Price Survey of blank MDs

As of 27 Aug 1997
    KVJ Fairdeal Limited
    76 Whitechapel High Street
    London E1 7QX
    Tel: +44 (0)171-247 6029
    Fax: +44 (0)171-247 5099

    Sony   10 x MD W-74                 38.50
                MD W-74  (15+)           3.50

           20 x disk storage unit        3.99
                disk storage unit (2+)   3.50

    TDK    10 x MD-XG 60                37.50
                MD-XG 60 (15+)           3.50
                MD-XG 74                 3.95
                MD-XG 74 (studio)        5.99

    MAXELL      MD-74                    3.45

    JVC         MD-60                    6.50
                MD-74                    6.95
I haven't seen it posted yet, but this week at BEST BUY (at least in the
Chicago area), Maxell 74 minute MD (single pack) is $4.99. 2 Pack is
$9.99. 4 Pack is $19.99 (strange... you'd save a few cents over the 4
pack if you bought 4 single packs). This is the lowest price I've seen
since last fall ($4/60 minute, OLD Sony blanks. It was the promo pack
that was given when one would buy the Bundle-2. It came with 5 blanks, a
storage crate and a pre-recorded disc). The MD Lens Cleaner from Maxell
(dry type) is also available for $16.99.

[email protected]	

A shop in my hometown is selling Sony 74min Blanks for DM7.99 (approx.  US$
4.40), 60min for DM6.99 (US$ 3.80). For those guys who want to get some:

Media Sound
Unter den Hecken 70
41539 Dormagen, Germany

Phone: +49 2133 46486

[email protected] (Christopher Diedrich)

  The Dat Store in the Los Angeles area (310/828-6487) had over 13,000
74-minute blanks, some Sony, some TDK, for $5.00 each in multiples of
two or three. They charge only for the actual UPS or FedEx shipping
charges and promise same-day shipment.

-Gary Gilliland 

"Dixons" outlets all over the UK sell a twin pack Sony 74 mins for
9.99 - Arif Syed


Tape WareHouse in Atlanta (1-800-659-8273 or 770-458-1679) was
out-of-stock recently, but now have received more from Sony.
Their price structure is based on quantity ordered.
For 100 discs I think you'll pay $5.18 each + shipping.
I've had good dealings with them.


Tape Warehouse in Atlanta, Ga. is selling Sony blank 74 min. MDs for
$5.18 in quantities of 10 or more.  (They also sell Sony 60 min. MDs
for $5.25 in quantity 10 or more; go figure.)  They fedex them to you
at a good price as well.

Richard Johnson 

In Switzerland, REDIFFUSION shops sell five-packs of TDK 74min MDS for SFr
39.90 (~ 27.40 US$). This makes about 8 SFr (~ 5.47 US$) per MD. This is a
regular price, no limited special offer or anything.
Since there is a lot of talking about blank MD-prices, I thought I might
pass this around.

Christoph Schlachter
        KVJ Fairdeal Ltd
        Telephone: +44 (0)171 247 6029

This shop now sells Sony 60 minute discs for 1.99 UKP (including VAT) when
bought in packs of 30. Their 74 minute discs are 3.50 UKP for the same
quantity though.
Here is a source for MD data discs:
Sam Ash Music Corp.
113-25 Queens Boulevard
Forest Hills, New York  11375
For those in the US that have a local Service Merchandise store in
town, they have a 3 pack of 74 minute Sony's for $18.99.  If they have
them in the store, you can save shipping by picking them up locally.
I found them in 2 stores here in Raleigh, North Carolina.
    I just stumbled over a dealer selling blank minidiscs in London at 
    reasonable prices if you buy large quantities. Here are the prices 
    for 74min discs including VAT (they also carry 60min discs):
    Brand          Qty     Price per unit
    Maxell MD-74   10      UKP 5.89 (~US$ 9.7)
                   15+     UKP 5.20 (~US$ 8.6)
                   30+     UKP 4.85 (~US$ 8.0)
    Sony MD-W74    10      UKP 5.89 (~US$ 9.7)
                   15+     UKP 5.15 (~US$ 8.5)
    TDK MD-XG74    10      UKP 6.00 (~US$ 9.9)
                   15+     UKP 5.20 (~US$ 8.6)
    (Coloured)     10      UKP 5.49 (~US$ 9.1)
    They also carry professional minidiscs from TDK and JVC as well as a 
    large selection of DCC, DAT and video tapes including Betamax.
    Here are the dealer details:
    KVJ Fairdeal Limited
    76 Whitechapel High Street
    London E1 7Qx
    TEL: 0171-247 6029 
    FAX: 0171-247 5099
    Shop hours: Mon-fri 9.30am - 6pm
                Sat     9.30am - 1.30pm

    -Mads Hintz Madsen 

	Here is the address for the shop selling the Sony 5-pack
	(60 min.) with crate.
		The Stereo Advantage
		5195 Main Street
		Williamsville NY 14221
		(716) 632-8038
	Ask for item # SNY-MD6CRATE         $19.90

I just got the new J&R music world catolog and a 3-pack of Sony 74
minute discs are only $19.95.  TDK minidiscs are only $6.95 each.
This is a huge price drop.  The number for J&R is 1-800-221-8180.

