DAITEI Ordering Instructions

Use these instructions to mail-order blank MiniDiscs
directly from Osaka, Japan.

Part A

  1. Print out the form.
  2. Fill in the quantity desired and calculate the total in yen, MDs and DATs can only be ordered in packs of 10. Don't forget to include the shipping charges (JPY 1000 per MD 10 pack).
  3. Decide if you want EMS shipping. This provides: The cost is an extra JPY 900 per order plus an extra JPY 100 per MD 10 pack (in addition to the normal JPY 1000 per MD 10 pack). If selected, mark the amount in the space provided.
  4. Print your name and address in large clear block letters in the shipping label section. Don't forget to include the name of your country.
  5. Select one of these five payment methods:
    1. International Postal Money Order (Recommended for North America)
    2. Postal Money Transfer to DAITEI's Post Office Giro Account (Recommended for Europe, where available)
    3. Bank Draft (Bank Check)
    4. Cash in Japanese Yen
    5. Cash in US$
    and carry out part B of the instructions appropriate to your selection.

Part B

  1. Using an International Postal Money Order

    1. Find out what the Japanese Yen is currently worth by checking the Federal Reserve Bank Foreign Exchange Rates, AFEX, UBC, or using the currency converter (call a bank for a recent quote if the WEB information is more than 5 days old). Fill in the form with the yen rate and the date on which that rate applied. Convert the Yen total to your local currency by dividing by the Yen rate. Since the Japanese Post Office will convert your money order to JPYen in Japan, some 8 to 10 days after you mail your order, it behooves you to round up, or hedge the rate to a degree so that sufficient JPYen will be available to cover your order despite normal shifts in the exhange rate during the intervening period. This is the most inexact part of the whole process and I apologize for there not being some more certain method.
    2. At your post office purchase an International Postal Money Order suitable for sending to Japan for the amount needed (they look like this in case you're not sure). This will cost $3 (in the USA) plus the amount in question. If Hideyuki Tanaka's name will appear on the postal money order, make sure you give both his first and last name.
    3. Mail this money order along with the filled in form to DAITEI, at the address shown below:
      4-8-13 NIHONBASHI
      NANIWA-KU, OSAKA 556

      (FAX: +81-6-6632-5860 Phone: +81-6-6632-5723
      Store Hours: 10AM - 7PM JST, Closed Thursdays)

    4. Allow approximately 20 days for delivery.

  2. Using a Postal Money Transfer to DAITEI's Post Office Giro Account

    This uses a service provided through the Post Office in many European Countries (specifically the institutions shown in parenthesis in the following list: Austria (P.S.K), Belgium (POSTCHEQUE), Denmark (GiroBank A/S), Finland (Postipankki Ltd.), France (LA POSTE), Germany (Postbank), Italy (Banco Posta), Luxemburg (P&T), Madagascar (PTT), Morocco (PTT), Netherlands (Postbank), Norway (POSTBANKEN), Republic of Korea (Ministry of Communications), Spain (Cajal Postal), Sweden (Postbank Ltd.), Switzerland (PTT). This service allows you to transfer money directly to another Post Office "Giro" acount.

    (A customer has reported his experiences using Post Giro Transfer from Austria).

    1. If this service is available in your country you should be able to go to your post office and transfer the total amount due in JPYen to DAITEI's Post Giro Account. The transfer information is as follows:
      NUMBER: 00970-1-99172

    2. The post office will no doubt give you a receipt with a reference number for the transfer, copy this number onto the order form, in the space provided.
    3. Mail or FAX the form to DAITEI using the address or FAX number shown above (sending a copy of the transfer receipt could provide an extra measure of certainty).
    4. Allow 20 days for delivery (10 days if FAXed).

  3. Using a Bank Draft Denominated in Japanese Yen

    A Bank Draft (Bank Check) may be used for payment, but in this case JPY 3000 must be added to the total amount. The draft can be denominated in US$ or Japanese Yen, though Yen is preferable since there will be no uncertainties due to exchange rate fluctuations.
  4. Using Cash in Japanese Yen or US Dollars

    Somehow I've always heard people say "Never send cash through the mail!", but a fellow in the U.K. proposed this, and said that his post office would allow him to send the cash via insured mail, with insurance sufficient to cover the amount enclosed. I've talked to DAITEI and they are happy to accept cash in the mail, preferably in JPYen but US$ are also acceptable with a 2% surcharge.

    One problem with sending JPYen is that the smallest JPYen note is JPY1000, about US$10, so you may end up overpaying by up to $10 depending upon how close your total is to the nearest JPY1000. In this case, if the amount you would be overpaying is greater or equal to the price of one MD, you can ask for your "change" back in the form of one extra MD. Please mark the form next to the kind of MD you want as change with "+1 OTSURI", this means "change" in Japanese.

    The procedure is to buy enough JPYen to cover the total amount due on your order and then mail the JPYen along with the filled in order form DAITEI (insured I'd say!), at the address given above. You can probably buy your JPYen through a large bank in your area.

    If you are sending US$, you must add 2% to the total price to cover the handling charges for currency exchange.

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