Using MiniDiscs to Record Movie Soundtracks

Mark Canada ([email protected])
November, 1999

I enjoy using my MD recorder/player (Sony MZ-R50) as a movie audio player. I have recorded some of my favorite movies' audio tracks on MDs, movies such as Animal House, Better Off Dead, GoodFella's, Rambo, Star Wars Trilogy, Godfather Trilogy and many more.

I just hook up my MD player to the audio out of my VCR, set the MD player to Mono in order to get twice as much audio on one disc, and then record away. I really enjoy taking it on trips, or just driving in the car back and forth to work playing my favorite movies. My friends really get a kick out of it also.

Do you mark tracks for favorite scenes, or use the titling feature at all? -eaw

Yes, I do. While I am listening to the movie, I will make track marks that start at my favorite scenes and then title them. Just to give you an example, here are the tracks I made for the audio movie "Goodfellas":

Track 1 Introduction
Track 2 Jimmy Conway (scene where Henry meets Jimmy Conway)
Track 3 How Am I Funny? (scene where Henry says that Tommy is a very funny guy)
Track 4 Air France Heist (scene where they steal the money from the airport)
Track 5 Billy Batts (scene where Billy Batts returns from prison)
Track 6 Spider..Spider (scene where Spider forgets Tommy's drink and shoots him in the foot.
Track 7 The JFK Heist (scene where they steal the 4 million dollars)
Track 8 They Wacked Him! (scene where Tommy is killed)
Track 9 Busted! (scene where Henry is busted for drugs)
Track 10 The Rat (scene where Henry is going to rat on his friends)
End of Movie

The other neat thing that I did a few months ago was take my MD recorder to the movies and record the movie "Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me!". I attached a small clip-on external microphone and recorded the entire movie. I didn't care too much for the movie (thought it was lame), but to listen to the audience laugh as well as myself and my friends really cracks me up.

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