A very good price may found on Sony Mini-disks at Camera World in
Oregon (800 695-8451). The 60's are $7 and the 74's are $8 when
purchased 10 at a time. Shipping was $5.95 (makes it about $8.60 each)
I think.
	-Howard Shpegel 

I checked some stores here in Munich yesterday and to my surprise there
was a heavy price drop for the Discs.  At Mediamarkt, a german chain,
TDKs go for 15 Mark (10 US$), Sonys for 12 DM (8 $). My Dealer sells
the Sonys for 12.50 and he told me that he is also willing to do mail
ordering. He sends the stuff with UPS which adds 10 DM for each order.

	His Number:
	Radio Gersdorf
	phone: 0049/89/4393093
	Fax               3920
	-Wolfgang Donhaerl 

Terrapin Tapes offered me TDK-74's for a flat 9 bucks a piece! 
Terrapin Tapes 1-800-677-8650 / P.O. Box 1408, Greenwich, CT, 06836. I
believe if you mention an e-mail address or that you found them on the
internet, you'll recieve a discount.
	--Matthew Salvas ([email protected]) 28 Feb 1996

I just ordered TDK 74 minute MD disks from J&R Music World (spoke with
Bob who answered the call) for $8.95 each.  That was the per unit
price. I had them shipped via 2nd day FEDEX from NY to Los Angeles for
$13.  It was only an additional $6 above their otherwise low basic
shipping cost of $5. 
	--Robert S. Greenstein, Esq. ([email protected]) 7 Feb 1996

Based on info gleaned from this list, I have procured Fuji 74's
(qty10) for $9.59 ea from that One Kall, 1-800-ONE-KALL (shameless
plug: refer to me when you buy and I get, like, a discount later. Or
someone else you read it from on this list, whatever.) One funky disc
unfortunately, but that's not their fault. (will report how this
situation is handled.) 10 discs and a coupla-days shipping, was like
$101.20. --Chris Mezzo 29 December 1995

Camera World of Oregon, 800-222-1557
500 S.W. 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 27204
+1 503 227 6008
	20Nov95: TDK 74's $11.95 Q1, $11.50 Q5, $10.95 Q10.  $9.85 to
	ship 10-20 discs.  I said I had a quote for $10/ea; they
	refused to bargain.  They lost the sale.

Bi-Rite Photo & Electronics, 800-223-1970
15 E. 30th Street
N.Y., NY 10016-7080
+1 212 685 2130
+1 212 679 2986 Fax
	20Nov95:  They answered the phone but said they closed at 6PM.

J & R Music World, 800-221-8180
Department 307
59-50 Queens-Midtown Expressway
Maspeth, NY 11378-9896
+1 718 417 3737
	20Nov95: First price offered was: Sony MDW-74 $13.95.  TDK 74,
	$11.95.  I said these prices were horrible and I already had a
	quote for Sony's at $10.49.  They (Martin at x1066) responded
	and eventually settled on $10.69 for Sony 74's and $10.00 for
	TDK 74's.  After calling all the other places, I bought forty
	TDK's from him.  Slow shipping adds $20; 1-day FedEx adds $40.

Smile Photo, 1-800-366-6993
29 W. 35th Street
N.Y.,N.Y 10001
+1 212 967 5900
	20Nov95: Didn't answer the phone (at 3PM Pacific time).

Tape World, +1 800 TAPE WOR
	20Nov95:  Didn't answer the phone (at 3PM Pacific time).
	30Oct95:  From: Lanny Finch 
	I just placed an order for a few (15) Sony MD blanks and was
	told by the salesman that their price had just dropped.  The
	place (where I always buy blanks) is Tape World (1-800-TAPE
	WORLD).  Their current price for Sony 74's is $10.99 (US) and
	for 60's, it's $8.99.  With my tad of quantity, I was able to
	wrangle him down a little lower (10.49 and 7.99).

Rumors without specific contact info:
	7 Sep 95:  From: [email protected] (Takeshi SASAKI)
	A friend of mine in Long Beach CA bought ... on Sep. 4th.  
	He also bought Fuji 74's for $9.98.  

[Most of this info is originally derived from a message of 15 Mar 94
from BiDiBiDiBOP .  Thanks for sharing it!  --John]

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