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Check that you received the following items:

Inserting batteries into the remote

You can control the deck using the supplied remote. Insert two R6 (size-AA) batteries by matching the + and - on the batteries. When using the remote, point it at the remote sensor rs.gif - 0.2 K on the deck.

*Remote - 9.0 K

Tip - 0.4 KWhen to replace batteries.

With normal use, the batteries should last for about six months. When remote no longer operates the deck, replace all the batteries with new ones.


bbar.gif 0.9 K

Hooking up the System


This section describes how to hook up the MD deck to an amplifier or other components such as a CD player or DAT deck. Be sure to turn off the power of each component before connection.

4-2.gif - 9.9 K

What cords will I need?

4-3.gif - 3.1 K

4-4.gif - 1.2 K

4-5.gif - 1.0 K


Connecting the deck to an amplifier
Connect the amplifier to the LINE (ANALOG) IN/OUT jacks using the audio connecting cords (supplied), making sure to match the color-coded cords to the appropriate jacks on the components: red (right) to red and white (left) to white. Be sure to make connections firmly to prevent hum and noise.

5-1.gif - 5.6 K

Connecting the deck to a digital component such as a CD player, DAT deck, digital amplifier, or another MD deck.
Connect the component through the DIGITAL OPTICAL IN1/IN2/OUT or DIGITAL COAXIAL IN connectors with two (or three) optical cables (only one supplied) or a coaxial digital connecting cable (not supplied).

Take the caps off the connectors before plugging in the cables.

5-2.gif - 5.4 K

5-3.gif - 4.9 K

tip.gif 0.4 KAutomatic conversion of digital sampling rates during recording
A built-in sampling rate converter automatically converts the sampling frequency of various digital sources to the 44.1 kHz sampling rate of your MD deck. This allows you to record sources such 32- and 48- kHz DAT or satellite broadcast, as well as compact discs and other MDs.


Connecting the AC power cord

Connect the AC power cord to a wall outlet or to the outlet of a timer.

Turning on the unit (except for Canadian model)

Set MAIN POWER on the rear of the unit to ON. The unit is turned on in standby mode.

5-4.gif - 3.5 K

bbar.gif 0.9 K
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