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Recording on an MD

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Monitor audio during recording
Even if you set REC MODE to MONO, the monitor signal does not become monaural
Turn on the amplifier and play the program source you want to record.
Press POWER.
The POWER indicator changes from red to green.
Insert a recordable MD.
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If the MD has a recorded material on it, the deck will automatically start recording from the end of the last recorded track.

Set INPUT to the corresponding input connector.
To record through
Set INPUT to
Set REC MODE to the mode you want to record in.
To record in
Stereo sound
Monaural sound*
* In the monaural recording, you can record about two times
longer than in the stereo recording.
When "TOC" flashes in the display
The deck is currently updating the Table of Contents (TOC).
Do not move the deck or pull out the AC power cord. Changes to an MD made through recording are saved only when you update the TOC by ejecting the MD or changing the deck to standby by pressing POWER.
Press rec.gif - 0.1 K REC.
The deck becomes ready to record.
When recording the analog input signal, adjust the recording level with REC LEVEL.
The fourth dot is satisfactory for most purposes. For details, refer to "Adjusting the Recording Level" on page 14.
Press playw.gif - 0.2 K or pause.gif - 0.2 K.
Recording starts.
Start playing the program source.

Do not disconnect the deck from the power source immediately after recording
If you do, recorded material may not be saved to the MD. To save the material, after recording, press :eject.gif - 0.1 K EJECT to take out the MD or change the deck to standby by pressing POWER. "TOC" will flash in the display at this time. After "TOC" stops flashing and goes out, you can pull out the AC power cord.
Stop recording
stop.gif - 0.1 K
Pause recording*
pause.gif - 0.2 K. Press the button again or press playw.gif - 0.2 K to resume recording.
Take out the MD
eject.gif - 0.1 K EJECT after stopping recording
* Whenever you pause recording, the track number increases by one. For example, if you paused recording while recording on track 4, the track number increases by one and recording continues on the new track when restarted.

To protect an MD against accidental erasure
To make it impossible to record on an MD, slide the tab in the direction of arrow, opening the slot. To allow recording, close the slot.

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Note If you switch REC MODE during recording or recording pause, recording stops.

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