaped CD's (Heart shaped, Star shaped etc..), CD's with printed text concentrated on one side only, Old CD's, Scratched CD's, Dirty CD's, Warped CD's"

User Notes: One of the things I love about the MXD-D3 is the fact that it transfers CD-Text information to the MD when recording from CD, so you don't have to sit and title it all manually. However, it appears there are some SCMS-like rules for CD-Text also, and when using most burning software I get a 'TextProtect' error, meaning that the song can be copied but the text won't get to the MD. However, I've noticed a glitch that still allows the text to be transferred. When the unit is copying a CD, it puts the CD-Text title in a 'name buffer' on the MD side. Then the unit uses the buffer to insert the new information into the TOC. When it's copying a CD-Text disc with protected text, it still copies the name to this buffer, but then doesn't send the name to the TOC. I've found that while the unit is copying, if you wait until after the unit says 'textprotect' hit the AMS knob. Select 'name?' and then 'name in?'. The data is there! just hit 'yes' and it copies the name to the TOC. I know it's slightly more 'manual' than it should be, but it still beats titling manually. -Adam Sowers

Links: Sony's Japanese press release for the unit. Sony Europe announcement. Crutchfield's page for the unit. Wired News recommends the Sony MXD-D3 CD/MD deck among the gifts Santa never thought of (under ``cut the tape'', about halfway down the page). Tim Yocum has made a handsome review of the MXD-D3. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit. etown gives a lackluster review for this unit.

Specs: SNR: 98dB


User Manual: MXD-D3

Service Manuals: MXD-D3-b, MXD-D3

Sony MXD-D2CD/MD deck
Intro: 12/1998
MSRP ¥74,000
IN: line, optical, coax. OUT: line, optical, headphone.430 x 120 x 290mm, 5.2Kg

Features: Can be coupled to PC with PCLK-PX1 connecting kit to allow operation, editing and recording with PC based GUI editor (also allows Kanji and Hiragana input). (PCLK-PX1 kit is for connecting bookshelf systems and components with the Control-1 interface). Digital recording level control (+/- 12dB). Hybrid pulse D/A, 20 bit delta sigma A/D.

Links: Sony's Japanese announcement of the unit. Andy Cheng's review of this unit.

Specs: Freq. resp: 5-20kHz +/-0.5dB, Dynamic range: >97dB, SNR: > 96dB, THD: <0.005%


Sony MXD-D1Home CD/MD Deck
Intro: 9/1998
MSRP ¥77,000
in: line, MICx1. out: l ine, optical, headphone430 x 107 x 280 mm 4.5Kg, 24W

Features: Built-in CD player eases CD->MD copying. "REC-IT" button on remote, pushed while listening to CD, will seek to start of current CD track and record one track to MD, putting the MD unit in pause when finished. The unit's CD "loop mode" and MIC input can be used for making DJ type dance mixes. When playing a CD, the loop button on the remote will cause the next "phrase" of the song to be repeated, the looped phrase can be repeated up to 5 times. After the loop completes replay continues in one of two user selectable ways: as if the loop had been inserted in the song (normal mode), or as if the loop had overwritten the song (rhythm mode). Example:

	a|b|c|d|e|f|g|h		original
	a|b|b|b|b|b|c|d		normal (insert)
	a|b|b|b|b|b|g|h		rhythm
Built in one knob mixer can fade between: line input and CD, MIC and line, MIC and CD. ATRAC version 3(?). No sampling rate converter. "Wide Bit Stream". No mono recording. 6 second time machine. Smart space. Included remote: RM-D12M. Can be used with RM-D10P remote commander.

Specs: Freq resp: 5-20kHz +/-0.3dB, S/N: > 98dB (digital rec/play), > 90dB (analog rec/play), Dynamic Range: > 96dB (digital), > 90dB (analog), THD < .008% (digital), < .008% (analog), Wow/flutter: less than 0.001% W-Peak.

Links: Sony Canada page.


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