Nick Perry Joins as MDCP Co-editor

Dear MDCP readers and MD-L members,

It gives me considerable pleasure to inform you that Nick Perry has agreed to accept the post of MDCP co-editor. Nick has been active in the online MD community for several years, creating our current mailing list (MD-L) back in the fall of 1997, and hosting the UK MDCP mirror on his machine

Nick's responsibilities will cover the same areas that mine do, namely taking in commentary, reports, and sightings by readers at large and from them creating MDCP news entries and articles.

Email addressed to [email protected] arrives in both our mail boxes, and one or both of us will respond. As always, we are indebted to our readers for helping create a standard-bearing MiniDisc presence and resource on the Web.

Please join me in welcoming Nick Perry aboard.

Sincerely, Eric Woudenberg

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