Japan Newsbriefs 09/11/95

TOKYO, JAPAN, 1995 SEP 11 (NB) -- In this roundup of news from Tokyo: ... Mini-Disk gains another supporter ...

Mini-Disk Gains Another Supporter

Matsushita began selling personal Mini-Disk players to consumers across Japan on Saturday, the first time the company has offered such a product. Matsushita originally backed the Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) system developed by Philips of the Netherlands, but saw very poor sales worldwide. In Japan Mini-Disk has recently begun to slowly take off and several companies have announced new Mini-Disk-based products. The company's first product, the SL-MR10, sells for 69,800 yen ($703). Projected demand for Mini-Disk players has risen to 600,000 for the current fiscal year compared with the previous year's figure of 230,000.

(Martyn Williams/19950911)