MiniDisc Essay Contest ``Will MiniDisc Survive?''

Nic Boyde, veteran MiniDisc exporter, has offered a vintage Sony MZ-R50 (new in box) as a prize for writing the winning essay entitled "Will MiniDisc Survive?". Judges will give due credit for style and content, but will be chiefly interested in the author's ability to consider the problem in broad scope. If you are not a native English speaker please let us know, in which case points will not be deducted for poor grammar or spelling.

Entries should be roughly 1000 words long and submitted to [email protected] no later than midnight April 30th 2000. Judges will be Nic Boyde, Eric Woudenberg, and a third (yet to be named) MD veteran.

Prefered submission format is ASCII (.txt) or clean HTML.

Best of luck and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

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